The Best Coffee Near Me in New York


New Yorkers love their coffee, and New York City offers many exceptional options. From quick espresso on-the-go to long cup pour-over, there is something suitable for everyone in NYC’s coffee scene.

Blue Bottle Coffee is one of New York’s iconic cafes, with locations throughout the city and in Williamsburg’s historic century-old building oozing style and boasting knowledgeable baristas who know their beans inside out.


Sweetleaf Coffee stands out as a unique cafe in Brooklyn. Their Jackson Avenue shop, situated within an old warehouse, boasts a La Marzocco Strada EP espresso machine featuring digitally programmable precision for precise profiled shots and Hario V60 manual pour-over drippers displayed prominently above brewing scales. This combination of geeky science and delicious craft sets them apart from other Brooklyn coffee shops.

Sweetleaf understands that great coffee should be experienced, not simply consumed. They strive to offer customers an unforgettable experience by focusing on the process and outcome of preparation, providing customers with a fantastic journey that keeps them returning for more! Their atmosphere is calm, their staff is friendly, and they are dedicated to offering top-quality products and services!

The menu here is expansive, including everything from cold brew to nitro coffee, pastries, and sweets such as their Voodoo Child and Rocket Fuel pastries; plus, they have an extensive tea selection!

Sweetleaf is a family-owned business established in Queens, NY in 2008. Operating several coffee bars throughout New York City, providing an extensive menu of food and drinks, and roasting its beans, its mission is to offer superior products that reflect New York City’s diverse population.

So, they continue experimenting with different recipes and processes while developing their style. Recently, they established their roasting facility to ensure the highest-quality coffee products are produced; furthermore, they’ve introduced more systematic approaches into their production process, leading to greater consistency of their final cup of coffee.

With an outstanding customer satisfaction rating of 4.43, this place is a must-visit for lovers of good coffee and food. Enjoy their varied menu, including eggs, sandwiches, and biscuits! They provide quality at an affordable price point.


Intelligentsia was founded by Doug Zell and Emily Mange in 1995 to pioneer the specialty coffee industry. Committed to offering exceptional coffee experiences in their cafes and at home, Intelligentsia strives to make coffee an accessible luxury that connects people through sharing. Their mission is also focused on innovation and sustainability – they were acquired by Peet’s in 2015 but continue to operate under their original name.

Lakeview in Chicago is home to one of its flagship cafes, offering freshly roasted coffee, home brewing products, and unique art exhibitions. Furthermore, their menu provides a diverse range of food and beverage offerings.

The staff at this location is friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic about their work. Additionally, they are helpful when suggesting products and providing discounts and specials.

They are committed to supporting the coffee farmers they work with and paying them a premium over commodity price for the beans they produce, taking great care in roasting them to perfection – efforts recognized with national and local best-of-list awards.

Intelligentsia also produces Keurig K-cups, offering customers an option to enjoy coffee from the convenience of their homes. You can find their K-cups both at their retail stores and online.

Intelligentsia Coffee has recently begun experimenting with instant coffee as another means to enjoy their beans’ delicious flavors. This new format provides an ideal way for busy individuals without time or interest in preparing traditional espresso or drip coffee to experience its greatness; instant coffees are very simple to use and an excellent alternative.

This coffee hails from Peru’s San Ignacio region and can be found between 1,700-1,850 meters in altitude. With sweet yet balanced characteristics featuring notes of Valencia orange, cantaloupe, and honeycomb honeycomb honeycomb, this medium roast coffee offers fruity notes perfect for those who appreciate fruit-forward coffees.


This New York City coffee shop is ideal for relaxing and sipping a satisfying cup of joe. Its cozy atmosphere and friendly baristas will ensure that each time is perfect – plus there are pastries and cookies, too! With multiple locations across New York, one will surely be near you!

At Roast on-Site Coffee Roastery & Cafe in NYC, coffee is freshly roasted on-site so customers can try it right in their shop. It’s the ideal spot for quick cups of joe or enjoying breakfast or lunch with friendly service and delectable cuisine. I have never been disappointed by their coffee or service here; this place stands out among all others for outstanding coffee in New York!

Villager, an ambitious cafe masquerading as a relaxed neighborhood joint, remains popular thirteen years later: their coffee is fantastic. Sourced from roasters across the United States and beyond – including Korean roasters (home to one of the most advanced coffee scenes worldwide). Although it doesn’t look much outside its two Williamsburg locations–Bedford Avenue location beloved for its gruff intimacy while Roebling Street location boasts chipped tilework beloved among #ihavethisthingwithfloors fans–Villager delivers on quality.

Whether you visit their Rogers headquarters and roasting plant, their sleek temple to java in Bentonville’s Momentary modern art space or their strip mall location in Fayetteville, you will be treated to sustainably sourced coffee of the highest quality. Don’t expect an effortless coffee experience here; this shop caters to coffee enthusiasts who appreciate expert-level work requiring patience rather than fast service like you might find at Starbucks or another chain coffeehouse.

% Arabica Coffee House in DUMBO is one of NYC’s most Instagrammable coffee shops, boasting massive half-dome windows that provide stunning views of Brooklyn Bridge as you sip a cup of joe. Offering coffee, espresso beverages, breakfast sandwiches, and pastries – there’s sure to be something appealing on Instagram here!

Blue Bottle

The Blue Bottle Coffee House prides itself on serving superior-grade coffee without using syrups and additives, working directly with farmers to develop and price its product fairly. Thanks to this innovative approach, The Blue Bottle has quickly become one of the industry’s leaders – winning numerous awards as a result of which it remains beloved among coffee enthusiasts everywhere.

Blue Bottle Coffee is known for its minimalist design and focuses on providing customers with an immersive coffee experience, from how it is sourced through roasting and brewing. Their stores attract coffee enthusiasts from all over the globe, with locations in cities like San Francisco, New York City, and Tokyo and online.

Blue Bottle Cafes offer friendly and knowledgeable baristas who specialize in everything coffee. Not afraid to talk shop with customers and answer any questions they might have, Blue Bottle baristas are also extremely patient when serving made-to-order pour-overs and specialty beverages.

The menu offers an expansive selection of coffee from around the world. Choose from single-origin roasts, blends, espresso and decaf coffees, and decaf options sorted by origin and processing method to find one to meet your palate. Order a subscription of three months’ worth of whole-bean coffee and a 12-ounce bag complete with a dripper brewing method; shipping is always free.

Blue Bottle’s single-origin selection is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who wish to explore various regions around the globe. Their roasters carelessly craft each bag’s complex yet harmonious flavor profile and pay a premium for each bean they purchase so that their prices match or surpass fair trade costs.

The company’s dedication to quality can be seen through its weekly tasting of each batch of coffee. A blind taste test determines when beans have reached peak flavor before being brewed up and recorded so they can bring you your delicious beverage at the ideal moment.