The Benefits of a Dab Rig Reclaim Catcher


Reclaim catchers will help prevent excess oil or wax from entering your dab rig chamber, helping reduce clogging and cleaning sessions as well as extend its lifespan. Choose the best Reclaim Banger.

Reclaim catchers (also referred to as dross traps or oil traps) are silicone attachments designed to fit underneath the bottom of a banger and contain excess debris, often called dross. Available in multiple joint sizes, they look fabulous no matter which rig setup is being used.

The Basics

Dab rig reclaim catchers are an indispensable accessory for any severe dabbing enthusiast. Reclaim is the term given to gummy residue left behind from taking hits in a dab rig; while this might sound disgusting, it actually contains loads of therapeutic cannabinoids that would otherwise go to waste. Like ash and resin that accumulate in pipes, reclaim can clog your dab rig and hinder its performance; with a reclaim catcher collecting and collecting this excess resin, your setup will be clean and free from potential clogging issues!

Reclaim catchers are designed to fit on the joints of dab rigs, similar to bong ash catchers. Constructed from either glass or silicone, these catchers may either feature a straight attachment that clips on top or have an inner tube that connects directly to a waterless receptacle and collects any extra debris that enters your dab rig.

As not all of the wax that drips off of a banger or nail will vaporize when heated, some of it cools and condenses into other parts of your rig. A reclaim catcher collects this leftover material and deposits it in its dish at the bottom, where you can later pull it out to reuse or store. This reduces wasted concentration while keeping your system unclog-free, increasing efficiency.

Reclaim catchers are drop-down attachments found directly under your dab nail or banger and designed to attach and detach from your rig quickly, quickly, quickly, and easily. They typically feature either male or female joints compatible with existing attachments on your dab rig and come in various sizes to meet different dab rig setups.

Dab rigs are now increasingly coming equipped with their built-in reclaim catchers, eliminating the need to buy one separately. But for those who prefer traditional approaches, there are plenty of reclaim catchers on the market that offer great options.

Getting Started

Once you start dabbing, some concentrate will inevitably fall over the banger or drip tip of your rig and collect in what’s known as reclaim – it should not be wasted!

Reclaim catchers are an effective way of preserving every last drop of usable concentrate in your rig without losing a drop to waste. Resembling an ash catcher, they should be placed directly below the banger or nail in your rig for use. Some models can be detached easily, while others remain permanently fixed on their bottom. You can find different sizes and materials, like glass and food-grade silicone reclaim catchers.

Reclaim catchers are an easy and efficient way to clean your dab rig quickly. Place one between your nail or banger and the joint of your dab rig and tighten until it fits snuggly; once established, open up and collect any resin that would usually fall onto your equipment.

Reclaiming concentrates can either be used directly for smoking, or you can recycle them back into your banger or nail, helping you extend every dab’s benefits and ensure maximum consumption. This process helps maximize every dab.

Reclaim wax may not have the same potency as its original version due to having been heated and decarboxylated, yet it still contains many beneficial terpenes that provide an excellent high when smoked.

If you choose to smoke reclaim, ensure you have some high-percentage ISO alcohol on hand to dissolve it and keep dirt and other impurities from gathering on its surface. Rinsing it first may also help remove any remaining solvents.


Reclaim is the dark brown to blackish substance that accumulates around the joint and perks of a dab rig, usually after smoking concentrates. Since it tastes better than resin produced during the production of concentrate, some dabbing enthusiasts collect this substance for use as smokables and edibles; it may also be helpful in cleaning their dab rig.

Reclaim catches help make this process much simpler. A reclaim catcher is an attachment that quickly attaches and detaches from your banger or nail via a curved, angled drop-down arm, boasting a chamber much more significant than that found in traditional ash catchers; when vapor passes around this large chamber, unvaporized wax adheres to it before slowly dripping down into its room – collecting reclaim that can be stored away for future use.

Reclaim catchers will help reduce the frequency that you need to clean your rig, but they should never replace regular maintenance of it. Even when used frequently, you must still regularly clean and maintain it, particularly if the resin becomes trapped inside and starts tasting bad during hits. If left neglected for too long, its quality of hits could deteriorate drastically and taste bad before even hitting you, and you can be affected negatively.

Some dabbing enthusiasts use reclaim catchers to efficiently clean their rig, using less Isopropyl Alcohol and coarse sea salt than is necessary for maintenance purposes. This is beneficial as both ingredients can be toxic to you and your rig while being expensive; most dabbers prefer spending their money on safer options that offer similar results.

To clean a reclaim catcher, invert it over parchment or wax paper and heat it with a flame source until the reclaim liquefies. After heating, scrape off and reuse. Or use a dropper to squirt liquid into a bowl with Isopropyl Alcohol to aid with cleanup. Remember that as this could be hot reclaim, wear protective gloves and a facemask when handling it!


The use of a Reclaim Catcher can save time when cleaning your dab rig by collecting any leftover concentrates that might drip down from bangers and nails, saving time spent on cleanup. A Reclaim Catcher is basically a silicone jar that sits atop your dab nail or banger, filled with water to make cleanup more accessible, as well as storage uses. Collecting residue that would normally drip down from these sources helps minimize waste while increasing cannabis use and maximizing profits.

Reclaim catchers are an indispensable addition to any dab rig, particularly those used frequently. Reclaim catchers keep your rig cleaner and free of clogs for quicker cleanups, saving both time and energy spent cleaning it out regularly. They work similarly to bong ash catchers in that they allow dabbing.

Most reclaim catchers are made of glass or silicone and can be attached directly to your dab nail or banger for easier cleaning. They feature a receptacle at the bottom that can be filled with water to make cleaning more straightforward, and they are designed so they will sit securely on either device. Depending on how often you dab, larger or smaller capacities best meet your needs.

Reclaim catchers come in various forms and sizes but typically take the form of an angled drop-down attachment that sits directly under your dab nail or banger. This attachment typically features a mouthpiece for inhalation as well as a keck clip to secure its position underneath your device. They may also come equipped with silicone containers attached via suction cups; once filled up, unscrew them and take them out to gain your precious reclaim!

Reclaim catchers can be filled or cleaned with water, high-proof alcohol, or regular silicone containers; regularly doing this will prevent residue buildup and maximize the use of cannabis products while saving money by maximizing usage. Reclaim catcher maintenance is a straightforward process that will enhance dabbing sessions as well as maximize savings through maximum usage of cannabis resources.

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