How to Create a Halloween Manicure With Press on Nails


Press-on nails make getting an eye-catching manicure to complement your Halloween costume easy and cost-effective. While specialty nail designs may cost hundreds, these prepainted tips only cost $10 a set and won’t damage natural nails like gel manicures can. Choose the handmade press on nails.

If you want a feline look, nail artist Juli has created this orange tiger-striped manicure, or opt for classic black-and-red designs to match up perfectly with any Harley Quinn costume.

Orange and Black

Few designs evoke Halloween more than orange and black nail designs, which combine light and dark tones beautifully. Plus, creating this look at home using press-on nails couldn’t be simpler!

If you want an instant Halloween-ready manicure, there are numerous online solutions available. From prepainted press-on nails featuring everything from witchy green to blood red hues with designs such as bats or pumpkins to blank reusable nail extensions, you can paint yourself using Halloween colors of your choosing or simple patterns; remember to use an e-file prior to applying fake nails again!

This trendy fall manicure features a light orange base coat complemented with dark swirling black lines for an eye-catching style. Complete this look by hand-painting adorable ghosts to add some fun.

Glamnetic’s Halloween Press On Nails can help make creating fake nails part of your costume faster and more straightforward, offering 48 individual nails covered in spider webs, pumpkins, and haunted house designs – along with an adhesive that lasts up to three weeks! Be careful when taking off these fake nails, though, as soaking in water may loosen their glue bond prematurely and lead to irreparable damage to your adhesive bond.

Evil Eye

The evil eye is an iconic symbol found across cultures worldwide, believed to ward off curses cast upon you by those envious of your success and often used as a good-luck charm. It typically features cobalt blue circles with light blue iris features, making this design ideal for nail art applications that both protect you and show off your style! You can incorporate one onto your nails to ward off evil eyes while showing your unique fashion sense!

A classic French manicure featuring evil eye nail decals makes an adorable and chic statement. Add gold flecks for extra shine, and finish off this look with white tips for an additional splash of color, and you have yourself an attractive ensemble that works both on special occasions and everyday attire.

Add extra protection with evil eye nails by mixing in other protective symbols, such as the ohm symbol commonly used for relaxation and clarity during meditation, or a mandala that represents balance and harmony, such as adding a pentacle.

If you want to add flair to your manicure, consider using a clear base coat to highlight the colors of decals on your nails. This will make them stand out and look shiny and gorgeous – and use a glitter topcoat for added effect! This look works particularly well as part of Halloween attire or as regular manicures!

Statement Nails

Statement nails are an essential element to complete any Halloween look, whether that means going for a complete set or just adding one spooky nail. No matter what design you select, statement nails will surely draw the eye of everyone around. For an incredibly terrifying yet sophisticated vibe, try black nail art featuring a splatter pattern on a white background; perfect as part of a witch costume as well as worn all year long!

Make your nails truly stand out by accessorizing with an eye-catching ring. Palmistry indicates that thumb rings symbolize self-assertion and willpower, so wearing one on this finger conveys confidence as well as willpower. Deep colors such as navy blue or purple rings pair nicely with statement nails.

Long press-on nails can be personalized with various designs for Halloween masquerade balls; short nails provide practicality and understated elegance.

To achieve the ideal look, select a black and red nail polish such as Static Nails’ Conjure for maximum versatility across many costumes, such as Vampire Queen and Elvira. Once applied, use peel-and-stick tabs to easily apply them and seal them off using clear nail polish; to complete your manicure’s design, use a matte top coat to allow its beauty to take center stage.


If you want to get in the spirit of Halloween without going all-out with your costume, these skeleton nail tips may be just what you need! Their intricate designs are printed onto super soft gel that fits comfortably over each nail without exerting pressure, meaning that you can wear them for days and nights without worry that they are harming them in any way.

At BTArtbox, you’ll find an impressive array of spooky nail art designs crafted using gel to ensure they last without stressing out or damaging your nails over time. Their plans provide a fantastic alternative to expensive salon manicures, which often cost $60 or more and leave nails damaged over time.

KISS imPRESS press-ons are so user-friendly they’re like instant gel manicures for Halloween! Apply them using either adhesive tabs or glue, and they last up to seven days; some even feature orange-toned ones with skull bone accents for extra creepiness!

If you want your press-on nails to be in top condition, make sure they’re stored correctly. After taking them off, file away any glue residue before placing them back into their original packaging tray – this will protect them from becoming lost or crushed, as well as help maintain a seamless transition between natural nails and press-on.


Spider nails offer an adorable way to add creepiness and fun to any look – they’re great for Halloween but can be worn any time for an eye-catching spookiness! Spider nails consist of long coffin-shaped press-on nails decorated with an adorable spider illustration, painted in dark colors such as black or red to bring out their character and make their spider stand out more.

Spider nails are simple and fun to create! Start by applying a base coat. Next, dip a small brush into black spider gel and carefully dot onto nails using either a needle or dotting tools – for an even more significant effect, use an art needle for stretching out patterns in the gel! After curing for 60 seconds.

Add an eye-catching finishing touch with glitter or neon top coat if you want your manicure to really stand out! That way, your masterpiece will genuinely be an eye-catcher!

Follow these tips from Denise Heavner of YouTube (Denisejohn65) to make your own Halloween press on nails, then show them off to all your friends! She provides product recommendations, tools, and step-by-step instructions so that your Halloween nails look fantastic.


If you’re looking for an adorable yet non-creepy Halloween nail design, try this ghost manicure. The sweet ghosts stand out against a striking milky white polish to create a look sure to put you in the Halloween mood.

Another cute way to achieve a ghost manicure is incorporating pink into your drip design, similar to what was done above but with more sweet-sounding ghost nails. This option makes an excellent way for those wanting something with more feminine overtones but still keeping with the theme of Halloween-related nail art.

Add some black and white paint for an eerie Halloween nail art design by painting the tips with black and white, which will form an eye-catching skull pattern on each nail! Or get even creepier by adding fake blood to make this design even scarier!

Glow-in-the-dark polish is another fun way to give yourself a scary Halloween manicure, making your nails stand out when the lights go dim! Use a small dotting tool or your fingernail polisher to apply this eerie touch, taking special care not to spread any other spots across your nails for maximum spookiness! Finish off this look by covering it with a clear top coat – and watch as when lights dim down, your nails begin glowing bright!

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