4 Types of Clothing Labels For Camp


When it comes to labeling clothes for camp, you want waterproof labels that can withstand being washed in the machine. Our selection of clothing labels for camp features iron-on, sticker, and stamp options. Look into the Best info about custom clothing tags.

Iron-on and sew-in labels can withstand multiple washing cycles, tumble drying cycles, and sunscreen treatments, making them suitable for clothes, water bottles, and school supplies.

Iron-On Labels

Iron-on labels for camp are undoubtedly one of the best solutions available to parents to prevent their kids from getting their clothes and gear mixed up at school, daycare, or sleepover camps. Highly durable, household washer and dryer safe, customizable with a name or two lines of personal information (phone number or email address), these labels offer maximum peace of mind for parents while offering a range of patterns, fonts, colors, and shapes to appeal to children – even featuring unicorns or s’mores designs!

Clothing stamps are another excellent way of marking all of your child’s apparel and gear. By using a small stamp, it’s easy to quickly apply their name-and-phone number mark onto socks, pants, shoes, and shirts – with most parents opting for simple stamps with just their child’s name while others include additional info such as their hometown and state as well.

Name Bubbles’ iron-on labels make applying them quickly to clothing and gear easy, with instructions provided. Heat iron and apply to clothing before peeling away when finished – perfect for water bottles, flashlights, backpacks, or duffel bags brought along for camp! Or why not even use these tags at school, daycare, and nursing homes?!

Stick-On Labels

Labeling kids’ gear is an essential parent duty when sending off children for summer camp or returning back to school. Parents need to label everything from clothing, towels and shoes, backpacks, water bottles, and thermoses in order to prevent their items from getting misplaced or getting misplaced by accident. Labeling will help parents ensure their kids’ items do not end up getting lost!

Stick-on labels for camp can come in very handy! Our waterproof, laundry-safe labels for clothes and equipment make applying, washing, and wearing our tags simple. Featuring six stamp fonts and two lines of text with up to 30 characters for each line, they’re easy to customize according to each child. Plus, their sticky backing makes them safe to use by themselves! Plus, our sticky back makes them safe enough for children to use them alone – offering plenty of customization options.

Your kids can head off to sleepaway camp or day camp this year without missing anything important! We offer two Packs that contain everything your kids will need: Our Overnight Camp Label Pack (181 Labels & 2 Bag Tags) and Day Camp Label Packs (111 Labels & 1 Bag Tag). Each comes in many designs to make their belongings easily identifiable no matter where they end up being kept – one editor reported hers are still there eight years later! So don’t wait. Order camp labels today so your children are prepared when packing their stuff this year.

Clothing Stamps

Clothing stamps provide a lasting mark on fabric, unlike stickers that peel away and lose their stickiness over time. Clothing stamps are perfect for children’s apparel, school uniforms, nursing home uniforms, and sports team jerseys as they use special textile ink that remains permanent through multiple washes – an effective alternative to sewing in name tapes or using laundry pens that may bleed onto or damage fabric when written over. They even come equipped with pre-inked black cartridge pads and acrylic place-holders so the marker stays put when stamped!

Children often leave clothing items behind at school, friend’s houses, practices, or on playgrounds – often without their parents even realizing. By labeling their clothing with top-of-the-line laundry and clothes labels from Amazon.com, parents will save both time and money over time as this ensures their belongings always make it back home no matter where they land!

Each value pack offers iron-on and sticker labels designed to survive multiple washes, as well as a self-inking laundry stamp that can be used on clothing and textile items like school supplies, backpacks, and uniforms. This indelible Trodat laundry stamp uses non-toxic, washable ink that leaves lasting marks that can withstand hundreds of washes; replacement ink pads can easily be purchased separately to refill its capacity; it even works with both uppercase letters for complete customization!

Laundry Markers

Prepping for summer camp requires more than simply packing their suitcase and making them feel ready. Labeling their clothing and gear is equally as crucial to ensure they make it back home at the end of the camp session. Labels can either be ironed on with heat, written out with permanent markers, or written using laundry markers – either way. It works great! Labels will even survive washing machines!

A laundry marker is a special pen designed for writing on fabric, making it the ideal solution for labeling clothes, bedding, and other textile items. Machine-washable, this permanent ink barely fades after repeated washes – plus, its fine point tip allows thin lines.

Cotton and polyester fabrics alike can be labeled with this durable solution, providing you with almost unlimited application possibilities when marking clothing and bedding items for virtually any purpose. Furthermore, it is perfectly safe for children’s use, so if your child attends camp, this could be an ideal labeling solution to last the duration of their camp experience.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to label clothing is using iron-on labels. They come in an assortment of styles, sizes, and colors that make the application straightforward, but keep in mind they may need replacing after repeated washings; in addition, most consignment shops do not accept them, and it may be hard to remove them altogether.

Self-inking stamps can also help label clothing. Available at many craft stores and easy to use, these self-inking stamps provide another solution for labeling clothing items. Though easy to use and lasting longer than iron-on labels, these self-inking stamps may leave behind a sticky residue that must be removed later. Masking tape with a permanent marker may work in an emergency, but over time will peel off over time – more reliable permanent ink markers would likely cost more and take more time and money when sewn onto every article of clothing your child owns.

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