EU BITS Review –How It Takes Care of Traders’ Convenience


Working from home and making money might seem like the best conveniences in the world, but they are not enough. Think about it: if you keep trading from the comfort of your home but never make a profit, would you call it convenience? Well, that would sound more like the convenience of losing money. If you want to make a difference in your financial world, you must sign up with a broker who cares about your convenience. I think I can tell you about one through this EU BITS review.

I think this broker truly understands the concept of traders’ convenience. When I looked at its features, I concluded that convenience was the most common factor in all of what it had to offer. Know more about it in the review.

No Download Trading Platform

No need to worry about your capacity, internet speed, or the available storage on your device when you don’t even have to download the platform. That’s right! When you sign up with EU BITS, you will not have to download anything for you to trade. The trading platform is available on the internet just like any other website. You will be able to access it as soon as you open the broker’s website. Then, you can just put in your login details and start trading. You can use this platform on any device that has an internet connection and one of the major browsers. 

This platform is accessible to you from any part of the world and provides you with a uniform trading experience. It means that you will have the same familiar trading experience no matter where you are and which device you use.

No Commissions on Deposits and Withdrawals

I can talk about convenience for traders in many ways while referring to withdrawals and deposits. What I like about EU BITS is that it offers you flexibility exactly where you need it. So, you don’t have to worry about deposit commissions when depositing your funds. You have no commissions to pay, even when withdrawing your profits. The best part is that when you trade, you only have to be concerned with the spreads on your trades. There are no commissions for you to pay out of pocket when you trade on this platform.

Further convenience in the deposit and withdrawal department comes from the fact that you can use various methods to complete your transactions. If you want to make a transfer within seconds, you can go with a credit card or a debit card. You can use cards with Mastercard and Visa logos on them. You can also transfer through wire or online bank transfer. These methods can be a bit slow, but they are still pretty safe. E-wallets also provide quick transfers; you can use them with EU BITS.

Hundreds of Assets and Leveraged Trading

The icing on the cake is that you will be provided with many excellent facilities when you trade. For example, you have leverages available on your trades no matter which account, financial market or asset you pick. The leverages start from 1:100 and go as high as 1:600, which is rare from any online broker. Furthermore, your spreads can also be as thin as 0.0pips when you sign up with the Elite account. Finally, hundreds of assets are available for trading on this platform, and you can access them all with a deposit of just $250.

Final Thoughts

I find it amazing this you could call EU BITS a dedicated cryptocurrency broker due to the number of digital currencies it offers. Still, it offers you hundreds of other assets in forex, commodities, indices, and stocks. The level of convenience this broker has brought to the table is somewhat unmatched by most competitors on the market today. I think it’s time for you to decide.  

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