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About 80 p.c of India’s inhabitants regard themselves as Hindus and 30 million extra Hindus dwell exterior of India. There are a complete of 900 million Hindus worldwide, making Hinduism the third largest faith (after Christianity and Islam).

The time period “Hinduism” consists of quite a few traditions, that are carefully associated and share frequent themes however don’t represent a unified set of beliefs or practices.

Hinduism is assumed to have gotten its title from the Persian phrase hindu, that means “river,” utilized by outsiders to explain the individuals of the Indus River Valley. Hindus themselves seek advice from their faith as sanatama dharma, “everlasting faith,” and varnasramadharma, a phrase emphasizing the achievement of duties (dharma) acceptable to 1’s class (varna) and stage of life (asrama).
Hinduism is an historical faith with no founder or recognized date of origin. The time period “Hinduism” merely derives from the phrase “India” and refers to all kinds of spiritual traditions and philosophies which have developed in India over 1000’s of years. Most Hindus worship a number of deities, imagine in reincarnation, worth the follow of meditation, and observe festive holidays like Diwali and Holi. Be taught extra about Hinduism by choosing a subject under.
date based
Earliest kinds date to 1500 BC or earlier


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