Large World Globes


These large world globes make a stunning centerpiece for any room in your home or office. They provide a visual feast and an experience of cartography up close, with illuminated globes featuring clear maps. How do you choose the large world globes?

London globemaker Peter Bellerby believes our desire to find our place in the world keeps globes relevant. He attributes his company’s success to globes being more than just pretty maps.

Educational Settings

World globes in classrooms help children learn about the vast array of cultures across the planet and build global awareness and empathy in students, inspiring them to become active members of their larger community.

Educational world globes typically display political maps depicting borders, capital cities, and other relevant geographic data on their surfaces. Some globes even depict latitudinal and longitudinal grids or mountain range elevations and ocean depths molded onto them for greater realism. Furthermore, some globes provide insight into how Earth was divided in past times through history.

Children love touching large world globes made of tactile material. These spherical models may feature naturalistic green, yellow, or brown shades with raised relief designs of mountain ranges and sea depths; children can spin these tactile models to understand better how wind and gravity influence Earth’s landscapes and get closer views of geographical features that might otherwise be difficult to detect in flat maps.

Many educational globes feature cradle mounts that allow children to pick up and hold the world during study sessions quickly. These simple and economical designs enable maximum hands-on engagement of young students.

Cultural Institutions

Museums, galleries, and libraries often display large world globes to encourage discovery. Educators use them to teach their students about geography, cartography, and the interconnectedness between nations and cultures, as well as to spark their curiosity about global weather patterns and geopolitical dynamics. These tangible models foster students’ critical thinking abilities by sparking their curiosity to investigate global weather patterns and geopolitical dynamics further.

Globes, being three-dimensional, provide more accurate representations of locations and distances than maps. A world can show the relative sizes of continents separated by water and how the tilted Earth relates to day length and season, unlike maps, which merely illustrate these features through distortion.

For centuries, artists and craftsmen have decorated spherical globes with intricate designs, decorative motifs, and ornate stands to transform them into exquisite works of art. From Renaissance celestial globes featuring intricate constellations to minimalist designer globes with minimal designs – these incredible works showcase humanity’s artistic ingenuity.

Some globes were initially explicitly designed for navigational instruction. One such globe is Gerardus Mercator’s world map from 1569, featuring rhumb lines to indicate sailing courses of constant bearing. Others served as status symbols for royalty, nobles, or influential individuals; an excellent example is a spherical model presented to President Franklin D. Roosevelt by the Office of Strategic Services during World War II.

Professional Environments

Globes have long been an asset in cultural institutions like museums and libraries, as they inspire visual exploration for visitors of all ages and heights. Interactive globes allow guests to spin the continents to learn about natural and human geography, world history, exploration, and more.

Though school globes may have fallen out of fashion due to online tools, a glance at a world can still help students comprehend better geographical principles and complex relationships to discern on flat maps. According to one Boston teacher, globes also help students gain greater awareness of global issues like climate patterns, melting Arctic Sea routes, and international conflicts, thus increasing environmental stewardship awareness among their classmates.

Professionals involved in international business often utilize large globes as an essential aid to strategic planning and decision-making. Their physical shape enables them to visualize market opportunities, assess geopolitical risks, and comprehend global supply chains more readily.

Decorative globes come in an assortment of colors and styles to fit into a range of home styles and interior design themes. Minimalist or conceptual designs may work better for children’s rooms, while sepia-toned globes would work in libraries and offices for adults. Other options, such as illuminated globes, can add soft lighting to interior spaces.

Home Decor

Homeowners often appreciate globes for their decorative appeal, making this type of home decor the perfect way to adorn any room in the house. A well-placed illuminated world globe can serve as a stunning centerpiece in an entryway or create an eye-catching statement in a living area with other antique pieces. Non-illuminated globes also look lovely and provide great conversation pieces by showing the world from another angle than conventional maps do.

When purchasing a large world globe for your home, please consider its color scheme and placement. A black globe works well in rooms featuring cool tones, while sepia-toned models offer classic appeal—perfect for bedrooms, home offices, and libraries alike.

Columbus offers globes on metal, plastic, and wooden bases to suit a range of decor styles. Modernist metal bases evoke contemporary design aesthetics, while wooden bases boast classic charm. Plastic bases make excellent choices for schools and offices as they’re more durable.

Make an eye-catching world globe yourself to create something truly original! For instance, Un Beau Jour has devised a great idea of using globes as guest books for weddings and parties by cutting out sections similar to letter slots on paper letters; guests then write their messages inside. Or use vintage sheet music instead if your event calls for vintage charm!

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