Turning Ashes Into Diamonds


Ashes of loved ones’ ashes can be used to create memorial diamonds as an innovative way of remembering them. Their carbon content makes this possible. Look into the Best info about ashes to diamond.

Once a customer sends in the ashes of a loved one to this company, they are converted to carbon graphite powder and processed through a machine that mimics conditions under the earth, turning them into raw diamonds.

The process

Turning ashes into diamonds is a remarkable way to remember those you hold dear. These gems will serve as reminders of the bond you shared and keep their memory alive forever. Many choose to store or scatter the deceased’s remains upon their passing, while some take an unconventional route by turning their ashes into memorial diamonds that won’t fade or break with time.

Cremation processes typically leave behind 1-4% carbon in a body, enough for creating memorial diamonds. Once isolated from other components in ash, this carbon is placed into a laboratory machine that simulates conditions found under the earth in order to grow a natural diamond – this process typically takes three months and, once complete, is inspected and tested to ensure it conforms with natural diamond properties.

Once the diamond has been formed, it is polished and cut so that its sparkle mimics that of an actual diamond. Finally, it’s set into jewelry such as a necklace or ring, then either displayed in a prominent spot in your home or worn as a token to remember someone special.

Due to the complexity of this process, you must find a company that will offer high-quality diamonds at an affordable price. A reputable provider should offer several options that allow you to commemorate a loved one while keeping track of your order’s progress throughout.

Once your diamond has been created, it can be shared among family or given as a gift. Wear it around as a constant reminder that someone special is with you–this will provide peace of mind knowing they’re always with you even when physically absent.

The cost

Turning ashes into diamonds is an increasingly popular way of memorializing a loved one; however, the cost can often make this option prohibitive for many people. Memorial diamonds provide not only an exquisite tribute but also comfort and peace of mind to family members and friends who have lost someone close.

Cremation diamonds are created from carbon in a person’s body that has been transformed into diamonds through intense pressure and heat. One pound of ash typically produces one carat worth of diamond, so choosing a company that provides guaranteed quality at an upfront price with money-back ensures that the final product doesn’t satisfy you is critical to this process.

Prices of cremation diamonds depend on size and color preferences; essential diamonds can be had for as little as $1449, while more significant, more straightforward options can cost significantly more. LifeGem offers one with prices beginning at $2,999 up to a two-carat diamond, for example. Some companies will also charge fees for shipping and handling services in addition to this price point.

Though these diamonds may be famous, some remain skeptical of their authenticity. Unfortunately, there’s no reliable way of testing a diamond to determine how much of it originated from cremated ashes of deceased individuals; critics contend that temperatures used in cremation furnaces exceed what’s necessary to convert carbon into natural diamonds and turn ashes into diamonds.

Numerous companies have earned a stellar reputation for producing genuine cremation diamonds. ISO-certified factories comply with stringent Swiss craftsmanship standards and offer customers complete transparency about every step of the production process; Algordanza provides notarized certificates documenting each step along its journey, while other firms such as EverDear and Saint Diamonds also boast superior diamond quality products.

The company’s reputation

Suppose you are considering purchasing an ash diamond for yourself or someone close. In that case, it is essential to keep in mind that many companies only produce such stones once they receive your cremation certificate, as this process can be time-consuming and costly. Therefore, when selecting a company, make sure they have an excellent reputation with regard to transparency of operations, as reputable firms will provide precise details regarding how their diamonds are created.

Ashes-to-diamond companies are relatively new and offer various services for customers. Some even provide websites where customers can track orders and watch videos of the process of turning ashes into diamonds. They may also offer customizable options to customize memorial diamond sizes and colors, while many also guarantee their products if you are not completely satisfied with them.

Numerous companies claiming to turn human remains into diamonds by subjecting them to intense pressure and heat have made bold claims; however, most have yet to be verified by third-party verification services. Reliable providers will offer to create lab-created ash diamonds specifically tailored for you with certificates of authenticity describing both their process of creation and any standard diamond reports they generate for each diamond produced.

These companies claim that they can transform your loved one into a diamond using an intricate process that converts carbon in their ashes to graphite, then crystal. Under immense heat and pressure, this crystal forms a diamond that can weigh up to one carat. They then polish this diamond before giving it to you as a necklace or pendant.

Eterneva, which is based in Austin, Texas, was formed after one of Eterneva’s co-founders lost her friend and business mentor due to pancreatic cancer. Their idea for creating something with her cremated remains inspired them to start Eterneva; eventually appearing on Shark Tank helped secure necessary investment funding.


After losing someone close, it can be heartbreaking to face life without them. One way of keeping their spirit close is by transforming ashes into diamonds – an idea that could allow you to keep their memory close as part of every day, such as seeing it displayed as a beautiful reminder on jewelry pieces that remind of them every time you wear one!

To create a memorial diamond, a significant portion of ashes from a deceased are sent to a company that specializes in its creation. Once received, the ashes are analyzed for carbon content before being put under intense heat and pressure similar to underground conditions where diamonds form naturally – simulating how diamonds form naturally underground. Finally, polished and cut diamonds can then be polished back out for display.

Cremation diamonds typically take between 70 to 120 days for production, depending on the color you select. This process is much faster than natural diamond formation, which handles billions of years. When choosing your manufacturer or provider, ensure they have an excellent track record in customer service and satisfaction.

Though numerous companies provide ash-to-diamond services, not all are the same. To ensure the diamond you receive is genuine, a diamond certification agency that guarantees quality lab-grown diamonds should provide a lab-grown certification agency with quality standards for color clarity, and cut grading certification of lab-grown diamonds is needed for authentication of lab-grown diamonds.

Keep an eye out for a company that is open about its processes. A reputable supplier should be willing to show how the diamond was created, along with offering its results and providing a certificate of authenticity as proof that its product is indeed legitimate.

Cremation diamonds can be an elegant and memorable way to remember a loved one, but you should remember they cannot take the place of mourning or other forms of expressions of grief. Mourn your loved one appropriately, seeking professional help as needed.

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