Reclaim Banger – A Reclaim Catcher That Attaches to Your Banger


Reclaim Banger is an easy and safe way to catch all the residue generated when dabbing with a banger rig. This reclaim catcher attaches to your Banger with just one screw, keeping your dabbing experience as safe and clean as possible. The actual Interesting Info about Reclaim Catchers.

Smoking reclaim can cause sore throat and headache due to its high temperature required for vaporization, as well as its carbon content, which irritates throat tissue and makes breathing difficult.

Keeps Your Rig Cleaner

While some dabbers might take offense at the notion of reclaim (the sticky residue left after dabbing sessions), its usefulness should be recognized. Reclaim can be smoked directly or used as a base to craft fresh concentrates containing all of the same active ingredients found in its original version of dab.

Reclaim can help keep your rig clean as long as it is collected in an effective reclaim catcher (or dropdown). A reclaim catcher works similarly to an ash catcher in that it contains it separately in a dish instead of inside your dab rig itself; these dropdowns should be considered essential tools when doing low-temp dabbing, as this style tends to create more reclaim than usual.

Reclaimed wax can accumulate quickly inside of your dabbing rig, leading to build-up on its walls and infiltrating its water reservoir, decreasing the dabbing experience as less vapor escapes your device. Reclaim catches are an easy solution for managing build-up; set them before beginning dabbing, and they’ll reduce build-up over time while being easy to keep clean.

Reclaim catchers are simple devices designed to collect all of your reclaimed wax before it reaches your water reservoir, making it easier for collection and reuse. They’re an inexpensive way to save wasted wax while improving dabs significantly.

However, using a reclaim catcher is far more effective at cleaning your rig thoroughly and efficiently than simply using hot water alone. Reclaiming rings saves time, money, and hassle over time by creating cleaner and more effective environments in which to work.

To clean your reclaim catcher, take several simple steps: First, unhook it from its rig and set it on a heat-resistant surface such as silicone mat or parchment paper; apply some intense heat using a blow torch on its underside; once wax starts melting it will drip onto this non-stick surface and can then be collected easily.

Safer Dab Experience

Reclaim Banger is a two-piece concentrate rig with an easily detachable banger to make collecting residue and vapor from dabbing sessions easier and cleaner, helping keep your rig clean without waste, as well as saving you money by not having to buy more concentrates! Utilizing the Reclaim Banger will reduce wasted dabs while saving you money in future dab purchases!

Reclaimed vapor may not be your preferred form of smoking, but it will get the job done and keep your lungs and throat clean. Reclaim vapor contains many of the same compounds found in raw concentrate; however, since it has been heated and inhaled, it may contain additional chemicals that could be considered unpleasant by some individuals – so use it with caution and take necessary steps when using this form.

When using a reclaim catcher, it’s essential to keep in mind that not all your vapor is captured – some may leak down through the sides into your dab rig or bong. We recommend using a Banger Temperature Reader, such as a Thermometer or Octave, so you can monitor its heat setting accurately and ensure all of your vapor is captured by its mechanism.

Alternative Method: Dropdown Attachment on Rig

Once you’ve collected your reclaim, it’s best to use high-percentage isopropyl alcohol to wipe it down. This will ensure no harmful residue remains behind and make your rig last even longer!

Reclaim can be stored for several years without losing much flavor, although some may dissipate over time. To make the most out of it and extend its shelf life, try freezing or baking with it! Because reclaim is already decarboxylated, its effects remain intact during edible preparation or other types of culinary use.

Easy to Clean

Reclaim refers to cannabis residue left behind from dabbing sessions that accumulate inside of bangers or nails after use, usually after dabbing sessions are complete. While reclaim may not deliver as potency or flavor as original concentrates, dabbers often use it for flavoring edibles as well as adding texture. Reclaiming can even be smoked, although doing so will drastically diminish its potency and terpene content.

Reclaim can be easily collected and stored by using a reclaim catcher, which is a silicone attachment that fits around the bottom of your Banger and allows reclaim to drip out rather than seep into your water chamber and percolator of a dab rig. Once it reaches this silicone device, recycling can easily be dripped onto wax paper or containers for storage purposes.

Alternative strategies involve pouring your reclaim into a glass cooking dish and allowing it to dry naturally over one or two days, which should take approximately 48 hours. Applying heat may speed up this process, but be wary as alcohol is highly flammable – placing the dish near a sunny window or using an electric hotplate on a low setting are both safe choices for expediting drying time.

Reclaim can be extremely sticky and challenging to manipulate without the aid of a dab tool, making it best avoided as an option for manipulation by hand; if necessary, wear gloves. Furthermore, boiling water could reactivate its oils, ruining your dabs by weakening their effectiveness and potentially even dissolving them altogether!

To efficiently clean reclaim, you will require some form of alcohol; a non-toxic cleaner is ideal, though isopropyl or grain alcohol will also suffice. Remember, even small amounts can make an impactful statement; once your reclaim has dried completely, you can scrape it from the dish bottom and store it away using wax paper or silicone containers.

Easy to Store

Reclaim Bangers are designed to be easily collected and cleaned up after every dabbing session. Consisting of a silicone cup that fits around both the base and neck of your dab rig, hot vapor from your dab rig will collect in this cup as it passes through, eventually solidifying into reclaim that can then be easily wiped off later before wiping your rig down ready for another round of dabbing sessions. Furthermore, Reclaim Bangers provides excellent storage solutions as your wax won’t stick to its interior, unlike regular dishes or containers used by everyday dabbing dishes or concentrate containers used by simple dabbing talks or concentrate containers dabs dishes or focus containers do.

Reclaim can be smoked, though its flavor might not match that of more potent strains like concentrates or indicia. Although reclaim does contain high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids, its decarboxylated form means it won’t have the full effects as with higher quality concentrates – smoking it could leave your throat sore with an unpleasant taste in both lungs and throats.

Due to this reason, some users opt to incorporate reclaim into edibles instead of smoking it directly. Reclaim can be dissolved into solvents and added to food to create edibles that still give users their desired high without the nasty side effects associated with smoking it.

Utilizing a reclaim catcher can make this process much more straightforward, too. As the reclaimed is collected before it can coat your rig and dropdown, rinse it out of the catcher back into your stash – saving you from having to clean your rig every time it is used and keeping it cleaner for longer!

Reclaim is the leftover material from high-quality extractions that contains cannabinoids and terpenes in large enough amounts for it to be helpful in various ways. We suggest purchasing a temperature reader such as Terpometer or Octave in order to understand your Banger’s heat settings properly before using Reclaim.

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