Best Burgers Near Me


Burgers are an American delicacy that is the perfect comfort food to enjoy at backyard BBQs and on road trips. New York City offers some of the world’s best burgers!

Donovan’s is legendary among locals. Their signature burger features a thick meat patty seasoned with raw onions and melted cheese on a sesame bun.

Emmy Burger at Emily

Emmy Burger at this New York City restaurant has garnered millions of Instagram likes and is regularly listed among New York City’s best burger lists. Boasting two delicious patties topped with Emmy sauce and caramelized onions, this delectably satisfying meal delivers on taste and quantity – well worth every calorie!

Emily offers several delicious burgers. Their birria tacos feature delicately browned edges for an attractive havarti-lace effect. They are packed with cheese and tender brisket, while their gochujang wings fall short of expectations regarding distribution and heat level.

Though their burgers may be the star attractions, their pizza is equally impressive. There are classic square slices, Detroit-style pies with unique topping combinations, and specialty dishes such as the stracciatella pizza (similar to burrata but creamier), which features tomato, basil, and clams as toppings.

Hyland’s restaurants specialize in wood-fired, Detroit-style pizza and American fare such as Emmy burgers. Additional dishes include Curry Row pizza – inspired by Little India nearby – and Emmyletta; both red pizzas that take inspiration from Muffalettas with mortadella, Ezzo pepperoni, craft cocktails, and European/Californian wine are served up as well.

Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern

Food critics regularly hail this New York burger as one of its finest. Crafted by Pat La Frieda using their secret blend of short rib, skirt steak, and brisket that has been dry aged over several weeks to create an irresistibly juicy patty that exudes umami flavor, its seasoning is spot on, and its bun – which may appear large for such a high-profile product – has an ideal soft density which conforms perfectly to its plump patty.

The toasted Pain D’Avignon roll, baked ahead of time to harden slightly and better withstand the flood of burger juices that will pour from beneath, boasts an airy, salty, and not-too-sweet flavor that perfectly balances with and elevates the beef patty. Furthermore, its absorbency capabilities help make this an extremely messy burger option!

Yelp recently awarded Minetta Tavern’s Black Label Burger the second-best burger in America, and for a good reason: its masterpiece of extraordinary beef, inspired construction, and expert execution makes for a delectable dining experience that justifies its price of $16 per burger. Minetta was established by Keith McNally, whose expertise lies in reinvigorating classic genres while adding modernity into familiar ones – something not every restaurant in Greenwich Village can match up against!

Gus’s Burger

Gus’s Burger stands out as one of Charlottesville’s premier dining experiences. Formerly known as The White Spot, this hidden-away hole-in-the-wall is located across from UVA and used to serve impoverished grad students until recently. Now, it does a delicious combination of deep-seared patty with juicy goodness topped off with sweet smoked cheddar slices for sweetness and crispy potato sticks with crunchiness, all held together by an upside-down bun that allows it all to come together seamlessly.

Not your standard bar burger, this tasty one stands out with its quality yet high cost. Crafted with a blend of chuck, short rib meats, and American cheese that holds its own. Also featured jammy caramelized onions for extra sweetness and decadent burger sauce on a toasted sesame bun.

The staff is welcoming, prices are affordable, and they provide a variety of drinks such as draft beer and cocktails. While their menu may be limited, this restaurant makes an excellent place for an enjoyable dining experience.

This restaurant can be found in a residential area and boasts an intimate environment, complete with a small raised patio and tables in front. Inside is warmly lit by fireplaces for extra warmth while traditional pop music plays in the background, making this an excellent spot to spend time with friends.

Burger Joint

Two buns, a patty, and some sauce are enough to create one of the world’s most iconic sandwiches – New Yorkers take food and beverage seriously, so they are constantly searching for great burgers in their city – where this revolution began! The Big Apple led this movement, elevating fast-food burgers into refined dining experiences.

Although creative burgers have their place, classic American originals still enjoy widespread support in New York City. Petey’s, an Astoria institution with branches in Dutch Kills and Astoria, stands at the forefront of this local revival with their classic-meets-contemporary blend burger: its thin yet thick patty is topped with lettuce and tomatoes of studied freshness, plain American cheese, and raw onion rings, served on an effortless bun.

At the other end of the spectrum is Raoul’s legendary burger: it has become one of Soho’s signature meals since 1972 and can even be ordered online or delivered nationwide; its signature “Au Poivre” dish can also be experienced first-hand as its taste changes drastically when eaten fresh off of a soft and fluffy brioche bun stuffed with massive balls of beef stuffed inside traditional condiments for an unforgettable dining experience.

Cozy Royale has been serving succulent, meaty delights in Manhattan since 1972. Their succulent patty is juicy and well-seasoned, reaching an ideal medium rare texture before finishing with condiments and rippled cottage fries.

Corner Bistro

Corner Bistro is an incredible neighborhood bar boasting old wood furniture and scuffed brick walls to create an authentic vibe. Inside, a bar area and tables are in the back; their menu may be limited but still features outstanding dishes like the shrimp cocktail and profiteroles!

Though the burgers here may not be unique, they’re decent enough. The thick and juicy patties could use some additional salting. Meanwhile, their toasty bun and tasty fries make this an enjoyable place for quick lunch or beer breaks. Overall, it is an excellent option for quick bites and beers in town.

Mimi Sheraton may have meant more than the meat when she described Corner Bistro’s burger as “thick and wonderful.” Over time, Corner Bistro lost much of its luster as New York experienced a renaissance of high-minded fast food (think Shake Shack) and dry-aged creations at Minetta Tavern.

Corner Bistro remains an enjoyable spot to grab a beer and meet brokers, bohos, and slumming riches of the West Village. Their menu fits easily onto a tiny chalkboard; everything is served on paper plates without utensils; service is speedy, and prices are competitive – making this place worth stopping in at for both its burgers and beer offerings.


Raoul’s is an award-winning French restaurant in Soho that has been open for decades, established by two Alsatian brothers and named one of New York City’s best burger spots by Grub Street, NY Post, Eater, Thrillist, and the New York Times. Offering classic French fare and seasonal specials – Raoul’s is perfect for anyone searching for a tasty treat!

The burger is a creative reinterpretation of steak au poivre, served on a buttery challah bun and accompanied by triple cream Saint-Andre cheese wedge rich cognac and heavy cream sauce. A side of duck fat fries rounds off this satisfying experience. It allows diners to experience a perfect medium rare medium char patty sear while Roquefort cheese adds funky undertones for an unrivaled pairing experience.

The burger can only be ordered once every evening from the bar and must be consumed within 48 hours after it has been made in the kitchen. But you shouldn’t wait! This tasty treat features perfectly cooked patties topped with delectable au poivre sauce that will water your mouth! You can dip your burger in it to add even more flavor and enhance its flavors!