Tattoo Shops Near Me in Kolkata


Tattoos can be powerful forms of self-expression. By turning our bodies into canvases and telling lasting tales with vivid designs, tattoos allow us to explore our creativity like never before. However, like any art form, they come with their challenges.

Love of God Tattoo Studio takes its craft seriously, offering artistic mastery and client satisfaction as top priorities. They work closely with clients to design custom pieces that represent their visions.

The Guiding Monk Tattoos

Guiding Monk Tattoos of Ballygunge RS in Kolkata is one of the leading tattoo parlors. Their artists boast decades of experience and can create any design you desire, adding shading or other details. In addition to tattooing services, The Guiding Monk offers body piercing and piercing services at competitive rates with experienced artists on staff who possess extensive training.

Guidance Monk Tattoos in Kolkata is an extraordinary and fascinating place. Their owners and staff are friendly and highly skilled – they do custom pieces! Additionally, there’s plenty of artwork on display here, and references are available if you need inspiration.

Ajarn Matthieu, the proprietor of Sak Yan Tattoo Shop in Bangkok, is an adept tattoo artist and a well-recognized writer and scholar. Through his books and exhibitions, he has contributed significantly to preserving the Sak Yan tradition; with his wife, they are building the first Sak Yant Museum in Thailand.

Sak yan is a spiritual art, with the most crucial aspect being receiving blessings from a Sak-yant Monk. It is widely held that wearing a Sak Yant tattoo can protect its wearer from various dangers, including physical violence and magic attacks, providing them with security and leading them towards enlightenment.

Abhinanadan founded The Guiding Monk Tattoos, an esteemed tattoo parlor in Kolkata. His work has received national and international acclaim, as well as being featured in Yale University Press’s book entitled ‘THE WORLD ATLAS OF TATTOO.’ Besides being an accomplished tattoo artist, Abhinanadan has been drawing since childhood – another testament to his unique abilities!

This tattoo parlor offers traditional, realistic, and watercolor designs. Additionally, they specialize in 3D tattoos – similar to regular tattoos but with additional depth provided through various techniques such as dropping shadows on skin or coloring the tattoo from underneath it.

Tuhi Dutta Tattoo Studio

Tattooing is an art that lives with us throughout our lives. Whether used for self-expression or memorializing loved ones, tattoos require careful handling, making finding a hygienic parlor with experienced artists influential.

Tattoo artists in Kolkata provide many different approaches for getting inked, but selecting an experienced one is crucial to creating something lasting and beautiful. Talk to friends and family who have had ink done for suggestions; visit local conventions to meet potential artists, too.

Tuhi Dutta Tattoo Studio is one of Kolkata’s newest tattoo parlors, offering various tattoo styles like scriptural, floral, and traditional tattooing, piercing services, and fashion accessories. This reputable shop also provides piercing services and sells multiple fashion accessories.

Carapace Tattoo and Piercing is another highly-rated tattoo shop in Kolkata, known for its highly skilled artists who offer a variety of designs at various price points to fit every budget.

Krishnendu has been tattooing for more than 25 years. His portfolio includes tattooing on many celebrities such as Kangana Ranaut and Sonu Nigam. Krishnendu earned his Bachelor of Commerce from Columbia University before transitioning into tattoo artistry; before this career change, he played drums before transitioning into tattoo artistry. Krishnendu was featured in Yale University Press’s book “The World Atlas of Tattoo.”

#TATTOOCREED tattoo studio in Phoenix is making waves, becoming a hit. Their owners come from hospital backgrounds and maintain excellent hygiene in the studio. Furthermore, their design offerings are unmatched anywhere else in this city.

There are many tattoo shops in Kolkata, but those listed above are among the finest. When selecting an artist to tattoo you, check their profile and experience before scheduling a consultation appointment for getting inked.

Calcutta Ink

When selecting a tattoo studio near Kolkata, you must choose an ideal studio. Look for studios with experienced artists using hygienic practices; license and certification should also be verified before choosing your studio. Getting recommendations from friends and family may also help narrow your choices further.

As a resident of Kolkata, there are numerous tattoo shops near me offering various designs. While some are affordable, more extravagant options offer higher-quality tattoos that might even come with discounts if you qualify as a student or veteran.

Sid Thapa opened Calcutta Ink in 2009 and has become immensely popular with locals. Their six tattoo artists include Mik, Kankana, Donboklang Rintu & Nanu, who serve Golpark & Bypass customers, respectively.

Calcutta Ink offers tattoo designs from basic flower motifs to more intricate ones – the artists at their tattoo parlor have years of experience and are dedicated to giving clients exceptional service. Choose from their various designs or have one written into a tattoo! You could even get your favorite song written on your skin!

Sukanya Roy has over 16 years of experience and is widely considered India’s top female tattoo artist, noted for her creativity and ability to connect with oddly abstract ideas. She offers both traditional and modern styles. This studio can be found in Kolkata.

Hakim’s Aalim Tattoo Lounge in Kolkata stands out as another premier tattoo parlor, known for its impeccable hygiene practices and friendly tattoo artists. Established almost five years ago, this studio is well-regarded in Kolkata’s art community and provides impeccable tattoo art services.

The tattoo parlor in Ballygunge Terrace, which offers unique, creative designs, is an excellent place for novice and experienced tattooists to get inked. Take the trip out there to witness first-hand the quality work they produce!

Cube Tattoo Studio

Deciding to get a tattoo is an important one. People may contact them for different reasons – some to mark an important event in their life while others to remember those they’ve lost. Either way, getting one requires considerable thought and care, so finding a shop with experienced artists who will offer superior work should be priority number one.

3 Cube is a premier tattoo shop near me in Kolkata with a team of artists and technicians dedicated to helping customers turn their visions into reality. Renowned for quality work, hygienic practices, and meticulous attention to detail, using state-of-the-art equipment and high-grade materials, as well as offering an array of styles and designs, 3 Cube has everything needed to turn any vision into a reality!

Rajdeep Pal is an artist known for his geometric designs. Starting as a drummer, his passion for tattooing soon overtook that. Over time, he became adept enough to tattoo celebrities like Taylor Swift or even featured in books like “THE WORLD ATLAS OF TATTOO.” Rajdeep credits Lizard’s Skin as having helped mold his skill set.

Ink Pal specializes in tribal or Egyptian designs and 3D tattooing. He utilizes a computer-aided program to project tattoos onto bodies so he can select appropriate strategies. Furthermore, Ink Pal suggests newcomers consider their age before choosing tattooing as a career.

Sid Thapa is an award-winning tattooist in Kolkata known for his clean lines and hygienic practices. His team has received compliments on their outstanding customer service and earned positive reviews online.

Tattooing is an art that will remain with people throughout their lives, so choosing the appropriate design is essential for ensuring it matches up with who you are and your preferred aesthetics. A great artist will take the time to get to know their client well to produce the results they truly desire.

Shreya Banerjee, a Biotechnologist and Clinical Cosmetologist, has offered permanent makeup for seven years. Additionally, she has gained considerable experience tattooing as co-founder of 3 Cube Tattoo Studio. Shreya firmly believes women can make excellent tattoo artists – something she has certainly demonstrated by making a name for herself in this industry.