Computer Shop Near Me in Kolkata


Vedant Computers offers high-quality products at affordable prices and helpful and friendly customer service staff. If you live near Kolkata and are searching for an excellent computer store nearby, Vedant Computers could be just what you’re searching for! With a fantastic selection of premium quality products at very reasonable rates and friendly and helpful employees onsite.

This business boasts an exceptional customer review score of five stars and can be found in Khiddirpore, Kolkata.

PC Parts & Accessories

Shop for the latest PC parts and accessories from top brands to create your ultimate computer. Browse XPS laptops with Intel Core processor technology for improved productivity, or upgrade your gaming experience with new graphics cards and monitors.

Find various components, from desktop computer cases and motherboards to RAM modules, power supplies, and hard drives. Plus, find great offers on antivirus/antispyware software!

There are various methods for buying computer parts online. While some may be more reliable, you must weigh all your options before making any decisions. Many online sellers provide free shipping or return policies so you can test out products before committing fully or even saving money by purchasing pre-owned/refurbished models.

Online stores may also provide other equipment and devices besides PC parts, such as server equipment such as rackmount chassis, cabinets, high-performance CPU processors, printers, scanners, and video cards. Some stores even sell pre-built computers – making it easier for you to select your unique business needs appropriately. TradeIndia’s Trust Stamp feature makes identifying reliable suppliers easy; view their profile and feedback from previous customers and filter results by price, manufacturer, or other criteria to find what best meets your needs.

Laptop Parts & Accessories

As laptop parts and accessories can be used to repair or upgrade a machine, they provide many repair or upgrade opportunities. Such items include keyboard, charger, battery, and screen parts and can be bought from various locations, including online retailers. Many stores also provide repairs or replacement services should any functions not work as intended, while some also offer remote support services, which could prove helpful should your current laptop become problematic but you cannot afford a new one.

Dell is an internationally acclaimed computer manufacturer with authorized service centers worldwide – including Kolkata in India. These centers are staffed with trained technicians with the expertise to repair all sorts of issues with Dell laptops and help troubleshoot software issues such as operating system errors or viruses/malware removal. Furthermore, these technicians may recommend upgrades such as adding memory or speeding up processors if available.

Finding a quality laptop repair shop nearby is essential to keeping your device operating optimally. Search for shops offering diverse products and services at competitive prices while comparing their offers for best-value deals. In addition, look for shops known for providing superior customer service to make the process as painless as possible.

Techyuga offers top-quality laptop repair services across India. Their technicians are highly qualified and possess years of experience. They can fix anything from cracked screens and dead motherboards to replacing batteries and chargers as required.

Laptops are complex machinery with their components tightly packed together within their slim bodies, making locating and repairing individual components difficult when they fail. Furthermore, their interdependent nature adds further complexity – one problem can cause another part to malfunction, making for a frustrating experience for owners of this piece of tech. Luckily, numerous laptop repair shops near you specialize in quick fixes for laptop problems quickly and efficiently.

Computer Hardware

Computer hardware refers to the physical components that comprise a computer system and are controlled by program instructions in computer software. There are four categories of computer hardware, namely input devices, output devices, processing devices, and storage devices – input devices include mice, keyboards, and touch pads, while output devices include monitors, printers, and speakers for output purposes. Processing devices execute computer instructions while storage devices store digitally encoded information on rapidly rotating platters with magnetic surfaces such as hard disk drives.

Some computer hardware is built-in, while others can be added through expansion cards or devices. A staple component in all computers is the motherboard, which connects all other pieces and acts as the central hub for information flow. A monitor also plays an essential role, displaying information processed by the central processing unit and other components; most LCD models offer thinner and lighter visual displays than their cathode ray tube counterparts.

Heat sinks are essential pieces of computer hardware that remove excess thermal energy generated by the CPU and other internal components, helping ensure optimal functioning. An optical drive is another external piece of computer hardware that enables computers to read nonmagnetic media like CDs and DVDs from external drives such as drive bays. Solid-state drives have become increasingly popular and can be installed as internal components.

Most hardware requires drivers – data files that allow the operating system to control it – to function. These may come preinstalled with your purchase or be available from its manufacturer for download. Upgrades may add new functionality or enhance performance; for example, upgrading to a faster video card could increase how quickly a computer processes graphics and sound while increasing RAM slots could improve overall processing power.

Computer Software

Computer software, also referred to as programs, are instructions (also called programs) instructing a computer to complete specific tasks. There are two major computer software categories: system and application. System software running in the background, such as device drivers, utilities, and interface software, acts as an intermediary between hardware and application software to ensure everything functions as it should.

Application software performs specific tasks for end-users, including word processing, spreadsheet and presentation applications, database management systems, email clients, and Internet browsers. Application software may be used for business, personal, or educational use and has an intuitive user interface; in some cases, it may even be explicitly tailored for specific organizations. However, application software takes up more space than system software.

There are various application software, but some are more critical than others. An operating system is essential to running any computer, as it manages all other application software and acts as the foundation for most programs. Furthermore, an OS also enables communication with external hardware such as printers and scanners.

Programming language translators (PLTs) are another application software used to convert high-level computer languages into machine code that the processor understands. This enables programmers to write computer software more quickly and efficiently than with low-level language interpreters or compilers.

Alongside application software, a wide variety of utility software also helps keep computers functioning optimally. This software serves to configure, maintain, support, analyze, and optimize computer systems; additionally, it is used to monitor hardware status as well as the overall health status of computers.

Software comes in various forms, from freeware and shareware trials to licensed versions that must be purchased directly from manufacturers or distributors. Freeware software typically features advertisements and can only be downloaded for limited periods before expiring; shareware allows users to test out a product before deciding whether or not to buy it; commercial software must be licensed from either its maker or distributor before being downloaded for use.