Hirist – How to Delete an Account on Hirist


If you have an account on Hirist and would like to delete it for any reason, do so quickly by accessing your account settings can be done. This article will show how this can be accomplished and address frequently asked questions regarding how and why one may want to delete their account.

Founded in 2012

Hirist is an online platform designed to assist job seekers in locating quality employment, with particular attention given to IT and technology jobs. A subsidiary of IIMjobs, Hirist has three legal entities associated with it – Info Edge (india) Limited, iMotions A/S, and HIGHORBIT CAREERS PRIVATE LIMITED – while Romania remains its most prevalent region; other nations such as Germany or even the US also make use of the name Hirist (variants include:.).

It is a job search platform

hirist job search platform is an invaluable resource for IT professionals searching for employment. Recruiters can post job vacancies that fit specific qualifications, while job seekers can quickly apply and receive feedback on their applications.

Hiring top talent is paramount for businesses, yet finding suitable candidates may not always be straightforward. Finding an ideal match requires skills, experience, and personality traits in harmony – which Hirist’s social recruiting tools make easier by quickly locating top candidates across platforms such as LinkedIn and Naukri Portal.

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Coding Ninjas has joined forces with Hirist to offer training courses designed to hone job skills and increase exposure among potential employers. Students who complete these courses will earn premium accounts on Hirist, with each profile featuring a badge denoting certification by Coding Ninjas to distinguish themselves among other job aspirants and establish more robust professional networks.

Hirist is an increasingly popular job search website among IT professionals and employers. Free-to-use and boasting an extensive candidate database may benefit IT pros seeking employment; however, non-IT individuals may find other avenues more appropriate.

Glassdoor is an online career platform and directory featuring company reviews written by current and former employees, salary reports, interview questions/answers, and benefits details compiled from current/former employees of companies across over 20 countries. Job seekers can utilize Glassdoor as a great tool to gain an unbiased view of working conditions at various organizations; its mobile app makes access easy from any device.

It is free to use

Hirist is a social recruiting platform designed to assist job seekers in locating the ideal jobs in IT and technology. Furthermore, its platform offers IT and tech professionals an easy way to find opportunities. Again, recruiters and hiring managers can learn the art of hiring quality tech talent by attending training on creating video JDs using appropriate tools and effectively positioning employer branding.

Recruiters can quickly publish jobs to Hirist with just a few clicks from Zoho Recruit’s dashboard. First, enable Hirist integration by toggling the “Publish to Hirist” toggle in Job Board Hub; second, create or select existing Webform(s).

Hirist is most prevalent in Romania, appearing at 1 of every 5,019,468 people. In contrast, its frequency drops significantly in the US, where it accounts for 17 percent; Germany and The Netherlands each boast less than one percent incidence rates of Hirist surnames. If you wish to delete your Hirist account, log in and navigate to its settings page – log out if necessary before selecting “deleting my Hirist account.”