Is Quikr a Trusted Site?


Quikr is an online classifieds marketplace offering users an efficient platform to buy, sell, rent, or find virtually anything imaginable; categories include furniture, mobile phones, cars & bikes services, pets, and married real estate.

Quikr has developed its revenue model around advertising, premium listings, and lead generation. Additionally, localized products and services are also offered by Quikr.

Quikr is a trusted site.

Quikr is an established online classified site that connects buyers and sellers across various categories, offering second-hand phones, cars, household goods, jobs, and more to users searching the area. Furthermore, Quikr allows advertisers to reach a wider audience for their advertised items or services.

This website has earned rave user reviews for its user-friendly interface and broad reach, drawing in people from all walks of life. In addition, they offer filters and search options to narrow searches more efficiently.

If you’re experiencing problems with a Quikr seller, Voxya provides a practical and accessible way of filing complaints against them. By connecting you with the relevant authority quickly and effortlessly, this service has an outstanding success rate and can quickly help resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

Quikr’s marketplace app can provide invaluable insight into buyers and sellers; however, this information may not always be completely reliable due to fraudulent profiles used by some sellers to manipulate rating systems. To prevent this situation from arising, buyers should ask questions before making their purchases.

Shopping from an unknown seller can be challenging. Before deciding, thoroughly research their reputation, address, and contact details and read their terms and conditions on their website. If something doesn’t feel right, consider searching elsewhere for your item(s).

Quikr India Private Limited operates as a community classifieds website, providing users with a web and mobile-based platform that facilitates buying, selling, trading, or swapping items within their city. Products offered through Quikr include household goods, cars, bikes, services real estate jobs. Quikr India provides its services throughout India from its base in Bangalore.

Quikr is a safe site.

Quikr is an online classifieds and marketplace website where users can buy, sell and rent almost anything. Their mission is to facilitate connecting people across India and around the world while helping small businesses promote themselves online – their vast user base and they update their ads frequently.

One of the key considerations when shopping on websites like Quikr is ensuring the person you’re dealing with is reliable and secure. Unfortunately, many such platforms host scammers looking to take your money. You can avoid this scenario by asking buyer and seller many questions and conducting background research into them, such as asking them for proof of identity and address information and searching online platforms such as Google for their name.

As an added precaution, when shopping on websites like Quikr, you must never reveal personal details such as name, address, phone number, or email. Doing this will prevent scammers from targeting you and your family members with their schemes. Furthermore, only shop on secure and encrypted websites when doing your shopping.

Some of the most popular sites like OLX and Quikr can be great places to find items you need, but it can sometimes be hard to spot fake ads or fraudulent listings. Scammers may use photos from foreign countries or even attempt to steal your identity – this type of scamming can be annoying and risky for you and your loved ones.

If you’re concerned about the safety of a site, Voxya offers an easy and quick way to file a complaint against it. As soon as your file a complaint, Voxya notifies all relevant authorities and can even get you refunds or compensation if there’s been no action taken by them to address your concerns.

Sites often employ real customer names as bait to entice potential buyers into purchasing paid listings on their site, and this tactic has become a favorite method for scammers to manipulate audiences and get them to buy their goods or services.

Quikr is a reliable site.

Quikr has earned itself an impeccable reputation and can be relied on by many individuals, yet some aspects can prove frustrating for buyers and sellers alike. One such issue is the “convenience fee” charged when sellers use Quikr Doorstep to sell their products – this fee remains hidden until someone completes a sale with Quikr. Once buyers confirm, it displays as the total amount, but an invoice later shows this additional fee as part of an invoice sent.

I believe this is a scam and have attempted to report it through Quikr, but it does not appear to work. This has left me very angry with Quikr, and I hope they take swift action soon to rectify their oversights.

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Quikr is a secure site.

Quikr is an online marketplace and classifieds website that enables users to buy, sell, rent, and trade goods or services safely and reliably. Their mission is to offer people a safe platform where they can connect. Quikr offers options such as renting out an apartment, selling old cars for cash, or finding jobs; additionally, a community for local events is hosted through this platform.

Quikr has achieved incredible success due to its ability to capitalize on India’s consumer-to-consumer market. Its growth can be attributed to an absence of organized retail in the country and increased digital penetration, providing Quikr with an opportunity to capitalize on the demand for consumer-to-consumer transactions. Furthermore, consumers love its personalized listings and quirky ads; for instance, one man listed his cow Radha for sale!

The site also boasts numerous security features to ensure the safety of its members, such as its chat feature for buyers and sellers to communicate without disclosing identities and an area display showing where each seller resides – which buyers can use to determine whether they’re dealing with someone who might be fraudulent.

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Quikr stands out from other classifieds websites by not charging its users to list products or services for sale or rent. Many other classified sites require users to pay registration fees or additional charges, making Quikr an appealing alternative for consumers.

Quikr recently acquired Grabhouse, a real estate startup specializing in managed rentals. This acquisition was made through an all-stock transaction worth $10 million, and its employees joined Quikr’s leading real estate team after the deal closed – some even scamming property owners, according to former employees of Grabhouse who would take their deposits from property owners then release it back as rental revenue without their knowledge or permission.