Quikr – What is Quikr?


Quikr is an online marketplace where users can buy and sell items in various categories – furniture, electronics, cars – and services such as repair and delivery.

The company has come under scrutiny for advance fee fraud and other scams; however, they are taking steps to improve its processes and focus on improving customer service.

Searching for a product

Quikr is an online classifieds ad platform that connects buyers and sellers of products and services. Their website features listings for real estate, automobiles, jobs, and many other categories, including old music systems to cars – with listings being free to post but buyers able to pay extra for premium listings.

Since its founding by Pranay Chulet and Jiby Thomas in 2000, this online marketplace has steadily expanded through acquisitions to become one of India’s premier marketplaces with a user base exceeding 30 million and five distinct verticals operating. Revenue streams include advertising, premium listings, lead generation, and lead management.

Quikr allows sellers of used goods to post advertisements through its app and match them with potential buyers. Once an ad has been approved, sellers can select either pick-up or delivery as their desired option, take advantage of secure payment systems and product verification features, and offer free delivery service for more oversized items like desktop computers or beds.

To post an ad, first, enter your name and mobile number. Next, choose a category and item description before including pictures, if available. When ready, click “post.” Following submitting your ad, an email with a verification code will be sent directly to your inbox for your mobile number verification process.

Once your ad has been posted, you have two options for making offers or accepting counteroffers: you can make an offer directly or get a counteroffer from another seller. If interested, payment can be made using online banking; otherwise, if the product does not match the description, the seller can request a refund.

Building a classified app requires less investment and financial risk than opening an eCommerce store while yielding substantial traffic and sales through premium listing models. Furthermore, classified apps allow entrepreneurs to launch businesses rapidly.

Contacting a seller

Quikr is an online classified marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to exchange products and services. The platform features categories for real estate, automobiles, and jobs as well as multiple payment options; users may create ads free-of-charge while listing premium items incurs an additional fee; both provide greater exposure for your ad as a great way to reach potential customers.

Quikr offers a classified marketplace and mobile app for its users to connect quickly with products and services faster and easier than in other markets. Quikr’s tagline, “Aasan hai bandana,” speaks to India’s aspirational culture and creates a more effortless consumer buying experience. Established by Pranay Chulet in 2008 and supported by investors including eBay, Tiger Global Management, Nokia Growth Partners Steadview Capital, and Investment AB Kinnevik;

Advertising, premium listings, and lead generation are its three core revenue models that enable it to remain a dominant ad listing platform. Quikr NXT makes buying and selling safer without jeopardizing privacy; missed call service allows buyers to connect with sellers through text messaging;

Quikr has two customer groups that use its platform: buyers who wish to purchase products in an ever-expanding marketplace and sellers looking to increase their visibility online. Users can connect via search and filter functions and use chat capabilities for communication with each other on the platform.

If you’re selling used items on Quikr, contacting potential buyers via email or chat to arrange pick-up is quick and straightforward – perfect for advertising your product! A Quikr representative may even take photos during pickup that can be added to the seller’s ad later! It’s a fantastic way of increasing exposure!

Buying a product

When purchasing items on Quikr, you must read and comply with its Terms & Conditions carefully and check to make sure that the seller is legitimate by looking at their profile or reviews on the site and also using the “Contact Seller” feature to ask any pertinent questions about an item you intend to buy.

Quikr is an online classified advertising platform facilitating people to buy, sell, or rent items and services. Their classified ads platform connects buyers and sellers in categories including furniture, mobile phones, cars & bikes, services, pets, real estate jobs matrimonial education. Competitors to Quikr include OLX NestAway CarTrade ZipRecruiter.

Quikr, founded by Pranay Chulet in 2008, is India’s leading online classifieds website. Offering free classified ads and paid listings, which increase visibility on its homepage, users can find almost anything they are searching for, such as cars, houses, and jobs, on Quikr.

Quikr has built its revenue model around advertising, premium listings, and lead generation. Quikr is supported by investors such as Trifecta Capital Advisors, InnoVen Capital, Brand Capital Kinnevik, and Alpha Wave Global from various countries throughout Europe and North America.

OfferUp, another C2C marketplace application, provides similar services as Quikr, such as FlatFurnish for furniture rental and Certified for buying pre-loved cell phones and furniture.

Quikr has expanded beyond classifieds into e-commerce markets to compete with established players. Their new Buy button enables users to purchase items directly from the app and pay now with cash at one of Quikr’s representative locations. This innovative step reduces fraud risk while speeding up transactions and making shopping more straightforward than ever!

Returning a product

If you are unsatisfied with a product or service you purchased on Quikr, you can return it. There may be a small return fee charged. Quikr is an online marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of pre-owned goods, offering electronics/appliances/cars/housing, etc., as well as job opportunities – plus free classified ads sections!

This site boasts an intuitive and user-friendly interface, providing several ways for visitors to find products or services they are searching for. They can search by category, city, region, or product description. Furthermore, sellers can contact potential customers through a website chat application or direct messages directly on this platform; a smartphone app now allows access to this platform.

Quikr has recently introduced a feature called Quikr Doorstep that makes buying and selling more accessible, enabling users to arrange pickup with sellers at their convenience and deliver items at their leisure if accepted by Quikr. Furthermore, money will be transferred directly into the seller’s account if accepted as payment for items sold.

Quikr offers services for heavy items in the Home & Lifestyle and Electronics & Appliances categories; however, intercity transportation services are not covered. However, plans have announced by Quikr to expand into additional categories, such as cars and jobs. Though available nationwide, this service only works in cities with local transport systems.

Quikr has proven an innovative business model yet is struggling to profit. They are currently working to expand customer acquisition in an environment in which online commerce is rapidly growing; advertising on TV and billboards and sponsoring cricket teams are just some of their efforts.

Quikr offers premium listings, which appear before free ads on the website and are displayed based on relevance to a person’s search query or browsing intent. Their order of appearance is determined solely by Quikr’s algorithm; advertisers should ensure any cheques issued to Quikr don’t bounce and conform with terms set forth by the Negotiable Instruments Act 1881.