Best Anesthesiologists in Indianapolis


Anesthesiologists with exceptional credentials and experience are trained and educated at top medical schools and hospitals worldwide. These anesthesiologists represent some of the finest doctors worldwide.

Indiana hospitals have been recognized as “high performing” in several specialty categories, such as gastroenterology & GI surgery, urology, colon cancer surgery, COPD, diabetes, heart attack, heart failure, kidney failure knee replacement surgery and lung cancer surgery.

1. Mark Saxen

Before having surgery, it’s essential to find an anesthesiologist who will manage both pain and anxiety effectively. These professionals are specially trained to monitor essential functions like heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure and temperature, breathing and oxygenation.

Indianapolis offers some of the highest quality anesthesiologists who offer exceptional patient care and will ensure that you remain relaxed and safe throughout your procedure.

As part of your anesthesia appointment, be sure to ask any pertinent questions or raise any concerns that you might have with the doctor. Doing this will allow you to make more informed decisions regarding your health.

Indiana University School of Medicine’s Indianapolis campus hosts an advanced Graduate Medical Education (GME) Anesthesiology Residency program, providing access to five tertiary care hospitals within walking distance for training in anesthesia. Residents gain a comprehensive and robust clinical experience across all aspects of this specialty field.

2. Jay Miller

Anesthesiologists are medical specialists dedicated to your comfort and safety during surgery or diagnostic procedures such as obstetric, diagnostic or diagnostic. They monitor key vital functions like your heart rate and rhythm, blood pressure, breathing rate and temperature; use sedation or regional anesthesia techniques such as sleep inducing techniques that make you forgetful or unconscious of what’s going on during the procedure; they monitor vital functions like your breathing rate as well as heart rhythm rate & rhythm for example.

Jay Miller is widely considered one of Indianapolis’ premier anesthesiologists, boasting 21 years in practice as a board-certified anesthesiologist and affiliations with several hospitals such as Jack C. Montgomery Veterans Hospital and Saint Francis Hospital South.

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3. Brian Nielson

Anesthesiologists provide pain relief during and after surgeries, and treat acute and long-standing pain problems. In collaboration with surgeons, anesthesiologists ensure safe and successful operations.

Brian Nielson is one of Indianapolis’ premier anesthesiologists, having earned board certification and having over three decades of experience. Additionally, he is a member of both the American Society of Anesthesiologists and Texas Society of Anesthesiologists.

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Ben earned his Bachelor of Health Science at Case Western Reserve University before attending Ohio State University Medical School for his medical degree and residency training in anesthesiology at Parkland Memorial Hospital. Ben currently serves as Director and Editor in Chief for Naptown Buzz LLC which publishes Naptown Buzz Online; additionally he operates Watershed Studio LLC as well as Fazoom LLC which are both located within Indianapolis.

4. David Levy

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