Terp Slurper Quartz Banger


A Terp Slurper is an advanced banger designed to enhance your dabbing experience. It features a bottom dish connected by airflow slits at either end, providing maximum airflow throughout. The actual Interesting Info about Terp Slurper Quartz Banger.

To use this banger, heat it with a torch before adding your concentrates to the dish. When they have all melted down, add your cap with either a terp pearl or pill and start dabbing!

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The Terp Slurper Quartz Banger is the latest breakthrough in dabbing technology. This device combines a lower stem and dish built into a bucket to mimic traditional bangers while offering improved flavor through airflow through its bottom dish slits, allowing wax back into the central part of the Slurper to produce incredible flavor and vapor production. Plus, its design ensures every drop of concentrate gets used up!

This marble set works seamlessly with airflow to stir your concentrate to release terpene flavors. The marble cap allows you to control how much vapor production occurs from this set – making this set the ideal addition to your dab rig! With its 14mm polished joint connection point, this quartz banger will connect smoothly with any suitable dab rig.

This quartz banger offers all the same components found on regular bangers yet has a more accessible vaporization column for spinning accessories like pearls, pillars, and pills. Furthermore, large globs can also easily fit through its narrow design into the nail’s tip. As with other quartz nails, cleaning your terp slurper after every use is recommended to ensure optimal performance from your quartz nail; cleaning is quick and straightforward with the proper tools and solutions available to you.


This banger is constructed of high-grade crystal clear quartz and finished to an exquisite smoothness for optimal grip and airflow. Its wide base accommodates large-sized dabs or globs of shatter, budder, or BHO to maximize vaporization without losing potency or flavor. Furthermore, this design reduces the risk associated with heating concentrates at higher temperatures and waste disposal issues.

This banger features slits at its base to allow concentrated vapor to be “slurped” upward through its cylinder, acting like a chimney. Every dab of waxes and oils used is fully utilized for superior flavor and clouds!

This banger features a small marble cap on its top that helps regulate airflow inside. This cap helps make vapor more flavorful and provides an enhanced dabbing experience, protecting both nail and marble caps from accidental contact with any dabs dripped onto them by accident. A slurper makes an excellent addition to any bong or dab rig that requires extra flavor production or flavor enhancement; these pieces come in various sizes to meet multiple needs and should be cleaned after each use with cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol solution.


This slurper banger features a full weld for added durability and increased airflow. Quartz holds heat longer than glass and thus can provide the ideal platform for marble spinner caps and terp pearls. Furthermore, its hourglass shape fits easily into various dab rigs.

It features a bottom dish with slits and a middle section that houses the marble set, allowing them to spin freely in order to aid vaporization and flavor extraction. Furthermore, its top part features an ergonomic beveled edge, which perfectly fits its marble cap.

The bottom of the Slurper features an angled slit where concentrate can drip before being pulled up through its middle section by marbles and into its beveled top section – creating massive hits and flavorful hits with every use. This design allows for enormous dabbing experiences!

The slurper design makes cleaning simple and durable. For deeper cleaning, use alcohol-soaked Q-Tips or soak the device in isopropyl alcohol.


The Slurper Quartz Banger is one of the latest innovations to hit the dabbing industry, created to enhance the quality and flavor of your concentrates. Ideal for any dabbing rig, the Terp Slurper features a short bucket with an attached reduced vapor tube attached at its center – along with airflow slits at its bottom that work in conjunction with marble sets to scavenge waxes back into its capable tube for capable use.

This slurper design helps reduce splash and drip when dabbing, which is often an inconvenience for some dabbing enthusiasts. The bottom banger features slits to break up and diffuse airflow to prevent burning while simultaneously improving taste – as well as being compatible with many inserts such as terp pills and marble caps.

A slurper-style banger may require more complicated cleanup steps but can still be easily cleaned with alcohol-soaked Q-tips or dabbing tools. When submerging marbles and terp pearls in isopropyl alcohol to avoid cracking. Also, consider giving the entire vapor tube an occasional scrub to improve the overall dabbing experience.

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