Best Anesthesiologists in Charlotte


Anesthesiologists administer medication and monitor patients during surgeries. As one of the highest-paid medical specialists, anesthesiologists command some of the highest salaries nationwide.

Atrium Health operates eight hospitals in Charlotte and this year made the move to change their anesthesiology contract by switching over to an international group comprised of doctors from outside North Carolina in an attempt to cut costs while maintaining safety. Officials stated their move as one intended to cut costs while maintaining safety standards.

1. Jon Hoppenfeld

Doctor Jon Hoppenfeld is an esteemed pain management physician. Board certified in both pain medicine and neurology, he currently practices at Southeast Pain & Spine Care and belongs to both North Carolina Medical Society and Mecklenburg Medical Society.

Golf Digest has relied on him as a medical adviser for 24 years, and he takes great pride in contributing to Charlotte area medical community by providing quality care.

Finding an anesthesiologist in Charlotte can be made simpler by reviewing patient reviews and ratings as well as malpractice insurance coverage. This will ensure you receive top quality care with no complications developing later. We have made your search simpler by compiling this list of the top anesthesiologists in Charlotte based on patient ratings and reviews.

2. Alison Brown

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3. Jeffrey Plotkin

Jeffrey Plotkin is an anesthesiologist for Atrium Health. A graduate from BAYLOR UNIVERSITY in 1990, he specializes in critical care medicine. Additionally, Atrium Health’s Carolinas Medical Center hosts him.

Southeast Anesthesiology Consultants was replaced by Thomas Wherry’s startup Scope Anesthesia of North Carolina; Wherry previously served as an anesthesiologist at Johns Hopkins Hospital and currently practices anesthesiology himself. Atrium now employs 90 new anesthesiologists according to Chris Berger.

Berger notes that negotiations between Southeast and Atrium broke down during Atrium’s efforts to reduce costs without impacting patient care, leading to Atrium opting out of its 37-year contract and instead opting for Scope Anesthesia since it could attract more top-rated doctors more quickly. Current Scope Anesthesia physicians include Jenny Dhingra, Blake Paterson and Jeffrey Plotkin who all practice in Charlotte hospitals affiliated with Atrium.

4. Blake Paterson

Atrium Health in Charlotte remains on course to break even next year or sooner according to spokesperson Chris Berger, and should soon achieve profitability. Atrium Healthcare recently made headlines when its parent company acquired Carolinas HealthCare System’s medical operations, making them North Carolina’s largest not-for-profit healthcare provider. Gene Woods and his executive team still lead Carolinas Healthcare System today with its mission statement “We are the people you can count on to help make life better”. To fulfill that promise, Carolinas boasts eight hospitals throughout Charlotte as well as primary care and specialty clinics and community outreach programs aimed at keeping patients healthy and out of emergency rooms.