Best Anesthesiologists in Columbus


Columbus-based startup Anesthesia On Wheels plans to double its sales this year by providing mobile anesthesiologists, support staff and equipment directly to dental and medical offices, helping their patients avoid months-long waits for procedures.

SmileMD Inc. was established in Ohio in 2014, with CEO Saket Agrawal saying it helps patients by lowering bills and shortening wait times at hospitals.

1. Dr. Michael Pettus

Pettus hails from South Linden and joined Columbus Division of Fire as a firefighter in 1977. Since then he has become its first Black fire chief and later was appointed Director of Public Safety by Mayor Andrew Ginther in August 2016.

Pettus served as director from 2012-14, overseeing the deployment of body cameras for police, installation of a ShotSpotter gunfire-detection system and replacement of two fire stations. He also assisted in creating a cadet program designed to increase diversity within Columbus and central Ohio firefighters’ ranks.

As part of Ned Pettus’ retirement celebrations, the city has prepared a series of videos about his career that will be posted on the Department of Public Safety YouTube channel. One video features him reflecting on overcoming discrimination to reach where he is today; another message encourages residents to support first responders and police officers.

2. Dr. W. Dan Traetow

Anesthesiologists specialize in pain relief during and after an operation, as well as patient recovery. Additionally, they are available to treat both acute and long-standing issues related to pain such as cancer.

An anesthesiologist may be required to administer immediate life support in cardiac and respiratory emergencies, and can also be trained in using cutting-edge anesthesia technology for minimally invasive procedures.

An Ohio Medical Association member and affiliated with James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. Also Firelands Regional Health System-Sandusky. He’s known for being an exceptional anesthesiologist; you can read up on him by viewing his profile on Sharecare.

Reaching him is easiest using his contact details on his profile or by making an appointment through calling his office. However, what sets this doctor apart is accepting Medicare; to see which plans he accepts use the Sharecare insurance check tool; however if any questions arise be sure to consult your physician directly about them or any other medical insurance plans.

3. Dr. Kimmy Bais

An anesthesiologist is a medical specialist who specializes in pain relief for surgical procedures, both before, during, and post-op. They monitor blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level and consciousness while administering various forms of anesthesia to their patients. Furthermore, anesthesiologists offer medical tests, procedures and therapies designed to speed recovery time after procedures.

Dr. Kimmy Bais is an Anesthesiologist trained and skilled in pain medicine anesthesia. She offers spinal blocks, epidurals, analgesic IVs, nitrous oxide delivery, opioid treatment and general anesthesia services as well as regional anesthesia treatments. In addition, her office in Columbus Ohio accepts many different insurance carriers including Medicaid and Medicare and please ensure your provider list remains constant before scheduling an appointment – check back often as this list could change!

4. Dr. Joseph Cody

Columbus anesthesiologists who stand out are those that not only excel at what they do, but also take great care to provide exceptional customer service. For example, top anesthesiologists offer their patients a selection of pain management medication and programs specifically tailored to meet your individual needs – this can be immensely helpful in managing pain and making sure you recover faster without needing hospital stays – saving both time and money in the process!