The Best Anesthesiologists in San Francisco


Anesthesiologists have an important job – they ensure people remain safe and comfortable during surgery, using their expertise to assist patients prepare for procedures without complications and potential setbacks.

Medical educators and researchers share an enduring passion for education and research. Working closely with both their peers and patients, they strive to enhance their practices.

1. Justin Libaw

Anesthesiologists are medical doctors who specialize in pain management, critical care medicine and surgery. They evaluate and optimize a patient’s condition prior to, during, and after surgery; administer anesthesia in case of cardiac or respiratory emergency; direct resuscitation efforts if required; supervise post-anesthesia recovery processes.

Anesthesiology has historically demonstrated significant disparities in representation and health outcomes between races, ethnicities and gender. This is particularly evident for sexual and gender minorities.

Diversity within an anesthesiology workforce has long been acknowledged as essential to providing optimal care to all patients. By mirroring the communities they serve, anesthesiologists can increase their empathy skills while solving issues more creatively and efficiently.

2. Jeffrey Swisher

Anesthesiologists specialize in providing pain relief and maintaining stable conditions during surgeries or medical procedures, by monitoring patients’ heart rhythm, blood pressure, temperature and level of consciousness while administering appropriate types and amounts of anesthesia.

Jeffrey Swisher, MD is an anesthesiologist in San Francisco with over three decades of experience. A graduate of Stanford University School of Medicine since 1989, Jeffrey has practiced anesthesiology and pain medicine throughout San Francisco since that time.

He provides care to patients suffering from hypertension, high cholesterol levels, chronic kidney disease and ischemic heart disease – and accepts Medicare payments.

3. John Donovan

An anesthesiologist is a physician specialized in relieving pain before, during, and after surgical procedures. Anesthesiologists use different forms of medication to calm patients such as general anesthesia, sedation, or regional anesthesia in order to relax them before surgery takes place.

Current Position: He serves as President and Chief Scientific Officer at Concentric Analgesics Inc.

Donovan is an anesthesiologist with over two decades of clinical medicine experience, having founded and run East Bay Anesthesiology Medical Group where he provided anesthesia and perioperative services to hospitals within Sutter Health system.

Donovan also co-founded Sutter Health Helps Haiti, an initiative providing postsurgical care and education in Haiti following the 2010 earthquake. Donovan’s background includes extensive research on postsurgical pain management as well as frequent advice given to life science companies.

4. Ron George

Ron George began his judicial career after excelling as a football star at Holy Cross in the early 1970s when then-Governor Jerry Brown elevated him to Los Angeles Superior Court. Since then, he has also served on municipal courts before heading the Criminal Division at Los Angeles Superior Court.

After an impressive career on the bench, George assumed California’s chief justice post in 1996 – giving him unparalleled power over its judicial system. Under George’s direction, trial courts were unified under one system, funding established for trial court operations across California, county courthouses were transferred into state ownership and juror system was enhanced.

George has demonstrated a keen ability to remain moderate during his 14 years as chief justice, often surprising both supporters and detractors with his independence. George has made noteworthy contributions to global health by working alongside Kybele – an organization focused on improving childbirth safety worldwide through sustainable partnerships, research, teaching/curriculum programs and curriculum initiatives.

5. Michelle Au

As the daughter of Chinese immigrants, Michelle Au was taught the value of hard work and determination in achieving goals. Now a state senator for Georgia’s Asian American community, Michelle strives to expand health care access, expand voting rights, reform law enforcement practices, and guarantee educational equity.

As Georgia’s first Asian-American woman senator, she is passionate about issues that impact her constituents and their families. Her public policy goals include expanding healthcare access, reforming law enforcement practices, providing equal educational access for underserved communities and increasing safety and security measures for underrepresented groups.

Michelle Au, 41-year-old anesthesiologist Michelle Au is poised to make history as Georgia’s first Asian-American senator after winning Tuesday’s Democratic primary against health care entrepreneur Josh Uddin.