A Look at the Sushi Lab Menu


There are many options available for ordering sushi at the sushi lab. You can select a set menu, an omakase option, a cocktail, or even desserts. You can even get Tempura. Here’s a look at the menu. So whether you’re looking for traditional sushi or more creative dishes, this restaurant will satisfy your craving.

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Omakase menu

The sushi lab is a great place to go if you are in the mood for some Japanese cuisine. Located inside the Sanctuary Hotel, this restaurant specializes in creative Japanese fares such as hand rolls and small plates. In addition, the Omakase menu will have you trying various sushi dishes every time you visit.

The omakase menu at Sushi Lab includes 16 different signature courses. Highlights include a vegan roll, a yellowtail jalapeno roll, and a seared salmon roll. The food at Sushi Lab is also reasonably priced, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

Omakase is a Japanese style of dining where a chef serves you various sushi from different types of fish. Generally, the price is around $100 per person. However, the Omakase menu at the sushi lab is a great way to try sushi at a lower price. The meal will last about 45 minutes and include a dozen pieces of sushi.


The Sushi Lab is a unique and eclectic sushi bar. This Austin restaurant is known for its avant-garde twist on traditional sushi. The menu consists of 16 different signature courses. Highlights include a vegan roll, yellowtail jalapeno roll, seared salmon roll, and matcha crunch roll. Executive Chef Frankie Chen runs Sushi Lab. Sushi Lab uses unconventional ingredients and tools to prepare its unique menu.

Drinks on the Sushi Lab menu are both creative and refreshing. In addition to sushi, the menu also features Japanese cocktails. Signature drinks include the Mr. Chiri, which combines tequila, yuzu, and red chili peppers. Other drinks include Perfection, a mix of soju, pear puree, lemon juice, and pea flower syrup. The Sushi Lab is located at 130 W. 47th Street and is open from 5 pm to 11 pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Sushi Lab is an excellent option whether you’re looking for a date night or a special occasion. With its high-tech interior and cozy atmosphere, this restaurant offers an intimate space with tables for up to 20 people. Guests can order the chef’s omakase menu, which costs $100 per person. There are two kinds of seating options: table omakase and bar omakase. The latter is more intimate and more authentic. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable and can walk you through the different courses on the menu.


Sushi Lab’s desserts are a sweet treat that’s not too sweet. The menu includes various options, including vegan, matcha, and yellowtail jalapeno rolls. The menu also includes a selection of sushi and other classic dishes, such as the tuna flight. Guests can also order a cocktail, such as a cucumber mist cocktail or a bottle of sake.

Sushi Lab is a unique New York City sushi restaurant that offers a modern twist on traditional Japanese fare. The menu features hand-rolled rolls, specialty rolls, and nigiri, along with hand-crafted cocktails. The restaurant has a beautiful rooftop, where guests can enjoy their meals while enjoying the city views.


Tempura on the sushi lab menu can be a good choice if you want something different from the usual fare. This restaurant is open daily, Monday through Sunday, and serves hot and cold Tempura. If you are visiting Times Square, the SushiLab is a good option. You can choose from an extensive list of sushi varieties, including sashimi rolls and a vegetarian option.

Sushi Lab is an innovative New York City concept that focuses on the dining experience as much as food. The restaurant features the finest sourced ingredients, robust flavors, and expertly curated dishes. The restaurant started as an eight-seat counter bar in the lobby of the Sanctuary Hotel and has since grown to serve sushi lovers of all kinds.

The sushi lab is an excellent choice for an omakase meal, with prices starting at $28. It also offers roll, a la carte options, garage, and Japanese fried chicken. The prices here are more reasonable than in other sushi restaurants in New York.