Wokies Menu – 100 Preprogrammed Recipes and Wi-Fi Connection


With 100 preprogrammed recipes and a Wi-Fi connection, wokie offers a seamless cooking experience. Choose the recipe you want, prep your ingredients, and follow instructions – and the wokie does the rest! This innovative cooktop is loaded with cutting-edge technology, including a nonstick coating and a three-ply drum for better heat transfer and energy-saving efficiency.

Winn’s Magic Portion

The Winn’s Magic Portion is a delicious comfort food dish featuring protein in spades. The bowl contains water-poached egg custard, fresh shrimp, and chopped chicken. The dish is seasoned with freshly crushed black pepper, and the flavors are reminiscent of home-cooked comfort food. Another unique chicken dish is Spider Chicken, wrapped in crispy fried egg noodles and topped with chopped scallion.

Spider Chicken

The Spider Chicken is one of the unique dishes on the Wokies menu. It has a unique cooking technique that wraps a chicken breast in crispy fried egg noodles. It comes with a spicy sauce on the side and is served with scallions. This Chinese restaurant offers an authentic Chinese meals at affordable prices. The restaurant also offers online ordering, and its menu can be found on Swiggy and Zomato.