Beary Boba Shop – The Perfect Blend of Kawaii Cuteness and Boba-Filled Happiness


Boba tea (also known as bubble tea) is an addictive beverage composed of milk and tea combined with spherical jelly or tapioca balls. It was first popularized in Taiwan during the 1980s but is now enjoyed all over the world. Check out the Best info about Beary Boba shop.

Jade Pham and her husband own a nail salon in Woodhaven and regularly offer their customers drinks featuring unique toppings like rainbow jelly or tapioca boba. Customers rave about these refreshing beverages!

BearyBoba shop is a boba shop

Beary Boba shop is an exquisite combination of adorable cuteness and delicious boba-filled happiness, offering fluffy bear-shaped boba tea plushies that are fluffy, cuddly, and super soft – the ideal combination! Each mouthwatering color of pink strawberry, yellow pineapple, and green avocado boba makes each one an artistic creation; three sizes available mean you’re sure to find your ideal companion from Beary Boba – grab yourself some milk tea and snuggle close – happiness awaits with each squeeze!

T-shirts, stickers, wall art, and home decor designed by independent artists. Your purchase directly supports them!

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