Harpun Excursions Fish Picnic


Harpun Excursions Fish Picnic is enjoyable for those who appreciate beautiful waters, boat rides, and homemade wine. Additionally, lunch (two fish species, salad, and bread) will be served during the trip.

Connect to the sea and create lasting memories as you sail to idyllic fishing spots, then enjoy onboard chefs’ seafood dishes.

Fishing Excitement

Experience an unforgettable fishing, sailing, and seafood-feasting adventure from Trogir. Your experienced crew will provide instruction as you cast your line at ideal fishing spots in crystal-clear water.

On-board chefs prepare your fresh catch into a gourmet seafood feast for lunch before returning later that night for an intimate stargazing dinner aboard.

On this voyage, you’ll stop to swim in lovely hidden bays and discover an astounding underwater environment. This tour provides unparalleled sightseeing, summer activities, and relaxation on Solta Island and Ciovo’s Blue Lagoon.


Sailing to ideal fishing spots and pausing to swim in crystal-clear waters before feasting on seafood prepared fresh by onboard chefs, their aroma filling the air. This experience is designed to create unforgettable memories!

Explore how locals in Sian Ka’an Biosphere employ traditional fishing methods and witness first-hand how the area is affected by invasive lionfish populations – which threaten biodiversity – while helping eradicate them and contribute to eco-friendly efforts.

As night falls, returning to your boat at sunset allows for stellar stargazing without city lights to interfere.