White Farmhouse With Wood Shutters


Add a pop of color to your white farmhouse with black window shutters. Their minimalist shade perfectly complements your home’s exterior, making it look sleeker. Check out the Best info about pvc or mdf shutters.

Choose a cellular shade with thinner slats for a farmhouse-inspired window treatment and special-shaped windows such as arched or triangular ones. They’re also perfect for accommodating arches or triangles!

Window shutters designed to coordinate with the front and garage doors create an aesthetically pleasing ensemble, offering contrast against red bricks.

Black Window Shutters

Black window shutters make an elegant finishing touch for homes featuring white siding or clapboard, creating a striking contrast against its light hue and lending an Old World luxurious aesthetic to the house. Shutters can also work well with other colors – for instance, terra cotta roof tiles in orange hues!

If you don’t want to commit to painting shutters, staining them a dark shade could give them an elegant yet durable look without chipping or peeling over time. Consider staining them a deep cherry hue or eggplant purple to match your farmhouse design; smaller slats on these shutters will further complement their farmhouse charm while still letting natural sunlight in.

Although not formally considered an architectural style, farmhouse design has come to encompass an overall “look” that often features large front porches with ample seating space for relaxing on, exposed beams from barns that have been reclaimed, comfortable rustic charm, board, and batten shutters, louver or panel shutters can also work effectively when applied to white farmhouses with wood shutters.

Though many homeowners opt for black shutters for a more traditional farmhouse aesthetic, you can also make your farmhouse truly modern by mixing bolder hues like Robin’s egg blue with white exterior paint and black shutters – creating a fresh and classic look!

This home features black radius-top shutters with black door frames and garage doors to create an eye-catching combination that truly stands out. The window shutters help draw attention to its stunning arched windows while maintaining balance across its entirety.

If your white farmhouse features abundant vegetation, consider painting its shutters an earthy green to reflect nature and blend seamlessly into the surrounding environment. It also serves as an easy transitional color when welcoming visitors from outdoors into your cozy home. Alternatively, sky blue could work beautifully as it brings to mind tropical storms and hurricanes along the East Coast.

Gray Stonework

White houses with black shutters look especially lovely when highlighted with gray stonework around windows, roofs, and doorframes. A classic choice is gray chopped stone, available in an array of textures and colors that is easy to install by contractors or DIYers and adds visual texture while catching light beautifully to add dimension to windows and doors with dark-painted frames. This stonework creates visual texture while adding dimension.

White homes with black shutters look best when combined with charcoal gray wood doors, garage doors for entryways or garage doors, or black metal siding and trim. For help choosing which colors to use on the white border, refer to this blog post on the best paint colors. Dark shades like SW Iron Ore or Urbane Bronze pair beautifully with white doors and windows.

Your window shutter choice can have an enormous impact on your exterior aesthetic. From sophisticated panel shutters to country charm board and batten Bermuda or combination shutters, there’s sure to be something perfect for every home – white shutters could help highlight its timeless design in an ideal way!

An attractive blue front door pairs perfectly with shutters and can instantly create an idyllic escape in your exterior space. If you don’t quite commit to bold hues, a soft apricot shade provides a cheerful appearance while making a visual impact.

Though most people associate blue with coastal homes, a muted sky blue can create an unexpected and refreshing exterior paint color for any property. It accentuates white trim, gutters, and shingles without overpowering their design aesthetic.

Worldly Gray (SW 7043) is an earthy-toned light gray home color option. Like Agreeable Gray but featuring more passive green undertones and lower light reflection values (LRVs), Worldly Gray works beautifully when exposed to ample sunlight on exterior surfaces such as doors. Pair it with white windows and shutters or a navy blue front door for a stunning combination.

Black Door

Farmhouse shutters are typically constructed of wood, though other materials such as metal or vinyl may also be used. Their color can make an incredible statement about your home; make sure it complements its siding and trim when selecting one that stands out as black does for farmhouses – its bolder accent creates an eye-catching finish! While white may be most commonly chosen as window shutters for contemporary homes, black provides farmhouses with an eye-catching accent.

Add black to your front door and window shutters to achieve an eye-catching contrast and complete a coordinated look that draws the eye inward. This color choice is popular among Colonial and Victorian homes, yet looks beautiful even on modern farmhouses. Contact a professional painter if you are unsure which shade to pick for this project.

If you prefer rustic farmhouse styling, black window shutters and tan front doors can create an eye-catching contrast. Their colors also work beautifully together because they complement each other, giving your home’s exterior an effortless classic aesthetic that’s easy to coordinate.

Black window shutters with blue doors can help create a classic cottage aesthetic, perfect for coastal cottages and farmhouses with island vibes. To achieve this look, it is vital to balance dark colors with lighter ones to achieve an overall balanced look that will look beautiful no matter the climate or terrain.

One way to incorporate black window shutters into your home is to paint all of the house’s trim and exterior in one color – this will create a cohesive look and make your farmhouse stand out and appear more stylish. Try not to mix too many hues when creating this look, as this can cause it to look chaotic.

Choosing a color for your farmhouse shutters is just as important as choosing their placement. If your farmhouse has large windows, adding shutters on both sides may allow for greater control of sunlight that enters and make opening windows simpler if necessary.

Red Bricks

This brick home features red bricks that pair beautifully with its dark shutters, wooden front door, and columns, adding warmth to this white farmhouse with wood shutters. When planning on painting your farmhouse, note how wood details contrast against brick colors and any additional colors you desire in your space – this will help you select an ideal shade to complete its appearance.

Red brick is a timeless choice that complements nearly all colors; however, black window shutters add an eye-catching modern edge. Black is a minimalist shade that stands out in any neighborhood; black front or garage doors will bring your whole exterior together seamlessly.

Green is always an elegant and timeless color choice for farmhouses that prefer more classic stylings. Green works exceptionally well with brickwork in forest green or olive shades. Brown shutters also create an earthy atmosphere in any house by matching its shade of brickwork.

Although it is ideal to match the color of your front door with that of its shutters, don’t be afraid to experiment by going one shade lighter or darker; this is particularly important if working with red brick.

Brick is a natural material and rarely one solid color. Looking closely, you may notice different hues flecked throughout the mortar of a brick home, making choosing colors for doors and shutters difficult. To achieve harmony in your home’s appearance, opting for shades one shade darker than red found within its brick may be wise.

If you prefer the look of a white farmhouse with wood shutters but lack the experience to paint them yourself, consulting a professional painter might be worth it. Experienced painters can assist in selecting appropriate hues for windows, doors, and trim so your brick exterior will look its best. They may also advise on repairs or maintenance on your property that might need doing.

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