Are Professional Window Treatments Worth It?


Homeowners looking to make their homes unique often overlook windows in favor of focusing on paint or furniture instead. Select the custom window treatments.

Window treatment professionals act as interior designers, offering tailored window coverings that suit your aesthetic while answering questions about light or insulation issues. Their investment is worthwhile!

They’re Made to Your Specifications

Custom window treatment installation companies can outfit your home with various styles and textures, allowing you to go vintage-retro or modern quickly. Plus, energy-saving window treatments may even help lower heating and cooling bills!

Professional window measurers possess decades of on-the-job experience and know precisely how to take measurements accurately for window coverings that will look fantastic and fit appropriately in your home. Furthermore, they can answer any queries about products they provide and assist with selecting styles best suited to your space.

Design professionals will walk you through various color, fabric, and style options during a consultation. Additionally, they can add trims or linings to your drapes, dye them a specific shade, or add details such as rods and clips for window coverings with fashionable cornices – something which standard ready-made cannot do.

They’re More Energy-Efficient

Professional window treatment companies like Louver Shop understand your desire for your home to look fantastic for years. Their experts use only high-grade materials and professional installation methods, guaranteeing window treatments look beautiful while fulfilling all their intended functions. Furthermore, these energy-saving window coverings can reduce heating and cooling bills significantly!

Energy-efficient window treatments are designed to reflect light from outside into your house, keeping it cool during summer and insulating warm air during winter. This reduces your energy bills while helping protect furniture, artwork, and interior surfaces from UV rays damage.

Custom-made and handmade window treatments may cost more than standard ones from big box stores, but their investment value makes up for their higher cost.

They’re More Durable

Window blinds and shades come in various materials, including plastic, vinyl, fabric, and hardwood. You may also add coatings to waterproof or flame retard them as desired; depending on which material is selected will have an impactful impact on cost.

Professional window treatment designers can assist in helping you select a style, color, and fabric combination that best complements the space in which they’re being installed. In many instances, they may even provide samples so you can experience first-hand how different materials appear when put against one another. They may even give tips on maintaining and prolonging their helpful lifespan for years.

Custom window treatments that add high-quality window coverings can dramatically boost your home’s curb appeal and help make it stand out in the neighborhood, potentially decreasing its number of days on the market. This is especially relevant if your area contains many homes for sale – the more attractive your house appears, the faster and for more money it may sell!

They’re More Versatile

Professionally designed and custom-made window treatments can transform the aesthetics of any space with their versatility and beauty, from creating 1950s retro flair with modern touches to contemporary elegance and saving on energy costs. Professionally crafted window coverings can make an impactful statement about who lives within it while adding light control, privacy protection, and energy savings for every window in the house.

Professionals have all the tools and materials to give your home that special something, be it shutters or motorized blinds. Working within the existing color and texture scheme and room layout requirements is essential when creating something genuinely personalized to meet your needs.

Local designers can save time and frustration by eliminating the need to visit large chain stores for window coverings. Instead, they’ll meet with you at home to go over all of the available options and provide samples so that you can view up close what each window covering looks like in person. Once everything is finalized, they’ll measure each window to ensure the perfect fit!

They’re More Affordable

Hiring a local design professional will save you money when purchasing window treatments compared to big box stores because their overhead and sales commission costs are significantly less than their national competitors.

Your window treatments depend on your chosen materials and customizations; for instance, hardwood window blinds will cost more than mass-produced vinyl blinds.

Whether you’re decorating or selling your home, creating room in your budget for high-quality window treatments is an investment that could save money over time. Remember that form and function go hand-in-hand; prioritize your goals before beginning this project to ensure a positive result.

Are You Searching for a Local Designer? Start by asking for recommendations, then schedule a complimentary, in-home consultation to see the products from the comfort of your living room couch.

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