Tips for Selecting the Finest Colored Contacts


Need help deciding which colored contacts to use to alter your eye color? Learn what options are available in colored contacts and which lenses will highlight your eyes’ natural beauty. Discover the best info about colored contact.

Styles of Colored Contact Lenses

Daily, biweekly, monthly, and annual replacement schedules are available for colored contact lenses. There are benefits and drawbacks to each type.

The eyes are better off with disposable lenses. First, they’re more breathable because the lens is thinner. Second, disposable contact lenses reduce the risk of eye infections by preventing protein deposits from accumulating. And third, if you regularly replace your contact lenses, you significantly reduce your chances of contracting a bacterial infection. Therefore, disposable color contacts such as Freshlook or Acuvue 2 Colors are preferable from a health perspective. If you plan on wearing your colored contacts daily for more than 8 hours, disposable lenses are your best bet.

In contrast, color contact lenses for annual replacement are digitally printed, while the best are hand-painted. It’s crucial that your color contacts provide you with a vivid hue and blend in with your natural eye color. Close inspection of your eyes will reveal that your iris is not a single, uniform color. Others have tiny yellow or black rays in an otherwise blue or green iris, while others have a starburst pattern. These color and pattern combinations trick the eye into perceiving depth. Lenses with hand-painted designs like Durasoft 2 feature subtle colors and textures. As a result, your eyes will look more natural, and the illusion of depth will be more convincing.

As you might imagine, hand-painted color contacts are more expensive due to their higher production cost. Unfortunately, this is the case since few people are willing to shell out $50 or more for monthly disposable color contacts.

Contacts for dark eyes: the best colors

Opaque contact lenses are your only choice if your eye color is a deep blue, green, or brown.
Lenses that claim to enhance your eyesight are futile.

For people with dark eyes, the best choices are:

  • Freshlook Colorblends are monthly disposable lenses that are opaque and come in various vivid colors and patterns that mimic the human eye. Amethyst, Blue Sapphire, and Green are the Three Most Desired Colors.
  • Acuvue 2 Colors Opaque are disposable weekly color lenses that produce natural color transitions.
  • Strikingly vivid colors yet appear natural in Durasoft 2 and Durasoft 3 Opaques. To replace your contact lenses once a year, consider the hand-painted Durasoft. Of course, the best-looking option is Durasoft 3, which will set you back a pretty penny.

Illusions – additionally, hand-painted color contacts need to be replaced every year. Pick Soft Green or Soft Blue if you want a soothing, pastel hue. The colors violet, deep blue, and deep green will make an impression.
Be wary of getting a light color if your eyes and skin are naturally dark. For example, bronze skin will not complement pale green or blue eyes. Try amethyst, emerald, or a deep shade of blue instead.

What Color Contacts Look Best with Fair Eyes?

Both opaque and enhancer color contact lenses will look good on light eyes. However, select opaque contacts if you want to change your eye color, as using green enhancers over blue eyes or vice versa can produce unexpected results.

Colored contacts that complement blue eyes

  • Contacts that don’t alter your natural color but make your eyes look more significant and expressive are available as monthly disposables under Freshlook Dimensions.
  • Monthly disposables Freshlook Radiance enhance your eyes’ natural beauty. Eden, the moonlight, sunrise, and autumn all exude a radiant quality. The effect of Radiance is stunning.
  • Durasoft has two annual replacement colored lenses for light eyes. The lens’s realistic appearance results from a painstakingly painted pattern and a harmonious color scheme. Colors like aquamarine, azure, jade green, and violet-blue are all available.

Illusions Soft Blue and Soft Green are opaque, once-a-year replacement color lenses that produce gorgeous, subtle hues.
Those who have light eyes should exercise extra caution. Watery eyes may appear less bright when using specific enhancement color contacts. Choose opaque lenses that mimic the color of light rather than enhancers as a creative solution. Illusions in a soft green or blue color can be a nice touch.

Color contact lenses are a fun option if you’re looking to shake up your look. If you want to turn heads wherever you go, you only need a pair of brilliant color contacts.

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