Finding a Modern Dental Office


Recently, I spent an hour and a half at the dentist, experiencing the pain of having my mouth held wide open while listening to the shrill sound of the drill and the hard metal scraping against the edges of my teeth. What a bore. Nothing is more unsettling than hearing that high-pitched squeal reverberate inside your skull, accompanied by the gritty crumbling of your teeth. While sitting there attempting to take my mind off the jagged metal object embedded in my skull, I realized something. The best guide to finding Dentist Near Me.

The tangible takeaways are twofold. One, my imagination is too active. With so much time on my hands and nothing to do but gaze at the ceiling while listening to those awful noises, I’ve conjured up some gruesome dental catastrophe scenarios. You may soon require dental surgery so I won’t give them to you. My second and primary concern is finding a doctor who uses modern equipment.

My husband had already had a root canal, a three-hour one, at a separate office before I came in. While he was understandably anxious about the operation, the prospect of lying there for three hours counting ceiling tiles while his nerves were drilled out was enough to put him over the edge. He attempted to convince the dentist to sedate him because he feared the impending mental numbness.

They insisted it wasn’t essential, and he was impressed once they got going. Like going to the movies, only with a blank expression and a few minor interruptions. Individual movie goggles were available at this dentistry clinic. He selected a film from a shelf, put on his Star Trek spectacles, and sat through the entire thing. His operation wrapped up around the time the film concluded. All the while, he was preoccupied with something else. A more enjoyable experience than my own.

Sitting in my boring dentist’s office, I vowed to look into other options before scheduling my next appointment. My curiosity about these high-tech gadgets and those who possess them ranked among my most pressing inquiries. And for the sake of my children as well as myself.

Two of our three kids are active toddlers, so we can expect to need some dental work done on their teeth. It can be challenging to keep young children quiet and patient while waiting for you to finish your routine cleaning, and it’s nearly impossible to keep larger children from complaining, “I’m bored.” So why shouldn’t our modern medical and dental facilities use state-of-the-art equipment?

So now I’m on a mission to discover the most excellent and fun medical professionals ever. Why not go to a place of business that is enjoyable, has the latest and greatest gadgets, and provides additional entertainment for a trip many people dread and avoid if they can help it? In fact, “fear and anxiety often inhibit patients from seeking dental care,” as stated in an article by the American Dental Association.

Only a handful of dental clinics in my region offer A/V distraction techniques, despite evidence that they significantly lessen patients’ fear and discomfort during procedures. But those who do tend to excel at it. One great local dentist, for instance, has a flat-screen TV in the waiting room, a Nintendo game system built in, and “touch to play” computerized games offering quizzes, card games, strategy, and trivia; additionally, once you’re comfortable and ready to get to work, you can watch movies or satellite TV with blue tooth headsets. That’s the dentist visit I’ve been waiting for!

There are many excellent service providers, but finding one that meets all your healthcare requirements and provides those extras can completely transform your dental visits. The kids have appointments twice a year, and I think I can persuade them that it’s a reward for being good. Should you expect your dentist or specialist to know everything shown on the tech channels? Perhaps not, but I know my loved ones and I have higher standards.

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