Pet Naturals Busy Butter Review


Pet Naturals Busy Butter is an interactive pet product created to keep pets occupied and mentally stimulated, which may reduce undesirable behaviors like excessive barking or destructive chewing.

This natural supplement features ingredients like chamomile and L-theanine for optimal wellbeing and delicious peanut butter for additional taste and nutrition.

Product Description

Pet Naturals Busy Butter is an entertaining spread designed to keep pets active and mentally stimulated, as well as to promote dental health in dogs through chewing action, which scrapes away plaque and tartar from teeth. Available in various flavors so owners can select one best suited to their pet’s tastes.

This product features natural ingredients, making it appealing for those seeking to avoid artificial additives and chemicals in pet products. Formulated with peanut butter and salmon oil as well as soothing supplements like chamomile and melatonin to calm anxious pets in stressful situations, the formulation may help owners who prefer an all-natural approach.

Easy to use, this delicious spread can be added directly to a dog’s food or treats. Furthermore, it can also be stuffed into toys or bones for even more excellentt entertainment for your canine friend! Moreover, it can be an incentive during training sessions or promote positive behavior.

Another added advantage to using this product is that it can serve as a calming aid for pets during specific situations, such as car rides or thunderstorms. Before such events take place, or afterward if needed, administer some to dogs directly; or sprinkle it onto bedding or in their water dish to help relax them and help them unwind.

This product can help keep dogs and cats busy when their owners are away for extended periods. Additionally, it may help ease separation anxiety in pets who experience it.

This product provides an alternative to traditional pet treats that may contain high levels of sugar and preservatives, helping your pet’s dental health by stuffing toys or bones with it and encouraging chewing action from licking and biting. There is even an apple spread available so pet parents can select one to meet their pet’s tastes and needs best!

How to Use

Busy Butter goes beyond typical peanut butter offerings by combining tasty treats with four powerful calming ingredients that work long after your pet has finished devouring it. With a mess formula and fillable toys for use during car rides, parties, thunderstorms, crating, and more – Busy Butter offers distraction and calm during car rides, parties, thunderstorms, crating, and more. Featuring Thiamine (Vitamin B1), L-Tryptophan, Lemon Balm, and Suntheanine to promote relaxation behavior in anxious or stressed dogs without additional sugars, salt, or artificial ingredients! Made without sugar salt, or artificial ingredients!

Where to Buy

Busy Butter combines delicious peanut butter with four effective calming ingredients that work long after your pup licks it off! Perfect for car rides, thunderstorms, parties, or crating. Made in America without added sugar, salt, or artificial ingredients, simply stuff into one of your fillable toys or use it as a treat; no-mess pouch makes it simple to carry and store! Use daily; give extra servings as needed.