Peninsula Business Services


Peninsula Business Services is an established employment law and health & safety consultancy, with experts available to attend meetings with employees in support of disciplinary or grievance processes or manage them altogether.

Comparably, Peninsula employees rated its leadership a D and its future outlook an F on Comparably. Overall, its employees gave it an average score across all culture dimensions.

Human resources

Peninsula Business Services provides an array of human resources consulting, outsourcing, and advisory services. They aim to assist businesses to manage their employees more effectively while improving overall company performance. Furthermore, Peninsula offers an intensive training program to ensure its consultants possess the knowledge required for better client care.

HR and health and safety consultants from our company provide support to small and mid-sized companies throughout the UK. With expertise in all areas of employment law – unfair dismissal, redundancy, discrimination proceedings, disciplinary proceedings, TUPE transfers, etc. – our HR consultants offer assistance for small to mid-sized firms as they develop and draft HR policies as well as offer comprehensive wellness programs with advice for workplace safety and security issues.

Established in 1983, this company has quickly grown to become one of the top employers for HR and health and safety consultants in both the UK and Ireland. They now support over 35,000 small to mid-sized businesses through a network of offices. Yet despite their rapid expansion, they have maintained an exceptional working culture focused on providing their clients outstanding service.

One of the most significant aspects of working for Peninsula is their comprehensive training program, which equips recruits with all of the essentials of HR and employment law to become valuable members of their team quickly. They also offer competitive salary packages and benefits, making Peninsula a fantastic workplace!

However, they have some areas for improvement that could use some work; their leadership rating on Comparably is below average compared with similar-sized companies on Comparably. Yet their training and compensation rating remains impressive, making the company popular among job seekers.

If you are interested in joining Peninsula’s team, make sure that you prepare for an interview by doing research into both its history and yours – then be designed for questions regarding your skills and abilities.

Health and Safety

Since 1983, peninsula business services has provided employment law and health and safety services to businesses of all kinds worldwide. Their offices span across Britain, Ireland, and Australia with over 20,000 clients globally taking advantage of the advice offered on employee contracts, HR policies, and ongoing health and safety support – these services being accessible via phone call, email, or live chat – providing advice that businesses of all sizes can utilise on a day-to-day basis as well as training services on site for staff.

Comparably reports that an employer’s onboarding process plays a vital role in an employee’s future outlook and enthusiasm about starting work at their new position. A survey by Comparably found that 73% of managers assisted their employees during this process of adjustment to new responsibilities.

Peninsula Business Services boasts an outstanding culture, boasting high ratings for training, compensation, and benefits as well as colleagues; however, their low rating for colleagues is cause for concern, and their high turnover rate poses further problems that impede productivity in the workplace. There are ways Peninsula can address these challenges; one approach would be focusing on cultivating positive relationships within their staff.

Employment law

Peninsula Business Services Ltd provides employment law and health and safety advice to businesses throughout the UK. Based in Manchester and employing around 1,100 people, its clients include employers, solicitors, and legal practitioners – in addition to offering training and consultancy services. As well as employment law advice and health and safety consulting, Peninsula also offers business assistance through its team of lawyers and consultants who are on call 24/7 to answer questions, offer expert guidance or represent members in tribunal or court proceedings.

Peninsula’s advice line is often called upon for assistance regarding disciplinary hearings, followed by redundancy consultation meetings and sickness absence investigations. Mediation has also become increasingly popular to address staffing problems, disputes between colleagues, or disagreements on personal matters despite all efforts made by practice managers to handle them themselves.

Peninsula Face2Face can provide an effective solution by having one of its members manage formal processes with employees, such as disciplinary and grievance procedures, helping to avoid conflict and saving both time and resources for both practices and staff. A member who recently utilized this service found her experience very positive; their consultant managed the meeting professionally while explaining the procedure to both her employee as well as permitting them to be accompanied by another colleague as per statutory rights.

Preparing for an interview at Peninsula requires researching both the company and role in great depth, as well as being confident and energetic during an interview. You should also be ready to answer a variety of questions regarding its history.

Business support

Peninsula Business Services Ltd provides business support services, including employment law and health and safety services, to SMEs to nationwide franchises. Their clients range from individual freelancers to nationwide franchise chains, with services including staff contracts, policies, unlimited advice, and much more available on-site in Manchester. The company itself has offices located nearby.

Three employees give Peninsula Business Services high marks across several cultural dimensions, from executive ratings to the pace of work. Overall, they think the leadership should improve, and their future outlook is dissatisfactory.

Employees report being welcomed well on their first day at work by managers who helped them adapt. Unfortunately, however, employees express displeasure with the workplace culture at their company due to a perceived lack of training opportunities available to employees.

Salaries at Peninsula vary by department, with Corporate Counsel receiving an average annual salary of $180,072. Meanwhile, CS Rep receives $46,918 annually as their pay. Peninsula offers benefits such as healthcare and PTO coverage, retirement plan access, and life insurance; their reputation for internal promotions stands out with 90% of directors starting as new recruits on day one!