New York SOS Business Search


Before forming a business entity in New York State, it is a good idea to conduct a New York SOS business entity search to ascertain whether your desired name is available and follows appropriate naming rules.

Start by visiting the New York Department of State’s business entity search page here, where you can narrow your search results by choosing between currently active entities or all entities on file, as well as change search type options.

Types of entities

The New York Department of State offers an easy and straightforward way to search registered entities within its state, through its corporation and business entity database. Searches can be conducted either online or via their search function which lets users filter down results by name and entity type; additional options exist such as selecting only currently active or all entities on file when conducting your search.

Enter the entity name into the search field and select its type. After entering a captcha code to verify you are human, click “Search Database” for results that meet your criteria and click the blue hyperlink that connects directly to its Information Page if found.

Once your search is completed, you can view key details about that company, such as its address and stock information. In addition, you can see whether it is currently operating and whether any applications are pending and learn more about its directors, shareholders, and officers.

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Filing requirements

After conducting a business name availability search and verifying that your desired name is available, you will need to meet specific filing requirements. These may include minimum share counts, par value amounts, officers, and assumed names (also referred to as DBA). You should also decide whether an accepted name (also referred to as an assumed name or DBA) may be necessary.

Discover this information through the website of the New York Department of State’s Division of Corporations. You can search for an entity by name, DOS ID number, initial filing date, and state jurisdiction; additionally, you can search by company type and other criteria such as address principal office officers directors shareholders, etc. Afterward you can return directly back to the results page by using their bookmark feature.


New York Department of State business search or NY Secretary of State business search allows users to locate business entities within New York state, such as for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships. There are two methods of searching in New York; searching by name or using DOS ID as a more comprehensive method that provides details like status, contact, and assumed name id information.