Cox Business Security Solutions


Cox business security solutions give businesses like Firehouse Subs access to cutting-edge technology that enables them to monitor operations, detect internal theft, and resolve workflow/staffing issues more efficiently.

Cox Internet customers who would like a cost-effective security and monitoring option, Cox Home Security offers equipment and monitoring packages in one monthly payment package – and Cox Internet customers who prefer DIY systems may even opt for it!


Cox Business Security Solutions (CBSS) offers detection services to protect your business.

CBSS is an innovative managed business security solution built on Cox’s advanced network, award-winning customer service, and robust network infrastructure. Utilizing McAfee SAAS, this time and cost-efficient service protects small businesses against online threats with its secure delivery over private Cox connections, continually monitoring for any issues to ensure it runs efficiently for you.

Our detection packages include 24/7 professional monitoring, battery and cellular network backup, water, fire, light, and thermostat monitoring, as well as mobile app management, custom notifications, and recording capabilities. Plus, content can be stored either locally or remotely accessed using mobile devices from anywhere around the world!

Many businesses deploy security systems like surveillance cameras and motion detectors as safety measures, but what sets us apart from other security system providers is our management of those systems. Our professionals will work closely with you to understand your business requirements before providing a custom solution that fits. You can use our business apps anytime, anywhere, to arm/disarm/create automation/add users using PC, smartphone, or tablet devices.


Cox Business Security Solutions gives you the power to manage and monitor the security and monitoring of your business from any location. From remotely arming or disarming, creating automated rules, or adding users – our mobile app makes it all simple. It even sends real-time text and email alerts when alarms are activated so you can respond promptly when alarms occur.

Protection your business against theft, fraud, and vandalism with surveillance cameras is easier than ever, thanks to live views and footage recording capabilities. Keep an eye out for suspicious activity that could lead to theft or property damage with storefront, hallway, and outdoor surveillance camera monitoring – with live views and live recordings from these surveillance cameras you may even catch criminals red-handed!

Monitor your business 24/7 from anywhere with remote access from the web, smartphones, and tablets. Receive instantaneous text or email alerts of immediate notifications; make system changes from the convenience of your phone; adjust lighting and thermostats using business automation; battery and cellular network backup are included with all systems.

CBSS can do more than detect shoplifting and register shortages; it can also assist you in optimizing employee productivity by managing workflow and employee productivity. You can set custom alerts to keep an eye on expensive items susceptible to sweethearting; video can be used to assess customer experience and optimize store layout, such as Firehouse Subs did.

Cox Business Security Suite, powered by McAfee SAAS, is free to all Cox Business Internet subscribers and protects against cyber-attacks that threaten your organization’s data and applications, as a managed security solution that minimizes downtime while offering uninterrupted protection with automatic updates and minimal maintenance needs. Subscribers can easily activate this service via their account login.

Access Control

Cox Security Services offer access control solutions designed to make business more accessible, from unlocking doors with just a button to remote entry for employees into secure areas. Their products also integrate seamlessly with existing systems to track employee movements and help prevent theft. They also offer advanced malware protection that detects viruses, spyware, and other threats to keep businesses secure and running efficiently.

Cox offers an app to monitor your home or small office remotely from any location, providing arming/disarming options, instant notifications, and automated rules creation. In addition, users can add or remove users, manage user keypad codes, and change passwords through this platform, which works over WiFi or 4G cellular connections.

Cox Business Security Solutions are offered free to business Internet subscribers and protect computer software and data against cyber criminals. McAfee SAAS security technology automatically scans for and blocks viruses, spyware, and other threats to minimize system downtime, while custom reporting widgets and on-demand scanning ensure that your business remains protected.

While Cox might not be our go-to pick for intelligent security systems, it still deserves consideration if you already have existing Cox services and can bundle them together with TV and Internet services. You could get a starter kit free with a two-year contract and qualifying credit. Though for more advanced security needs, we recommend ADT or Vivint as they both work with both Alexa and Google Voice Assistant and offer multiple camera options.

Cox offers a managed Wi-Fi solution designed to guard against cyberattacks and provide enhanced customer service, making them an attractive option for restaurants, hotels, or other businesses looking to provide robust Wi-Fi. Their pricing may be tempting; however, some requirements and fees make Cox less than ideal for consumers.


Cox business security solutions offer automation services designed to streamline processes and increase productivity. These include smart locks, door sensors, and smoke detectors, remote access/video surveillance services, employee performance tracking capabilities, and protection of company assets.

Business security solutions this company provides come equipped with 24/7 professional monitoring, battery and cellular network backup and can be tailored specifically to each company. Customers can store their data either in the cloud or locally on premises; set custom alerts; view HD live or recorded video footage, access it all from a mobile app and receive email or text notifications of potential threats.

Cox provides more than business security solutions; they also offer Internet, television and telephone services tailored specifically for small businesses with flexible contracts and competitive prices. Their products offer many features designed specifically to support business objectives.

Cox offers several products designed specifically to address this need for business owners who prefer professionally monitored alarm and surveillance systems, including Homelife Security Product** which offers professional alarm and surveillance monitoring aand free continuous video recording service for up to four cameras. In addition, other security packages may also be paired with Homelife, such as one which allows self-monitoring security systems with free video storage for four cameras.

Cox Communications and Entertainment Services are widely utilized by business owners nationwide, offering Internet, television, phone, and wireless services backed by reliable networks and industry-leading customer service. Cox’s business security solutions help protect businesses by monitoring employee behavior while also providing insights that drive the optimization of productivity.