Small Businesses Near Me


There’s an undeniably unique feeling when visiting local small businesses, where you feel welcomed by friendly unfamiliar faces and are delighted when the baker gives you an extra croissant or the florist remembers your Homecoming corsages.

The best banks for small business provide one-stop solutions with free or low-fee business savings accounts, certificates of deposit, rewards-earning business credit cards, and merchant services – as well as offering financial management tools and templates for cash-flow projections.


Foursquare is a location-based mobile application designed to help people discover things to do, see, and shop in their area. It can be an excellent way to discover new restaurants, clubs, and events in your locality using your GPS phone tracker and nearby activities; plus, it includes tips from users of both Android and iPhone phones!

Share your check-ins with friends, and if you visit enough spots, you could become mayor and earn special badges! Foursquare also provides rewards programs for frequent check-ins – making the app free to use and offering an enjoyable way to meet people in your city!

Foursquare provides business owners with valuable customer insights through its data and analytics features and allows them to reach a broader and targeted audience with targeted advertising. To get started, list your business on Foursquare; it’s a quick process but may take several weeks until it is verified – speed up this process by providing proof of ownership or paying an expedited fee (i.e. $20). Plus, it helps when including photos of your location along with listing.


Etsy is an online marketplace connecting independent crafters, artists, and collectors with buyers. Established in 2005, Etsy allows sellers to set up virtual storefronts where they sell their products; customers can purchase these using credit or debit cards, Etsy gift cards, Apple Pay, or Google Pay – while Etsy provides various shipping options and allows them to search by specific items such as handmade or vintage products.

Optimize your shop profile and product listings on Etsy to increase sales, including setting your preferences such as how much time you wish to devote to selling on the platform, updating shipping policy based on current rates and options, and regularly checking shop information to avoid buyer misunderstandings that could lead to disputes.

Etsy is an exciting workplace that lives up to its mission of “Keeping Commerce Human.” They encourage a healthy work-life balance for employees with benefits like discounted gym memberships and an exceptional lunch program; generous parental leave benefits; flexible scheduling options and collaborative and creative work environments; and giving back through volunteering programs are also provided by Etsy.


Yelp is a company that helps individuals locate local businesses. Consumers can read reviews about businesses they are interested in and products offered. Their services are free for business owners who can advertise on the site to attract new customers; additionally, its COVID-19 guidelines ensure accurate and relevant content is displayed on its website.

At this company, everyone on the engineering team shares a passion for local businesses and communities – this passion extends to their quarterly hackathons, where employees are encouraged to take risks to push boundaries of what is possible and experience all it has to offer – this highly rewarding career offers plenty of financial rewards too!

Yelp can help any size business reach and expand its customer base and expand its brand. Thanks to user-generated content and search engine optimization (SEO), it provides an effective means of finding businesses that meet customer needs, while its tools also track marketing ROI. With Yelp, you can create profiles, upload photos/videos/manage your listing for free as well as add phone numbers/link Facebook pages to reach potential new customers more effectively.


Tripadvisor’s app puts millions of travelers within minutes or calls of booking with your business, providing powerful photo and video tools to capture attention of potential guests. At the same time, its analytics suite reveals insights into customer and competitor behavior.

TripAdvisor’s reputation management tools are designed to help your company increase ratings and entice customers to leave reviews. However, incentivized reviews may violate company policy and may be removed; you should never offer raffles, discounts, or special services in exchange for reviews.

Start by creating a free account on Tripadvisor by signing in with your Facebook or Google bill, then use the “Write a review” feature to share your experiences. After submitting your review, Tripadvisor will provide a verification code as confirmation that you’re an owner of a business.

Once your account is verified, you can access your management center. Set email alerts so you’ll know as soon as new reviews have been posted; then respond to positive and negative reviews by clicking the “Respond to Reviews” link in your Management Center – showing customers you value their input while offering exceptional customer service.


Facebook is one of the world’s most beloved social media platforms. It offers businesses various features they can leverage for lead generation, contact list building, and converting potential customers to paying clients. Furthermore, it helps brand recognition and connect with potential employees – all at a highly affordable cost that yields significant returns. Facebook tools are simple and effective; try them today to see for yourself!

Facebook has come under considerable fire for its privacy policies and promotion of harmful content, yet it is working to rectify these problems through various initiatives like zero-rating projects.

To be successful on Facebook, it takes the right skills and resources. Hiring staff with experience and time management will allow your page to run efficiently while answering customer inquiries and representing your business effectively. Furthermore, setting aside money for paid advertising campaigns should also be included in your budget. When dealing with negative feedback quickly (via messages system or group messaging feature on Facebook). Reviews from customers also help immensely with customer engagement, while Facebook’s Book Now tool makes scheduling appointments with them even simpler!

Google Maps

Google Maps is an innovative web-mapping service that provides satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, and 360deg panoramic views of streets. In addition, this unique web mapping service also provides route planning capabilities for walking, driving, bicycling, and public transit, as well as critical COVID-19 information to assist people when making decisions about where and when they want to travel.

Google Maps goes beyond road locating to include places of interest, state and city boundaries, geographical features and restaurant reviews. Furthermore, Street View gives users an unprecedented look at houses and businesses from the driver’s point of view.

Google Maps makes it possible for people to follow businesses and restaurants so they can stay up-to-date on upcoming events or special promotions. This feature is available both for Android and iOS versions of Google Maps.

Integrating your business into Google Maps can enhance visibility and credibility for customers who find you through searches like “Avoid Companies That Don’t Show Their Address on Maps”. Plus, Google will promote your site to more visitors through search engine results pages (SERP).