Nicco Park Water Park Ticket Price


Nicco Park offers visitors an enjoyable and refreshing break, featuring rides and attractions for every age group – such as its Cyclone, Roller Coaster, and Water Chute rides – and replicas of the Eiffel Tower and MIG 21 Fighter planes.

Water Park

Nicco Park Water Park provides visitors with an exciting range of rides. Attractions at this water park include wave pools, lazy rivers, and various water slides suited for all ages – young children, teenagers, and adults alike can enjoy these thrilling attractions. In addition to these exciting attractions are other entertainment activities like a bowling alley and 4-D movie theatre; also present are food court and souvenir shop facilities.

This park is set near a lake and surrounded by lush vegetation, adding to its charm and appeal. Additionally, visitors are drawn in by its breathtaking views; roller coasters and other rides offer stunning vistas of its shimmering surface and surrounding flora.

Book discounted tickets for this attraction online by booking them from their website. It’s simple and hassle-free: choose from a list of options before selecting a date to reserve and carefully read over any terms and conditions before purchasing entry tickets and reserving seats at the attraction.

Wet-o-Wild water park is an enjoyable way to cool off during summer heat, while live entertainment shows and food courts make this park even more appealing.

At this park, there are a wide array of rides and attractions, such as a pirate ship, giant wheel, and haunted house, and more adventurous rides, such as River Cave Ride (a pendulum-like boat that swings side to side and offers both thrills and excitement). The River Cave Ride may be right up your alley for an additional dose of joy and excitement!

Other attractions at the park include a bowling alley, a 4-D movie theater, and rain dance performances. Also on offer is a MIG-21 fighter aircraft provided by Eastern Command as a gift; parking space and first aid facilities make this a must-see stop when visiting Kolkata.

Amusement Park

Nicco Park is one of the best places for family fun. This amusement park features many exciting rides – from water slides and roller coasters to great food and beverages throughout its grounds – plus there are two restaurants onsite: Beach Cafe Restaurant (more budget-friendly) and Bowlers’ Den Restaurant.

Attraction tickets may be purchased online and at ticket counters at the entrance to the park, with prices depending on the ride and age group. A composite package that covers admission and rides may also be purchased; additionally, this park features cable car rides and replicas of the Eiffel Tower as attractions.

Visit Blackpool Pleasure Beach is worth your while and requires patience, as the rides here are world-class, and the skilled minds behind them have been recognized worldwide for their expertise. Engineers from Nicco Park provided consultancy services related to project-related consultancy for this attraction.

Additionally, Nicco Super Bowl bowling alley provides four lanes and serves a selection of delectable food, such as vegetarian dishes and Chinese, Indian, and Punjabi fare. You can even stop at their coffee shop to pick up snacks during your visit!

The park is a favorite among tourists and locals, offering activities and games suitable for people of all ages. While its amenities can be enjoyed throughout the year, summer brings extra crowds thanks to Wet o Wild’s water park inside the amusement park – not forgetting eating or boat riding opportunities, too! For maximum enjoyment on any visit, book tickets ahead by selecting the dates of your stay and clicking “Book Now”; after booking, you will receive an email or SMS containing your transaction ID number.

Food Court

Nicko Park Food Court is an absolute must for water park visitors. Offering an assortment of dishes and beverages to please every taste, it also serves as an educational experience for the whole family. Nicko Park features numerous rides and attractions for people of all ages – such as its Cyclone, which sends adrenaline racing through thrill seekers, or its River Cave, which takes visitors on a relaxing boat tour through mystical caves – as well as multiple restaurants serving dishes from across various countries.

The Nicco Amusement Park, situated in Kolkata and Eastern India’s largest amusement park, features rides, attractions, shows, Wet-o-Wild water park as well as dining options offering Indian, Chinese and South Indian cuisines as well as bowling at Nicco Super Bowl.

Furthermore, this park’s lush surroundings and breathtaking views will leave you speechless. Its unique charm and beauty stand out near a serene lake framed by majestic mountains. Plus, its magical waters add even further magic to its atmosphere, making this an ideal place for family outings and romantic retreats!

Visitors can purchase tickets for their visits both online and at ticket counters inside the park. The process is straightforward and involves selecting your visit date, browsing Add-Ons, and filling in personal data before completing your purchase. After your booking has been successfully made, an email and SMS with a transaction ID will be sent out; this ID must be presented when entering the park.

Nicco Amusement Park in Kolkata is a great way to pass your holidays, with lush green surroundings, thrilling rides, and exciting attractions providing the ideal setting to unwind and relax. Conveniently located close to city centers and entertainment districts, this amusement park is easy for families with young children who wish to escape city life.

MIG 21 Fighter

The MiG 21 Fighter is an agile and speedy single-engine interceptor jet with proven reliability in Korea, Vietnam, and Gulf wars – as well as being the civilian aircraft’s fastest. South Africa currently provides civilians the only opportunity to book supersonic flights on board a MiG-21 at favorable exchange rates; no pilot’s license or experience is necessary – truly an unforgettable experience! The perfect trip could include a flight and safari together for a fantastic journey.

This park is open year-round, though summer visits are ideal as this can help beat the heat while giving you more enjoyment from each ride. Furthermore, they often offer special packages during this season and boast a prime location, allowing visitors to quickly reach it from any part of town.

As well as its water park, the park features other attractions, including Children’s Corner, Mirror Maze, Caterpillar, and MIG 21, and rides and attractions like cable car services and a rose garden.

Nicco Park offers plenty of thrill rides and water slides to keep thrill-seekers occupied all day, along with food court service and live entertainment. Plus! Nicco Park also boasts an indoor food court if that isn’t enough entertainment for you.

Nicco Park offers thrills or family fun for everyone! Its easy accessibility, wide array of attractions, and delicious dining options make it the ideal destination. Perfect for all ages, make sure to pack sunscreen and comfortable footwear! To save money, buy tickets online – that way, you’ll avoid long lines at ticket counters while making the most of your visit to Nicco Park. Alternatively, use ride-hailing apps to reach Nicco Park quickly!