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Capita snowboards are built to withstand hard riding, using eco-friendly materials and manufacturing practices for their construction.

Capita Snowboards are excellent for intermediate and advanced riders, while beginners should select another board. Their fun graphics and impressive shred team, including Jess Kimura and Scott “Sleepy” Stevens, make them fun to ride.

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The Capita Paradise is an all-mountain snowboard explicitly designed for women that combines playfulness with technical ability. With a smooth medium flex, this board is ideal for beginner snowboarders seeking progression, while its playful nature also allows faster speeds to be hit when riding it at higher rates. Jibs and smaller jumps can be tackled easily while handling trees or slow groomers, making for an enjoyable riding experience.

The construction of this board is unparalleled and features an FSC-certified Multizone core made up of poplar reinforced with beech for maximum flexibility and rider-friendliness. Carbon Aramid Struts help dampen vibrations and chatter of the board, while the Superdrive FX base offers both extruded and sintered benefits – creating an exceptional ride!

The 2024 Paradise all-mountain board is an ideal option for riders of all abilities. It features a rocker in its tip and tail, allowing it to float through powder while offering stability in choppy conditions quickly. Camber underfoot gives added control, while the rear camber provides playful characteristics – and medium flex allows it to be stretched further for expert freeride use.

The Paradise snowboard is an excellent all-mountain board designed to make tackling jibs and small jumps enjoyable, thanks to its superb spin handling capacity, ample pop, nimbleness, buttery feel, graceful turns, buttery landings, and buttery turns. While riding at high speed can be tricky (it becomes unstable and chattery above moderate pace), making the Paradise an excellent choice for intermediate snowboarders interested in freestyle tricks and tree runs, first-day beginners may want to look elsewhere – though! Overall, it would make a perfect addition for advanced beginner/intermediate level snowboarders interested in freestyle tricks/tree runs; overall, it would make an excellent choice if looking for a quality all-mountain board!


The Capita DOA is a mid-flexing freestyle board with a flat/rocker profile designed for advanced to expert riders. Perfect for all-mountain snowboarding, its flat/rocker profile makes this board ideal for carving, one-footing, and jumping, as well as groomers and fakie/switchboard rides – making this board an excellent option for anyone looking to carve down the mountain while simultaneously jumping big airs!

Capita Snowboards was established by Blue Montgomery and Jason Brown of Seattle’s Garage in 2000 as a snowboard company dedicated to innovation, sustainability, and rider satisfaction. Each board features unique designs with high-grade materials and various shapes/sizes available to meet different riders’ needs.

Capita offers more than just snowboards; we also carry an assortment of gear and accessories designed to make the snowboarding experience enjoyable, such as bindings, helmets, bags, and gloves made from high-quality materials designed to help riders perform at their best on the slopes and make for an enjoyable journey.

Capita Snowboards has long been known for its innovative designs and attention to detail. Offering boards suitable for every type of rider, its designers work tirelessly on improving them further. Furthermore, Capita is committed to environmental sustainability; many production processes utilize eco-friendly materials.

Eco-friendliness extends to their manufacturing process, which uses only renewable energy from Austria for powering their “Mothership.” Their factory has won multiple prestigious awards, including Energy Globe awards, for projects that promote sustainable development and resource conservation.

Capita snowboards feature cutting-edge designs made with only premium materials, giving you peace of mind that your new board will last you for many years. Their generous warranty also provides peace of mind.

Capita’s snowboards are ideal for beginners looking for quality boards at an accessible price point, designed for easy learning in powder or icy conditions. Their bold graphics add another draw.

Birds of a Feather

Capita Snowboards are known for their innovative designs, advanced technologies, and commitment to reducing environmental impact. Capita utilizes recycled plastic and wood materials in its boards to make them light yet durable while meeting performance goals. Furthermore, Capita offers many colors and styles for riders of all ages.

The Capita Indoor Survival is a mid-flexing freestyle snowboard featuring a hybrid rocker profile designed for all-terrain use, making it suitable for intermediate to advanced riders. This board is perfect for creative riders wanting to push themselves beyond their limits while remaining cost-effective – making it an excellent option for beginner riders!

Choosing the appropriate snowboard is an important decision that must consider your unique riding style, skill level, and the conditions where you intend to ride. Capita snowboards may be good choices for intermediate and advanced riders but might not be ideal for novice riders; renting one might help determine whether it fits you better than buying.

Capita offers an expansive selection of snowboards and gear. Their high-quality products are designed to enhance your riding experience and provide maximum comfort while offering snowboarding lessons for riders of all ages.

Capita snowboards are ideal for freestyle, jibbers, and all-mountain riders alike. Lightweight with fast flex capabilities for effortless maneuvering across any terrain; very durable; several different camber profiles so you can find one best suited to your riding style and needs; committed to sustainability with eco-friendly manufacturing processes and thus minimizing environmental impact while decreasing carbon footprint – Capita boards make an impactful statement about sustainability!


Snow-covered mountains, crisp air, and the thrill of gliding down slopes are all hallmarks of a fantastic snowboarding experience. To make sure you make the most of it, you need the appropriate board. Capita snowboards are known for their cutting-edge design and technology; their snowboarding team earned them the nickname “Defenders of Awesome.” Whether you’re new to snowboarding or an experienced veteran looking for adrenaline-fuelled descents – Capita offers boards to fit every skill level and style imaginable!

Capita Snowboards of Seattle offers innovative freestyle and jib boards beloved by riders of all levels. Established by Blue Montgomery and Jason Brown in 2000, Capita’s products have garnered the approval of experts around the globe and many awards, winning praise from experts such as Scott “Sleepy” Stevens, Jess Kimura, and Kazu Kokubo themselves – who all contribute heavily to its snowboard team!

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Capita Snowboards provides more than just snowboards; they also have an extensive collection of accessories and gear designed to enhance your riding experience – bindings, boots, helmets, and socks are available as part of their comprehensive equipment lineup to improve it further. Furthermore, Capita is committed to environmental sustainability through carbon-neutral production processes and recyclable materials used in its manufacturing.

Capita uses recycled materials in its board construction techniques and utilizes cutting-edge board design technologies to increase durability and performance. FUS3D sidewalls increase torsional stability and edge hold. Alpine V1 profiles use camber/rocker combinations for all-mountain performance – innovations that elevate Capita boards among others in the industry.