Nicco Park Timings


Nicco Park is an exciting entertainment complex packed with fun. Offering rides for children, a water park, and an appealing food court that caters to multiple palates. There are also lakes and gardens perfect for relaxing or viewing the sky overhead.

Nicco Park offers convenient ticket purchases online and at its front entrance, with different packages based on how many rides and attractions you wish to experience.

Time to enter

Weather permitting and school being out, amusement parks provide a fun-filled afternoon. Nicco Park provides something exciting and thrilling for everyone in your group or just alone, whether that means rides for kids or compelling food services! Nicco Park takes safety very seriously, with various measures put into place by their management to protect all visitors and ensure a positive visitor experience.

Nicco Park boasts numerous attractions for guests of all ages. These include River Cave Ride, Toy Train, Cable Car, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Water Chute rides, as well as an exclusive rose garden and large food park. There is also an attractive forty-foot-high waterfall and lake to be found here and numerous entertainment opportunities such as a 4-D movie theater and rain dance performances.

Bring along a towel or swimsuit if you plan to go swimming, as well as clothing suitable for the season, as temperatures can quickly change depending on where in the park you visit. In addition, bring extra water and snacks, as these may be available at various restaurants or cafes within the park.

An advance purchase of an entry ticket or package must occur for entry to a park. You can do this online by visiting its official website and logging in, then clicking “Book Tickets.” A page will then open with available passes; select one that best meets your needs before following the instructions on that page.

After you purchase tickets, you must learn about the rules and regulations of the park. For instance, most rides require you to be ten years old to participate and be prepared to wait in long lines.

Time to exit

Nicco Park is an unforgettable attraction for the whole family to experience, with rides to delight young riders and delicious foods to satisfy everyone at your party. Plus, there are entertaining performances held here!

Jheelmeel Park in Bidhannagar in Kolkata, India, provides a great escape from city life. First opened in 1989 and offers 13 rides, including a toy train that takes visitors around the park. This park was also the first amusement park worldwide to receive an SA 8000 certificate!

The park is approximately eight kilometers from the city center, and you can access it using public transit – with Acharya Prafulla Chandra Street being one of the main routes – or use a taxi or autorickshaw service to reach it, depending on traffic conditions. this could take anywhere between half an hour to an hour, depending on traffic.

Time to ride

Nicco Park offers a variety of rides to meet any and every desire at Nicco Park, from exciting roller coasters to family-friendly options that keep everyone amused and engaged.

The location of the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass near Salt Lake Sector Five makes the park accessible from Kolkata via taxi, government-operated bus, or auto rickshaw. From Kolkata city center, you can take several routes that lead directly to it; approximately 8 kilometers apart lies Salt Lake Sector Five Park.

This park features many attractions, such as a 4-D movie theatre and aquarium, as well as an attractive tourist destination for children and families alike. Games and activities are designed for people of all ages within its grounds.

Nicco Park stands out with its captivating surroundings: situated beside a peaceful lake and covered with lush vegetation, giving the park a magical and serene ambiance that makes it the ideal location for family trips and romantic escapes.

At this amusement park, rides can be divided into three categories – Family Rides, Kids Rides, and Thrill Rides. As well as family-oriented attractions like Wet-O-Wild water park.

Are you an adventure seeker looking for an exciting ride? Consider checking out The Cyclone; its double-seater ride offers an unforgettable seven-second experience that will surely get your heart racing!

Nicco Park offers thrilling yet educational rides that provide both enjoyment and education. Charts and boards at each ride’s entrance outline its principles. At the same time, solar energy powers many attractions at Nicco Park so visitors can have an exciting day without impacting the environment too much.

Time to eat

No matter your tastes, Nicco Park in Kolkata has something delicious for every palate to enjoy. Offering a wide variety of food items and souvenir shops, Nicco Park provides an enjoyable family outing experience.

The park offers rides and attractions suitable for visitors of all ages. Here, you will find everything from simple slides to adrenaline-pumping roller coasters! Additionally, safety is taken very seriously by management, who have established rules to follow by visitors at all times, and staff is always available should any issues arise or if they need any assistance with anything about safety at the park.

At this amusement park, visitors can indulge in various enjoyable activities, such as a wave pool and artificial waterfall, which recreate the experience of natural rivers. There are also restaurants and eateries providing tasty international cuisine at reasonable prices – perfect for family outings!

Nicco Park is ideal for family vacations or outings with friends. The rides at Nicco Park feature cutting-edge technology with high-quality effects and sound. Other attractions at the park include a decommissioned MIG 21 fighter plane and 4D movie theater, a bowling alley, and a 50-seater indoor set restaurant called Bowler’s Den, which offers an array of cuisine.

When visiting the park, please arrive early as it can become very crowded on weekends. October to March are considered ideal months when temperatures are mildest; monsoon season could cause too many visitors for comfortable riding experiences and could close early or be too crowded to ride rides safely.

Time to shop

Once you’re done enjoying all the rides and attractions, nothing beats shopping to round out your day. Numerous shops throughout the park offer souvenirs like T-shirts and coffee mugs; additionally, several food outlets provide bite-size meals perfect for quick snacking or leisurely dining experiences.

Park events range from lively music concerts and dance performances to seasonal celebrations and movie showings at its 4-D theater. Plus, its central location means it is easily reached via car or taxi; alternatively, you could rent one from Savaari for added convenience while traveling in style!

Nicco Park not only features amusement rides but also boasts an expansive food park serving North Indian, Bengali, and South Indian dishes, as well as popular Kolkata street fare such as puchka and jhal muri. You’ll also find various kiosks and stalls selling snacks like French Fries and chips or beverages such as Tender Coconut Water for purchase.

If you plan to visit Wet o Wild Park, make online bookings as ticket prices increase during the festive seasons. Visit their official website or follow the link provided below and buy tickets instantly; select your date of entry and click “Buy Now.” Alternatively, tickets can also be booked and paid for directly at their physical ticket counter near the entrance.