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Nicco park online ticket is an incredible place for families and friends alike, offering numerous thrilling rides that come included with admission fees and exciting activities such as bowling.

This park features a cable car and the Eiffel Tower for amazing aerial views of its landscape, plus rose gardens and a 40-foot waterfall.

Book your tickets online.

Nicco Park offers thrilling rides and family fun attractions for an enjoyable visit. Enjoy a thrilling River Cave ride or take a cable car ride for a bird’s eye view of all its attractions.

Tickets to this park are affordable, and booking them online is easy and efficient. Select an option that best meets your needs, then follow the instructions. When ready, the website will present you with available dates for your visit; when one has been selected, click the “book now” button, then “payment options and complete transaction.”

Once your ticket purchase has been completed, the website will email or text a confirmation code directly to your email or mobile number for use when entering the park. Do not miss Wet o Wild Water Park while exploring all its attractions!

If you want to enjoy rides at discounted rates, purchase an annual fun card. This card is valid for one year and allows two visits in one day to the park; it is perfect for families with young children as it includes all attractions inside and outside an amusement or water park.

Nicco Park offers special events and celebrations throughout the year, so there’s always something exciting going on at Nicco Park. Aside from rides and activities, there are also food outlets and cafeteria services.

Winter in the park brings an incredible lighting festival, the first Chinese festival held in India, featuring giant lanterns of Pandas and other animals, floating dragons, and lakes filled with jumping fish. Partnered with Sichaun Illumination Cultural Communication Co Ltd of China., this spectacular lighting festival can only be described as stunning!

Payment options

Nick Park Kolkata’s online ticket booking system provides customers various payment options, from using credit/debit/prepaid cards or cash to net banking and NEFT transfers. Furthermore, its secure payment gateway ensures the safety of sensitive data. Once payment has been completed successfully, an email containing their transaction ID will be sent so they can redeem their tickets at one of the park’s redemption counters.

Nicco Park is ideal for families and friends looking for fun and entertainment, particularly waterpark enthusiasts. Its main draw is the Wet-o-Wild water park, which boasts numerous exciting rides and attractions. Nicco Park was also the first theme amusement park in Eastern India, with rides suitable for guests of all ages; these include Family Carousels, where parents and children ride together, or thrilling roller coasters that provide endless thrills and spills!

Nicco Park ticket prices and fees vary based on age categories. These include an entry ticket price and rides and sightseeing visit costs. Furthermore, different packages provide extra activities.

To purchase Nick Park tickets online, go to its official website and click ‘book now.’ A calendar with available dates will be displayed before opening up a page with entry ticket listings; visitors must select an available date before reading all terms and conditions carefully before making their selections.

Once their booking is complete, customers will receive an SMS and an email containing a transaction ID for redemption at the park’s online redemption counter. On their visit day, park employees will double-check this receipt or SMS before permitting entry; this process protects visitors against fraud while safeguarding personal data.

Confirmation of booking

Nicco Park in Bidhannagar, West Bengal, is an amusement park popular among visitors of all ages attractions that cater to them with many rides and attractions at reasonable rates with discounts offered throughout the year. Also hosted are unique events and celebrations hosted here!

Nicco Park provides adrenaline rushes and relaxing city escapes for visitors of all ages, with families with young children being exceptionally well served. Families can ride the Toy Train, Tilt-a-Whirl, and Striking Cars – while adults may prefer the Family Carousel, which boasts beautiful classic wooden horses carved by hand; adventure seekers will enjoy River Caves and Cyclones, not forgetting its grand landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and MIG 21 which both showcase impressive designs and scale!

The park features a lake with paddle boats for you to relax on while taking in views of its surroundings. There’s even an evening Chinese lantern show!

Paddle boats are available to rent so that visitors can explore the park’s lakes and rivers by water, with a large swimming pool ensuring visitors have safe yet enjoyable times on the lake. The water park staff will provide their guests with a pleasant and safe time on its waters.

To avoid disappointment, arriving at the park at least 30 minutes before its closing time is recommended. Arriving late will incur an additional fee; additionally, wear clothing suitable for swimming when visiting Wet or Wild.

An Annual Fun Card allows you to save up to 50% on park packages, tickets, and food & drinks – available in person and online. Plus, it lets you bring a guest for free! Plus, it discounts entrance fees to other amusement and water parks!

Address of the park

Nicco Park offers visitors from Kolkata and West Bengal an exciting ride experience like no other amusement park can. A popular destination, visitors flock to this park from all around to experience all its thrilling attractions. Booking tickets early is recommended to avoid disappointment when visiting Nicco Park.

If you want to experience more rides and attractions, a park package with food will cost just 510 rupees without food and 710 with food, giving access to 13 rides within the park. Alternatively, you could purchase an annual fun card that provides access to all rides except the Bull show and games zone for just rupees 2500 more – for unlimited entry into all parks, rides, and attractions except the Bull show/game zone!

Attractions at this park include a Toy Train ride that gives visitors an enjoyable journey and a Family Carousel with finely carved horses and other creatures designed to appeal to all generations. There’s also a cable car ride for scenic views.

Other park features include Wet o Wild, an aquatic-themed section renowned for its clean pools, hygienic lockers, swimming costumes, and a range of rides such as pirate ships and giant cyclones. Plus, there’s the educational MIG-21 fighter aircraft from Bagdogra Airbase!

If you are planning a visit to an amusement park, visit its website for updated information about opening times and availability of rides. Most gardens open from 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM during weekdays and 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM during weekends and holidays.