Nicco Park Entry Fee


Nicco Park Kolkata offers some of the most remarkable rides and attractions. Offering activities for children and families alike, some activities may be included as part of your entrance fee, while others require additional payments.

Visitors can reserve tickets online by visiting the museum website and selecting their desired visitation dates. Once completed, a confirmation code will be emailed to their mobile number or email address.

Theme Park

Nicco Park in Kolkata’s heart offers an exciting variety of rides and attractions to meet every taste and serves as home for numerous restaurants and food stalls. An ideal place for spending an entire day with your family and friends, Nicco Park provides plenty of exciting rides and its captivating musical fountain show! Open year-round; however, the ideal time for visiting is April to June, with fewer crowds.

The park offers various packages depending on how many rides and attractions you wish to experience, with tickets sold online or at its counters. Public transportation makes getting there easy, too!

Nicco Park offers many attractions for visitors to enjoy, such as its large lake and lush gardens. Leisurely picnics can also take place here in peaceful surroundings. In addition, a decommissioned MIG-21 fighter jet from Bagdogra Airbase can be seen here at the Science City gallery/presentation focusing on scientific advances.

One of the main goals of the park’s educative recreational initiative was for families to have a great time while also learning something. Displays dot the grounds, with each ride’s entrance providing explanations of their scientific principles of operation and the scientific regulations governing how each ride works. Solar Energy Village demonstrated various non-conventional sources of power while Indo-American Hybrid Seeds Ltd ran a greenhouse that sold multiple kinds of plants.

If you are visiting a park, purchasing tickets in advance through a reliable ticketing portal like Beyond Enough is wise. Select your date of visit and click “Book Now” before making payment using your preferred mode of payment. After your order has been processed successfully, an email and SMS containing a Transaction ID will be sent directly to you, which you can present at the online redemption counter to collect.

Water Park

Nicco Park in Kolkata offers an enthralling and thrilling amusement park experience for visitors of all ages. Boasting thrilling rides from thrill seekers to children of all ages, Nicco Park also features an exciting water park featuring thrilling water slides and wave pools to give a relaxing but exciting water park experience.

The park spans 40 acres of land and is surrounded by lush greenery. Additionally, animal statues abound, as does its official mascot: Tiger! In addition, special events and festivals occur throughout the year at this venue.

Outside of its rides and attractions, the park also provides dining options, such as the Food Court near Vortex, which serves an assortment of North Indian and Chinese foods, a bowling alley, and a 4-D movie theater. Furthermore, first aid facilities, a doctor, locker rooms, and a cash counter are also provided within its premises.

With some exceptions, all visitors to the park must purchase tickets or packages to use any rides. Entry to the park costs Rs. 300; packages vary based on how many lifts are desired and are available at ticket counters and online.

At this park, rides cater to three distinct audiences – family, kids, and thrill. Some of the park’s most beloved rides include Pirate Ship and Cyclone for an exhilarating adrenaline rush; Lazy River allows you to float along its gentle current without exerting too much.

The park features various attractions, such as a Rose Garden and Eiffel Tower, a cable car, and a forty-foot waterfall. Guided tours provide guests access to all-natural attractions at the park, while MIG-21 fighter aircraft donated by Eastern Command are other highlights, plus rain dance performances!

Family Attractions

Nicco Park is a fantastic place for your entire family. Offering rides and attractions that cater to visitors of all ages – Cyclone, Roller Coaster, and Water Chute being its main draws; additionally, it has Toy Train and Family Carousal attractions, too! In addition to these rides and attractions, there is food and drink, a bowling alley, and 4-D movie theatres; there are locker rooms and first aid available at Nicco Park.

Nicco Park offers various packages with different prices and numbers of rides that can be purchased either at its front desk or online. In addition, discount tickets may also be purchased for groups and seniors.

The park can become highly congested at its busiest times of year; therefore, it’s best to visit on weekdays if possible. Opening hours: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM daily

The facilities at the theme park are kept immaculate and safe, with rides and attractions regularly inspected for efficiency and safety. Furthermore, its management strives to make ride experiences as pleasurable and exciting as possible for visitors.

There is plenty to enjoy at the park, such as water-themed rides and a large swimming pool. Families with kids often make this their summertime destination, and its restaurants and food courts attract many tourists.

The Park boasts several exciting rides for adults, such as the MIG-21 fighter jet and Eiffel Tower replica made of decommissioned aircraft. Other attractions at the Park include roller coasters, Ferris wheels, and giant water slides; paddle boats or relaxing on Lazy River Rides can provide respite from all of these thrilling attractions; bowling alleys, 4D movie theaters, and rain dance performances are also offered in addition to shops and ATM counters to complete a fantastic visitor experience.


Nicco Park provides an endless source of amusement. Situated in Jheel Meel, Sector IV of Salt Lake City in Kolkata, this amusement park has something for everyone, from thrill rides to family attractions – from breathtaking lake views and lush surroundings to food courts and eateries! Don’t miss this incredible attraction.

Visit any time of the year; anytime is convenient for visiting this park! Please take advantage of its Wet-O-Wild water park and other thrilling activities during summertime! It is easily accessible via public transit and road, making it an attractive choice locally and for travelers visiting.

Nicco Park offers ticket booking options online or over the phone, including general, senior citizen, and children’s tickets, meals, and attraction packages. To ensure that you find the best offer possible, review their terms and conditions of service beforehand.

Nicco Park is known for offering an abundance of rides but also educational entertainment. Visitors can learn about the scientific principles that each ride was created around – making this an excellent place for friends and families to visit together. Furthermore, visitors can experience solar power’s potential to reduce pollution and carbon emissions.

The park can be reached easily from the city center by car or taxi; buses operated by West Bengal Transport Corporation and private operators also make frequent runs between these areas and the park. To avoid crowds, try arriving early. Car owners can park at Salt Lake Stadium nearby.