Nicco Park Ticket Booking


This park features several family-oriented rides, such as a merry-go-round, caterpillar, and toy train, for patrons to enjoy. A family carousel and paddle boat are also available, as well as four bowling alley lanes open at this facility.

Nicco Park Kolkata 2023 tickets can be purchased online and at its ticket counter, where employees will check for receipts or SMSs of online-purchased tickets before permitting visitors to enter.


Nicco Park is a popular tourist attraction with many thrilling rides for people of all ages – children, teenagers, and adults alike! Its prime location near a lake and lush greenery adds even more appeal and makes Nicco Park an ideal way to escape city life’s busy pace.

Attractions at the park that draw crowds include roller coasters and water rides, such as Toy Train and Tilt-a-Whirl rides for those seeking thrills and spills. There is also a Family Carousel for all generations to enjoy!

Visitors of the park will also discover an extensive Food Park where they can savor delicious dishes from North Indian, Bengali, and South Indian restaurants – plus fast-food kiosks offering fast burgers and pizza!

Nicco Park offers more than thrilling rides in addition to its numerous activities, such as its Rose Garden, which boasts beautiful and colorful blooms, making it an ideal place for couples and families alike to share time.

Nicco Park offers many attractions that make visiting more enjoyable, so to experience them all fully it’s best to go during summer when temperatures are highest, and water rides and other attractions are easier for riders.

Nicco Park offers various packages that include admission and rides. Tickets can be purchased at the ticket counter or online; their price will depend on the chosen package. Tour operator’s websites can also help arrange trips to Nicco Park.

To book tickets, first, select the date and number of visitors joining you for a visit, enter personal information and payment information, and complete this process before being taken to a Thank You page if the booking was successful. Upon successful booking confirmation from the park, your booking may receive email confirmation and any necessary documents mailed directly.


Nicco Park offers various packages, which include rides and attractions. These packages are tailored for families or couples wanting to experience all that the park provides at an affordable price, offering discounts on ticket prices and food purchases and providing an opportunity for relaxation amongst its beautiful scenery.

The park is near a tranquil lake and lush vegetation, offering nature lovers an ideal visit. Additionally, this destination provides thrilling roller coasters and breathtaking scenery, making this an excellent way to spend a day. Suitable for all age groups.

To book tickets, navigate to the official website and select your visitation dates. When ready, click “Book Now,” proceed to the cart section for payment, and complete the transaction. A confirmation code will then be emailed or texted directly to you upon completion – when visiting day comes around; park attendants will check the receipt or SMS to allow entry.

Park visitors can experience various activities, from river cave rides and roller coasters to lake cruises. There’s a Wave Runner ride, a family swirl slide, and water slides in the lake! Furthermore, special events and celebrations take place throughout the year at this park.

The park is an idyllic escape from life’s hectic pace and is perfect for spending quality time with loved ones. Reliving childhood and forgetting worries are accessible at this fantastic outdoor attraction! Just bring along a packed lunch so you can snack while taking advantage of rides, attractions, boat tours, scenic boat cruises, or other recreational activities within its boundaries. Moreover, several restaurants and cafeterias can also be found within its borders, providing delicious food and drinks!

Entry fee

Nicco Park offers the perfect fun-filled day out for families or groups of friends alike, featuring thrilling rides and attractions for visitors of all ages. Additionally, its convenient ticket purchasing online makes planning your visit much simpler.

Visit Wet o Wild during summer when temperatures are warm and comfortable; water rides at Wet o Wild tend to be more enjoyable, and they will likely be less crowded. If attending during monsoon season, however, make sure that you check weather forecasts, as heavy rain may cause disruptions and delay your visit.

Nicco Park features numerous restaurants and food courts that serve delicious cuisine, located close to a lake surrounded by lush vegetation – its stunning scenery adds even more excitement when visiting.

Nicco Park offers many attractions for all ages at its Nicco Park, such as its Eiffel Tower replica, MIG 21 aircraft, and Toy Train rides – perfect for children of all ages! Additionally, Nicco Park features a cable car ride, providing beautiful views of its surroundings.

Nicco Park offers more than rides and attractions. In addition to the bowling alley, 4-D cinema, rain dance performances, food court, ample parking spaces, and easy accessibility from Kolkata city center due to being situated along Salt Lake Bypass Road.

Tickets at the park vary based on the type of attraction or ride experience, with tickets available online through its official website or physically from its ticket counters. Discounted tickets may also be obtained when booked early or purchased during special events. To purchase tickets online, you will require a computer or smartphone with an internet connection and internet access. Once this has been accomplished, select your date of visit and enter details before receiving an email and SMS with your transaction ID and redeem them online counter to collect your tickets.

Payment options

Nicco Park in West Bengal is a popular tourist attraction due to the many entertainment offerings it provides visitors. Situated in Bidhannagar near Kolkata, this park features various rides and sightseeing spots; in addition, Wet o Wild water park offers a refreshing way to cool off during hot days; plus, it features many other attractions suitable for families and children.

The park is easily accessible from the city via public transport or renting a car or taxi. Still, some key considerations should be kept in mind before visiting it: for example, make sure that you possess both a valid driver’s license and insurance policy in case something goes wrong during your journey; additionally, it would save time and hassle by purchasing tickets online before arriving at the park – this way saving both time and effort when purchasing tickets at the gate!

To purchase tickets, log onto the official ticketing portal of your favorite park and click “Book Tickets.” When the homepage loads, select your reservation date from the drop-down list; entry tickets and food options will appear. Choose one that best meets your needs before proceeding to the cart section and paying.

This website offers several payment methods, including debit and credit cards. Once purchased, these tickets will generate a confirmation code, which must be presented when park personnel enter the park for entry verification.

Booking tickets online is straightforward, as the website guides you step by step through each process. Once you’ve selected your dates, fill in and submit the form before paying with a credit/debit card; and within minutes, you should receive an email or text message with your tickets that can be printed at home prior to arriving at the park.