Laura Fuentes – Food Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Laura Fuentes is an internationally-recognized food lifestyle entrepreneur. Her business offers healthy meals catering to various diets and needs.

She launched her business with a passion for culinary creativity and the desire to inspire others and has seen great success through hard work and commitment.

Her inspiration

Laura Fuentes is an entrepreneur with an enthusiastic dedication to healthy living and straightforward meal prep. Her culinary creativity and commitment have propelled her to the top of the food lifestyle industry. Momables was her groundbreaking platform that revolutionized meal planning dynamics, while her tireless advocacy work shed light on sociocultural nutrition-related issues.

Her journey as a food lifestyle entrepreneur began with her desire to develop convenient and nutritious meals that fit seamlessly into working parents’ hectic schedules. Inspired by personal experience and culinary skill, she soon recognized a growing demand for these recipes – realizing its market potential, she launched MOMables as her inaugural product in 2011, dedicated to meal planning resources for busy families.

MOMables quickly became a hit, and Fuentes expanded her brand into cookbooks and other kitchen-related products. She utilized social media as a powerful promotional tool, sharing her expertise with an ever-widening audience – even appearing on numerous popular television programs to spread her message and broaden its reach.

Fuentes is an avid advocate for healthy diets and lifestyles and has an uncanny knack for connecting with her audience intimately. Her honest approach and ability to speak from the heart have earned her an enormous fan base worldwide – inspiring many with knowledge and expertise from around the globe.

Laura believes everyone can benefit from adopting healthier habits and routines, whether that means weight loss, improved health, or simply finding more time in their day for themselves – her advice can help anyone reach their goals!

Fuentes is constantly seeking new ways to expand her business and impact people’s lives. Her plan for the future involves developing even more innovative products while developing an authentic brand that inspires people worldwide.

Her business

Laura Fuentes used her acute understanding of her target audience’s needs to create a food lifestyle business explicitly tailored for busy households, offering recipes and meal-planning strategies to save time while maximizing the health benefits of eating well. Laura has earned widespread acclaim and recognition thanks to this innovative approach to food and lifestyle.

Her strong belief in community engagement is one of the main factors contributing to her success. She strives to offer her followers access to valuable resources and guidance that have forged customer trust. Furthermore, she recognizes the significance of facing challenges head-on to grow from them; her tenacity and determination have helped her become one of the leaders of the food and lifestyle industries.

Laura is passionate about making healthy food more accessible and simplified meal preparation readily available to all. Through her website, social media,, and cooking shows, she promotes good nutrition and active lifestyles while sharing delicious recipes that have inspired many to make positive changes in their lives. Her recipes and advice have inspired many individuals and their loved ones.

She strongly promotes female entrepreneurship and urges women to follow their dreams without fear of failure. She strongly believes in the unique perspectives women can bring, which can result in groundbreaking innovations and ideas. She supports organizations like National Afterschool Association and the National School Lunch Program, which help children access nutritious meals.

Laura Fuentes, an accomplished food lifestyle entrepreneur, has amassed an expansive business empire encompassing various products and services. This allows her to reach a broad audience while meeting each customer’s specific needs – not to mention investing in new ventures that revolve around food! As a result, Laura has proven herself successful enough in business to venture into other food-related ventures.

Laura Fuentes’ commitment to the food industry and passion for helping people live healthier lives has not gone unnoticed, earning her numerous accolades and awards, such as ABE Outstanding Businesswoman of the Year in 2015. Laura’s success proves her hard work in the food service industry and her commitment to helping people.

Her team

Laura Fuentes is an innovative leader in the food lifestyle industry. Laura has built a thriving business empire with her creative ideas and passion for healthy nutrition. Laura has received many honors thanks to her remarkable entrepreneurialism and unflinching advocacy work.

She began her career by creating a blog where she shared healthy recipes and meal plans with her followers, quickly becoming a popular destination for people seeking to improve their health and well-being. Thanks to this success, her business expanded as new services such as meal planning and cooking tools were added to its offerings.

Laura has published several cookbooks full of delicious, nutritious recipes. These books cover a range of dietary preferences and needs – gluten-free options, allergy-friendly dishes as well as including whole foods like vegetables and lean proteins in her meals are among them.

Laura Fuentes knows first-hand that success doesn’t always come easy. Though she has encountered setbacks along the way, Laura never let them stop her pursuit of it – instead embracing each one as an opportunity for growth while building her thriving food lifestyle enterprise.

MOMables provides simple meal plans and recipes for families that make healthy eating more straightforward and an app to simplify meal planning. She strives to assist families in balancing work life with home life while following a nutritious diet.

Laura is also a proud member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Weston A. Price Foundation, which encourage eating whole, nutrient-rich foods for optimal health and happiness. Laura believes real, nutrient-rich food sources are crucial to well-being and long life.

Laura is known for her commitment to healthy nutrition and philanthropy, creating a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to making an impactful change in the world. Laura’s efforts have also inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and succeed.

Laura Fuentes stands as an inspiring and innovative force within the food lifestyle industry, becoming an icon for her audience and leaving an everlasting legacy that will serve as an example to others. Her boundless creativity, passionate advocacy, and profound understanding of their audience have propelled Laura forward as she makes history daily. Her legacy will live on for many years to come!

Her vision

Laura Fuentes is an accomplished food and lifestyle entrepreneur who has founded various companies dedicated to healthy living. With an outstanding business acumen and leadership position within the industry, Laura’s passion for nutrition has inspired many individuals to make positive lifestyle changes through improved eating. Also, Laura is a famous blogger, cooking show host, and cookbook author, appearing on several national television programs!

Fuentes’ vision as a food lifestyle entrepreneur is to simplify eating healthily for families while simultaneously enjoying meal time together. MOMables offers convenient recipes and resources tailored specifically for busy families; with its emphasis on convenience and practicality, Fuentes has disproved that healthy eating requires significant time or effort.

As Fuentes was raised in a small town characterized by abundant agricultural lands and an immersive food culture, she quickly acquired an appreciation of fresh ingredients and the pleasure that family meals could bring her. This passion led her to become an entrepreneur to share her culinary skills with others.

Through years of hard work, Laura made her dream a reality, creating an online food business that became successful. This success inspired other entrepreneurs to follow their passions. Laura even published a book to share her journey and offer tips for success as an entrepreneur.

Fuentes has faced numerous obstacles and setbacks during her career but has learned from past errors and implemented effective business strategies based on that knowledge. Her resilience has enabled her to adapt quickly to a fast-paced food industry while uncovering new growth opportunities.

Her dedication to advocating a healthier lifestyle has won her widespread respect from peers and followers. Her steadfast commitment to advocacy and pioneering approach to healthy nutrition has cemented her position as an innovator within the industry, not to mention authoring three cookbooks and regularly appearing on television programs to showcase her culinary prowess and excellent work ethic.