How you can Plan An Inexpensive Wedding on a tight budget


Your wedding is truly a once within a lifetime event, and many brides-to-be want the wedding of their desires – but many also have a spending budget to work within. There’s no question about it weddings can be costly – with the average wedding ceremony in the United States coming in at about $25, 000. Seems like lots of cash for one day of celebrations, mainly when that same sum of money can be used for a down payment on the new house or another big-ticket item. However, there are plenty of methods to accommodate your dreams without breaking the bank or going into financial debt. All you need is a bit of time, versatility, and planning.

Before performing anything, you should sit down together with your fiancé and discuss whatever you both feel a reasonable spending budget is and if your family and friends will help out in any way. Once you have arranged a budget and who will pay for it, you should make a categorized list per area of your wedding. The matters to include in your list needs to be: Food / Reception, Plants, Ceremony, Music, Transportation, Outfit (including accessories), Favors along with Gifts, Invitations and Stationery, Photography, and Videography. Outside of those ten items, list them in order of importance for your requirements. Perhaps your photography is considered the most crucial aspect of your special day rapid, so you will want to spend more of the budget on that feature than the other items. Nonetheless, keep in mind the food and wedding party portion of a wedding normally undertake 45-50% of most bridal financial constraints.

Now that you know what item(s) it will cost the most money on and the money on, you will have to prepare and comparison-shop to make the best money-saving deals for the best possible prices. Looking for some suggestions for you to look at for each aspect of your wedding arranging that will help trim your budget to have costs in line.

The Wedding party

Since the reception typically takes the most significant chunk out of your budget, an individual focus on trimming your party expenses as much as possible. The biggest funds saver, without compromising having an experienced caterer service, is to trim your current guest list down to close-up family and friends. There is really no need to request family whom you don’t have seen in years or these friends who you have shed touch with.

Next, decide when you would like to have your wedding day take place. Winter weddings, weeknight events, Friday nights, and Sundays are typically the most affordable to book. You’ll want to keep away from dates in April by means of September and holidays: those dates are more well-liked and more expensive to publish. Also, consider a late morning meal, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea, or cocktail party – they are shorter in length, and the fare is light – which means lighter with your budget.

When deciding on a new menu, you may want to consider friends and family style plates, and buffets, in addition to seasonal recipes. Limit your booze choices to beer, homemade wine, and soda, or build a custom cocktail for the wedding party. By limiting your food in addition to beverage choices, you are, in addition, decreasing your budget.

If a caterer’s hall is too expensive, test booking a room in a restaurant, a local hall, your ceremony, or even a friend’s backyard. Should you have a friend or relative who is good at making meals ask them to help cater the meal. Your wedding is about celebrating your brand-new union. The location of the affair isn’t as important as who you retain company with that day. Have people you love, and excitement will be had by all of you.


Flowers, while beautiful accents to your day, continue the least amount of time and often expense a small fortune. If you want to use new cut flowers, research which flowers will usually be in the period for your wedding and pick your arrangements accordingly. If you’d like a more giant bouquet, let the bridesmaids carry simple or even individual flowers. Rather than having intricate fresh centerpieces, opt for wax lights, glass bowls with gems, or even buy wholesale Egypt flowers and arrange your contemporary centerpieces ahead of time. With little planning, you can reduce your floral budget by two or more.


If you’re using a nonreligious ceremony, see if your current reception venue can allow for a tradition as well. This will likely save you on transportation fees. Ask what decorations, when any, will be there during your ceremony. Depending on the period, some churches may currently have altar flowers. Many lovers do without ceremony plans – or you can print what you have from home. Eliminate the pew interior decor to a minimum – place simple whitened bows only on the front aisles to reserve seating for your most important guests at the entrance. If you are using an officiant, check around for prices. In some declares, for a minimal fee, just about anyone can apply to become a marriage officiant. Check local laws and regulations, and ask a close friend or relative to marry you. Regarding music, check with the location if you can use pre-recorded music as opposed to hiring someone to play stay music.

Attire (Including Accessories) Your wedding gown can cost hundreds – but it doesn’t have to be able to. Consider sample sales, string bridal stores, vintage and consignment shops, borrowing your current mother’s gown, or even hiring one. If your wedding is just not formal, consider evening robes and cocktail dresses. Furthermore, plan in your budget the price tag on alterations, which can run an array of dollars depending on how much has to be altered. For accessories, consider borrowing from a relative or perhaps a friend – it can be your current “something borrowed.” If your future husband and groomsmen are sporting tuxedos, shop rental merchants that offer free tuxedo rental fees when renting in bulk.

New Music

DJs are less expensive in comparison with bands and can usually adapt to a variety of musical tastes. Consult DJs which are new to the industry – they may have significantly less experience but are usually able to negotiate to price. If your office reception location has a sound system, consult if you can hook up a music system or MP3 music system to it. An MP3 player could be ideal – if you are fully aware of just how long every component of your wedding will be – you could plan your playlists to learn the right music.


Guaranteed, it may be fun to have a pèlerine chauffeur you around the area, but the costs may not be expected depending on location and time frame. Shop around to get the best prices and get if they have wedding packages. Tend to hire a limousine for your day – you’ll be shelling out your cash on a driver just simply waiting around most of the time. Another option should be to hire the Barro to drop you off within the ceremony and drop you off at the reception. Should you have a friend with a nice car or truck – ask if they can certainly drive you.

Photography and Videography

Photography can be expensive instructions, but there are ways to trim that item to fit your budget. Think of hiring a photography major originating from a local college, reducing the range of hours you hire your current photographer for, putting together your wedding album and asking for electronic digital proofs rather than printed evidence. Hire a videographer to be able to record the ceremony for the beginning of the reception only, or perhaps consider asking a friend or relative using a camcorder to take your video clip.

Invitations and Stationary

Despite the fact that invitations are the first thing you and your guests see, they are probably the last item they remember. If your invites are professionally printed, miss the engraving and opt for thermography. Or, to save a lot more, print your invites. There are numerous elegant do-it-yourself invitation sets on the market today.

Favors and Items

This area tends to be skipped out there or skimmed over while having a budgeted wedding. Nonetheless, favors and gifts to your wedding party do not have to be expensive or expensive, but they must be given as a token of thanks. Edible favors are generally inexpensive – and are appreciated by all. If you’re handy, whip up a batch connected with chocolate or cookies, position them in cello bags in addition to tie them with a matching bow. For the bridal party gifts, think of something valuable, such as a photo album and a picture frame.

And finally, creating a wedding is stressful regardless of large or small this. Take your time, relax and take in! Your wedding will be great no matter what your budget is as long as you usually are surrounded by the ones you love in addition to those who love you. For further cost-cutting tips, find our article 101 Guidelines on how to Save Money For Your Wedding.

Erica Tevis is the owner of Two Paper hearts Wedding Favors Little Things Wedding mementos which carry thousands of wedding souvenirs and accessories geared to every couple’s style, motif, and budget.

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