HDFC Sanchay Par Advantage Review


HDFC Sanchay Par Advantage is a whole-life plan offered by HDFC Life. This plan provides tax-free returns, a tax-deferred income stream, and the option of investing in equities. The company expects to earn Rs 700-800 crore through this plan by March 2020. While there is no return guarantee, the plan has illustrative returns of 6.5-6%.

High age

The HDFC Life Sanchay Par Advantage Plan is a non-linked participating life insurance policy that gives regular income until you reach 100. It offers two benefit payout options: a lump sum upon maturity and guaranteed income for a specified period. Its primary benefits are the flexibility of payout and the tax benefits under the Income Tax Act. This plan is a great way to build a large corpus and ensure a regular income throughout your life.

While most savings plans provide a fixed rate of return, this plan does not. Its interest rate is variable and doesn’t exceed 5-7 percent per year. However, if you want a higher return, you should consider investing in equity funds. These funds can give you better returns than savings plans.

HDFC Life Sanchay Par Advantage is an excellent way to increase your savings rate while enjoying the benefits of a life insurance policy. Its premiums are relatively low, and you can start earning as soon as your first premium payment. The policy also offers the ability to receive a lump sum amount in one payment, which makes it easy to meet your financial goals. And you can conveniently access the plan digitally from the comfort of your home.

Low return

HDFC Sanchay Par Advantage is an endowment plan that offers a low return of up to 2.94%. It also offers a 12-year term for premium payments. Longer terms can provide higher returns. In addition, the payout is tax-free.

The HDFC Sanchay Par Advantage policy offers whole life cover, corpus building, and protection up to age 100. It has several features, including a choice between Deferred Income and Immediate Income and an optional survival benefits payout date. However, it may not be suitable for every individual. If you don’t like the policy term, it is best to look for a different policy.


Investing in HDFC Sanchay Par Advantage is a tax-free endowment plan that provides guaranteed returns. This plan aims to earn 5% to 6% returns over a set period. In addition, it offers flexible withdrawal options and cash bonuses, which help meet short-term financial needs.

The plan mimics features of whole-life annuities, offering tax-free payouts. It is the third ‘Sanchay investment plan launched by the company. It has attracted over Rs 1,500 crore in investments and boasted an internal rate of return close to 6%. However, many investors have been concerned about the tax implications. Thankfully, HDFC Life has introduced a new tax-free plan for people concerned about taxes.

HDFC Sanchay Par Advantage provides coverage for your entire life and gives you the freedom to choose when to take your payouts. The plan also provides regular income that helps you build a corpus. It also provides tax benefits under the Income Tax Act. The HDFC Sanchay Par Advantage plan is available in both tax-free and non-tax-free plans.

Investment in equities

The HDFC Sanchay Par Advantage plan is an endowment plan that invests 25% of its corpus in equities. This investment plan is a good option for people who want higher returns over the long term. In addition, it offers flexibility in withdrawals and the ability to reinvest cash bonuses. Its flexibility can make it a good option for people with short-term needs.

The HDFC Sanchay Par Advantage life insurance plan provides coverage for the policyholder’s entire life. It helps to build a corpus and secures the policyholder’s future. Upon maturity, the policyholder will receive a lump-sum benefit equal to the Maturity Sum Assured plus accumulated Cash Bonuses. In addition, the Sanchay Par Advantage policy gives investors the option of choosing an income stream usually paid monthly.