EpicLife – What is EpicLife?


An epic life requires sacrifice and risk; yet it also represents transformation, following your heart, giving back and receiving.

The EpicLife App is a modern day codex for personal growth and creation in your world, linking with intuitive guidance and amplifying the way you create things in it. Based on ancient Mayan Tzolk’in calendar.

It’s a life of purpose

No matter if your goal is an amazing or simply happier existence, having a positive mindset is essential to living the life you envision for yourself. Doing so will enable you to overcome any limiting beliefs or negative automatic thoughts which stand in your way from reaching the life you crave. Building confidence will also help attract the appropriate people into your life while reaching your goals more efficiently.

Some choose to live an extraordinary life by dedicating themselves to their faith or volunteering for charities; regardless of which path you take, service to others can give your life meaning.

Epic lives are defined by an unwavering sense of gratitude and purpose, driven by passion and nurtured by unconditional love. They believe everything happens for a reason and find meaning even during difficult times. If you want to change your life for the better, the EpicLife program offers an effective solution; its track record has proven its effectiveness for many individuals over time and joining is free!

It’s a life of risk

An epic life is one that’s driven by ambition. This means pursuing your goals – even if they seem unrealistic or outlandish – in pursuit of living a balanced, happy, successful lifestyle, which ultimately brings new levels of success while making you feel incredible along the way.

As you embark on your journey, you’ll become an even stronger version of yourself as you reflect upon past failures and successes, rise above obstacles with bravery and persistence, and be willing to take risks because your dream is worth taking a chance on.

Develop positive thoughts, positive emotions, consistent actions and limitless language patterns to unlock your full potential and fulfill your destiny.

It’s a life of transformation

An epic life requires making drastic and often uncomfortable changes, as well as greatness on every step of your journey. Achieve greatness requires not just making oneself happier but making our world better overall; let’s hear it for everyone who goes above and beyond to change lives!

EpicLife is about finding meaning in every event in your life – no matter how tragic. By choosing to see the positive aspects in every circumstance and adopting an attitude of unconditional gratitude, we can find meaning even in difficult moments and find strength from it all. This mindset forms part of its foundation.

The EpicLife App is a modern-day codex of the ancient Mayan Tzolk’in Calendar and an invaluable tool for personal growth and intuitive guidance. Each individual has their own nagual (determined by date of birth). Download The EpicLife App now to discover your nagual, explore its meaning, and experience its power in creating more intentional lives! You will be astounded at how this ancient wisdom helps create more intentional lives!

It’s a life of gratitude

Epic lives are marked by gratitude and love. Their goal is to find meaning in even the most trying situations, realizing that legacy means more than simply individual achievements but contributing positively to society as a whole.

People who embrace The EpicLife App understand their personal nagual energy is an effective means of balancing physical and spiritual realms as well as tapping into intuitive guidance. Additionally, community is an integral component of life journey and strive to serve it the highest way possible – not fearing death but instead feeling afraid that their hearts won’t follow through on following them.

It’s a life of following your heart

Follow your heart if you want to live an extraordinary life! That means setting goals that seem out of reach and taking risks; thinking differently than everyone else so you can achieve the impossible; prioritizing family before anything else and making sacrifices along the way.

An incredible life is founded upon unconditional love and gratitude. You should love yourself and others unconditionally no matter the situation; even the worst things can have significance if viewed through a different lens. Additionally, success shouldn’t be measured solely by money or status; success should instead be judged according to what good work is being done for society as a whole.

Many people struggle to live an epic life because they allow other people to influence them negatively – whether it’s parents, friends, society or society itself – which often prevents them from discovering their Epic Life Values ™. This is an unfortunate reality as understanding your core principles gives you focus in reaching your dreams more easily.

It’s a life of meaning

Life of meaning means choosing to contribute positively to society, rather than focus on making money or having good relationships as goals in itself. Instead, this means actively pursuing passions that excite you while facing fears without hesitation; an epic life can be immensely fulfilling when approached with this commitment and sacrifice from you alone!

An active life of gratitude and love. Choosing to see beauty in every situation and trusting that everything happens for a reason are hallmarks of living a full and meaningful life. Empower yourself and find ways to make things happen for yourself so you can be the best version of you in every circumstance.

To live an incredible life, one must be prepared to risk failure and rejection. Additionally, facing mistakes head-on requires courage; so must letting go of old ways of being. Transformation takes time; thanks to everyone making this possible!

It’s a life of community

Epic life is a community of people who come together in support of one another’s journeys toward greatness. They believe each individual can have an enormously positive effect on themselves and on society at large, and encourage one another to strive toward greater individual excellence even when times may seem tough.

Epic Life is committed to cultivating a life of community, offering various events, workshops, and forums that bring people together in healthy ways. Each event focuses on specific issues to engage youth and young adults in creating strong communities.

One Epic Life also addresses three specific areas of need within the community, namely women, transitional young adults and those needing “mentally to get to the next level”. One Epic Life offers these groups opportunities to connect in intentional, productive, constructive and healthy ways which promote meaningful experiences that lead to positive outcomes for youth and young adults involved, as well as cultivate an atmosphere of gratitude and unconditional love which promotes emotional health growth.

It’s a life of death

An Epic Life is about making every effort to become the best version of yourself every day, challenging yourself beyond your limits and thinking outside the box. It involves accepting risks and facing fears – something which may not come naturally but worth doing to leave an enduring mark on this world and reach goals before death takes you away.

Ram Bhagat, both a graduate student in Eastern Mennonite University’s restorative justice in education program and instructor with SPI, shared his thoughts on living an epic life and finding meaning in everything that happens in life.

The Epic Life Guide and App are modernized versions of the Mayan Tzolk’in calendar, offering powerful tools for personal evolution, intuitive guidance, and elevating how you create in life. In addition to that it also serves as a meal prepping system with over 100 fast, family-friendly recipes as well as progress tracking tools like nutrition calculator and colour-coded Perfect Portion Scoops to keep you accountable along your EpicLife journey. Click here now to start creating your EpicLife!