Gettin’ My Healthy on a Health and Lifestyle Blog


As soon as readers start reading this wellness blog, they will fall in love with its vibrant recipes that feature eye-catching photos and creative meal prep tips. But it offers much more: from home cooking tips and techniques, DIY beauty regimens (for both boots and legs!), fitness advice, and mental well-being.

Sunday Morning Banana Pancakes

These healthy oatmeal banana pancakes are delicious and flourless – the ideal quick breakfast or on-the-go snack! Plus, making these is super straightforward and only requires minimal ingredients! A great meal prep recipe too!

Combine all the ingredients until a lump-free batter forms. Next, heat a large nonstick pan and pour out small, palm-sized pancakes onto it – flipping as soon as you notice bubbles form or when edges have cooked (they cook quickly!). Cook them over medium heat before baking them back into your skillet!

These healthy banana pancakes can be enjoyed with any number of toppings, from real maple syrup and whipped butter, fruit or berries, and peanut/almond butter, to frozen leftovers stored in an airtight container in the fridge – the riper your banana is, the sweeter and more flavorful your pancakes will be! Enjoy!

Fit Foodie Finds

Fit Foodie Finds is a food and lifestyle blog featuring recipes, workouts, travel, style, and body positivity. Lee Hersh started it to share her healthy college experience with others – now it runs full-time from her home in Minneapolis.

Hersh strongly embraces minimalism and living clean, meaning she does not follow every diet or workout trend that comes her way; instead, she eats and exercises in ways that make sense for her body.

Chef Hersh also enjoys cooking, so you’ll often see her whipping up meals for herself or others. She is very fond of meal prep, particularly post-workout protein snacks and smoothies full of vegetables for maximum fiber intake! SELF-caught up with Hersh to learn more about her go-to healthy meals, meal prep routine, and keeping a balanced diet while running her health and fitness blog.

A Couple Cooks

A Couple Cooks is a nationally and internationally acclaimed food blog founded by Sonja and Alex Overhiser in 2010 to share their primarily plant-based home cooking. Epicurious and Food & Wine recognized their debut, Pretty Simple Cooking, as one of the best vegetarian cookbooks.

The Overhisers offer healthy recipes to make eating healthily an indulgence and offer podcasts and video tutorials on beneficial cooking techniques. Their passion lies in sharing this knowledge, so join their journey toward making everyone’s lives healthier through cooking!

As a couple, cooking together can be an excellent way to spend quality time together and strengthen the bond with one another. You’ll get to try out new recipes while having fun and having delicious meals to share! Additionally, cooking can help maintain a healthier diet, improve communication between partners, and relieve stress – according to licensed marriage and family therapist and author Jaime Bronstein who wrote “MAN*ifesting,” cooking can keep both partners on track with goals they set together as well as improve communication and cooperation – especially if both parties enjoy doing it!

The Healthy Living Blog

The Healthy Living Blog is a wellness blog that blends trend-spotting with health news and advice, offering articles about modern nutrition, natural beauty products, boutique fitness training facilities, and much more.

The founder of this blog set out to prove that healthy eating doesn’t need to be dull or tasteless. She excels at crafting delicious yet healthful vegan or gluten-free recipes that have something for everyone on this blog.

This health blog focuses on helping readers achieve more balance and happiness. It offers articles covering topics ranging from mindfulness meditation, nutrition, exercise, and relationships to a podcast covering various aspects of well-being.

This wellness blog was started by a mother and wife team who wanted to share their favorite recipes with other moms. All recipes featured here are healthy, delicious, and easy to prepare, from breakfast through dessert. Furthermore, all ingredients needed can easily be found at any grocery store – making this an excellent resource for busy mothers who wish to eat healthily while remaining happy! This wellness blog makes healthy living accessible – perfect for busy moms!

Nutrition Stripped

Nutrition Stripped’s philosophy is simple: rather than following trends and 30-day diets, it’s more important to prioritize enjoyment and nourishment. What makes this website truly remarkable is that it prioritizes whole foods over anything else, including superfoods such as kale, spinach, and tempeh with adaptogens (which Nutrition Stripped provides as examples).

With recipes spanning breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert on this blog, there are countless healthy meal choices to help keep your diet on track. Start the day off right with Turmeric Milk or Carrot Cake Quinoa Porridge before moving on Beetroot Burgers with Maple Mustard or Carrot Gnocchi with Carrot Greens Pesto as great ways to finish off a fulfilling day of healthy living!

McKel Hill founded Nutrition Stripped, where she shares nutritious yet delectable recipes. As an acclaimed expert in Mindful Nutrition Method – an innovative online program that helps individuals reclaim balance in their food habits – you can find McKel on social media @mckelhillRD or contact her directly for private nutrition coaching services.