Get a Unique Baby Name


In today’s day and age, being unique is indeed essential. This journey of being unique starts with having a rare and unique name. With this objective in mind, a website has been created to help parents choose a rare, unique name for their children. Check out

“A Rare Name is like a Coat made of the finest material. Envied by those who don’t have it. Worn with pride and confidence by those who do. A Rare Name surprises you. Makes you exclaim that I have never heard this name before! What does it mean? ”

Check out this site if you want your child to have a unique name. Their section on Indian Names is the most popular, as it lists many names from Hindu Mythology. Check this out at These Indian names can also be used in school projects about mythology.

Further, the Indian names are categorized alphabetically and according to the names of Indian Gods and Goddesses. They also have names from Greek and Roman Mythology, Norse Mythology, and Biblical Names. A free tool on their website helps you choose the first letter of the baby’s name based on the date of birth. A Blog about names lists articles and snippets about naming effectively. The website is over 20 years old, and the names have been collected over the years. Effort has been made to avoid common names altogether. Most of all, this information is entirely free. There is also a link on the website to facilitate adding new rare names if you have one.

In today’s diverse and multicultural society, the importance of having rare and unique names should not be underestimated. Names are not just random labels we give to individuals but hold profound cultural, historical, personal, and religious significance. Names and naming conventions differ across cultures, reflecting the uniqueness of each individual and their connection to their heritage. Names are a fundamental part of an individual’s identity and self-concept, shaping their social identity and reflecting their cultural background. Proper names, scarce and unique ones, have several benefits. Firstly, rare and unique names can serve as distinct labels that support memory retention. For example, if multiple individuals have common names in a given environment, it can become challenging to differentiate between them.

Using rare and unique names helps to avoid confusion by providing individuals with distinct identities that are easy to remember. Secondly, rare and unique names can activate what is known as “rich frames.” Rich frames refer to the mental associations and images evoked when hearing or seeing a particular name. These associations can be cultural, historical, or personal, shaping an individual’s perception. For example, hearing a rare and unique name may evoke images of Greek and Indian mythology, adding depth and richness to the individual’s identity. Furthermore, rare and unique names can contribute to a sense of belonging and pride in one’s cultural heritage.

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