Cigna PPO Reviews


The Cigna PPO is an excellent choice for most people. Its rates are reasonable, but its provider network is inadequate. The customer service is poor. In addition, its costs are too high. If you’re looking for a new health insurance plan, you’re best off with a different company.

Rates are good

The company has a newsroom, third-party administrators, and a presence worldwide. The company’s insurance plans are sold in individual marketplaces in 13 states, and the company’s Medicare Supplement plans are sold in all states except New York and Massachusetts. The company offers moderate plan prices, but its rates vary by state. In some states, they are below the national average, while in others, they are significantly higher.

The provider network is insufficient.

If you’re in Maine and you’re worried that your PPO provider network is too small, you’re not alone. Many insurers are having the same problem. Cigna is actively recruiting and monitoring its provider network to ensure it’s as extensive and adequate as possible. This network should include various types of healthcare professionals and locations.

You can find out if your local providers are in the Cigna PPO network by searching the Cigna Health Care Professional Directory. This directory lists doctors, specialists, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals participating in the Cigna network. Note that the directory may not list all the healthcare professionals in your area, and you may have a different financial responsibility if you use a non-network provider.

If you have a Cigna PPO, you may wonder what you should do if your healthcare professional isn’t in the network. The good news is that you can still receive emergency care without seeking authorization or a referral. However, you should know that the healthcare professional must follow specific rules and abide by Cigna’s policies. These policies can include referrals, preauthorizations, and utilization reviews.

Customer service is poor.

Cigna is one of the largest health insurers in the U.S., and their plans include hospitalization, office visits, immunizations, and preventive care services. They also offer HSA-compatible health plans and a robust online portal. They also have award-winning customer service and a mobile app. In addition, Cigna’s plans are available through health insurance marketplaces. The company’s website and call center are both available around the clock.

The company’s contact page lists several phone numbers, including toll-free and international. However, many of these numbers are limited to business hours. While Cigna is committed to providing 24/7 customer service, it could make it easier for consumers to find these numbers. The company’s goal is to help customers make informed decisions and get the best price possible, making the customer experience as easy as possible. For example, their website includes convenient tools to search health plans, search for discounts, and look up benefits.

Cigna’s information systems are also outdated. The company’s management says it has cut back on costs by combining its medical billing and claims processing departments. However, the merger was not without its problems. Cigna’s customer service department has been criticized for putting customers on hold for excessive time and failing to respond to their questions.

Costs are high

The costs of Cigna PPO plans vary depending on the type of plan. Individual marketplace plans are available in thirteen states, and Cigna Medicare Supplement plans are sold in all states except New York and Massachusetts. In addition, PPO plans are more flexible than HMO plans because patients can visit out-of-network providers without incurring extra charges.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a health insurance provider, including the company’s financial strength. Cigna’s financial strength score indicates how well it is prepared to settle claims over the long run. Its A rating indicates that the company has significant assets and reserves to cover unexpected costs.

Cigna offers a comprehensive network of medical providers in the U.S. Its website is easy to use and has tools for managing costs. In addition, the company’s national call center is open twenty-four hours a day. While the company has more complaints than most other health insurers, these complaints are primarily related to the service of their claims managers.