Australian Unity Health Insurance Review


Australian Unity has various health insurance coverage levels that cater to various needs. For example, its Basic level covers accidents and simple hospital procedures, and its Advanced level includes various procedures. In addition, both the Basic and Advanced Hospital cover levels include coverage for psychiatric services. Australian Unity also offers different extras levels. The Basic Extras cover provides up to $950 worth of claims per year, while the Standard Extras cover increases the maximum limit to $1200 per year. Both these policies cover dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic, massages, and more.

80% back on all extras

With a member-owned model, Australian Unity invests in products and services that matter to its members. It has been in the health insurance industry for over 180 years and is the 6th largest insurer by market share. In addition, members of this health fund have access to perks like hospital care at home and discounted everyday shopping through Wellplan Rewards.

Australian Unity offers six different extras plans, each with varying levels of cover. The most comprehensive, Platinum 80%, provides 80% back on all extras. It covers everything from remedial massage to travel vaccinations. It also covers eye and speech therapy and health devices such as hearing aids. The policy also offers a hospital and extras combo plan.

Medium level of cover for standard procedures

The basic Plus cover offered by Australian Unity is a budget option, but you should note that many services are excluded from the plan. The package is suitable for young singles or couples with no children and covers standard hospital services. However, the policy does not cover significant procedures like joint replacements or cataract surgery.

Australian Unity’s medium level of coverage provides coverage for preventative dental and orthodontic treatment and mental health and psychology. The only downside is that there are waiting periods, which vary depending on the type of treatment. However, special deals may eliminate or reduce these waiting periods. Another positive of the plan is the availability of various health programs, including free support for mental health and chronic conditions.

Highest level of cover with 80% back on all extras

This health insurance has a high level of coverage that pays 80% of all extras. It covers a variety of extras, such as physical therapy, dietetics, psychology, and remedial massage. If you aren’t a smoker, Australian Unity’s top level of cover will help you save money on these services. The policy also has waiting periods, but you can waive them if you purchase a special deal.

Australian Unity Health Insurance Review: If you’re looking for health insurance, you should consider the benefits and perks that Australian Unity has to offer. This company is member-owned and has been in business for more than 180 years. Their policies are tailored to meet individual needs. For example, you can get hospital care in your own home or an essential extras policy at a low price.

Mobile claiming app

The mobile claiming app for the Australian Unity Health Insurance Review makes claiming your claims fast and easy. You can even claim online. The Australian Unity health fund has many plans to fit your needs, including dental, orthodontic, and natural therapies. In addition, the plan is member-owned, meaning you can benefit from discounts and special deals. The insurance company also has a range of health programs, including free support for mental health and chronic illnesses.

The app works on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. It allows you to submit and track claims and provides customer service. For example, you can review your health coverage, check the status of your claim, and manage your details.

Publicly owned company

Australian Unity is a member-owned company that offers a wide variety of cover options. For example, it provides unlimited dental and orthodontic care, physiotherapy, and natural therapies. It also offers a membership program called Wellplan Rewards, which provides discounts on everyday purchases. Its members can also choose from different levels of coverage, such as Basic and Standard. Depending on the policy, they can receive free mental health support and chronic illnesses.

While Australian Unity offers a basic plan that covers essential extras, more comprehensive plans also allow for up to $8,500 annual cover. All plans have different limits on the extras they will pay, but it is important to note that these limits are cumulative and are not per extra. For example, a basic cover will pay for $950 worth of extras per year, but a mid-level plan will allow up to 60% of the cost of general dental care, physiotherapy, and chiro services.