AR Book Find in the Puyallup Area


Augmented reality technology allows students and teachers to use this app to scan books using their camera devices for ISBN barcode scanning, which instantly links to Accelerated Reader quiz information and other details.

Accelerated Reader allows teachers to monitor, motivate, and oversee students’ independent reading practice. This resource will enable teachers to direct children to books matching their reading levels.

Book Titles

AR Bookfinder is an interactive online database designed for students, teachers, parents, and librarians that makes searching for books with quizzes easy and fun. Kids take an Accelerated Reader (AR) reading level assessment at school by taking a STAR test, then can select books at their level from a library collection – reading at their level can avoid frustration while making reading enjoyable – so finding engaging books to keep readers coming back for more is crucial to making reading enjoyable! You can search by book level, interest level, fiction/nonfiction subject award winners, and more – plus, books are color-coded for reading level identification along with author information like author title, ISBN, etc.

Book Authors

Many schools in the Puyallup area utilize the Accelerated Reader program, providing students an excellent opportunity to practice reading and take quizzes about books they read. Our library stocks numerous AR books in the Children’s Department; to check if a title or author has an AR quiz available, head online and look for the “AR Book Find” link; there, you can search titles, topics, or authors and view results; there’s even an advanced search that lets you narrow your results further!

Parents, teachers, and students can use this tool to search for books by their favorite authors or topics. Search results provide details such as quizzes available with each book and its reading level or “point value.” Users can save and print results as well as conduct advanced searches. Best of all, AR Book Find is free, and anyone can use it! It provides invaluable information for students, parents, and teachers.

Book Series

Many schools in Puyallup employ Accelerated Reader, where students read books at their level before taking a computer-based quiz to ensure understanding. Teachers use Accelerated Reader as an effective means of monitoring independent reading by tracking points earned for reading improvement and keeping their reading skills at their optimal levels by making reward points for every book read through AR BookFinder; parents, teachers, and students alike can search books by ATOS book level, interest level, fiction/non-fiction genre type author topic category award winner awards or by award winner criteria all without difficulty!

Puyallup Public Library provides children with an easy way to find books at their reading level through a color-coded system for each reading level, making finding books in their range simple and eliminating frustration with selecting something too hard or easy. AR Bookfinder website or Washington Anytime Library Catalog and Libby app also offers search options.

Book Points

Many schools in the area utilize Accelerated Reader programs to promote reading. Students read books at their level before taking an assessment to earn points based on difficulty and length; AR Bookfinder allows them to determine this score quickly.

This website offers Lexile measures and ATOS book levels for over 100,000 books and options to select an interest level and point range. Furthermore, users can search books by author, title, subject matter (fiction/non-fiction), award winners, etc.

Straight Path Apps has made its Points Scan app available as an additional way of quickly looking up book AR points, making the experience seamless and straightforward for children, teachers, parents, and anyone wanting to know their AR worth. Scan books’ barcodes with your phone to link with AR information instantly! Plus, you can take advantage of Straight Path’s Points Scan service for quick book research!