PEACE OF MIND: Story of Brihaspati, Hindu philosophy


What is peace of mind? Kacha wants to get peace of mind and his father Brihaspati instructs him- Ancient Story in Hinduism.


need some peace
How to attain peace of mind?

There is an ancient Hindu story in which Brihaspati instructs his son Kacha how to attain peace of mind.  Brihaspati (symbolized by the planet Jupiter in astrology) is a vedic deity in Hinduism and is the teacher of Gods (Devas). Brihaspati grants wisdom and calmness of mind to a person.

Kacha NEEDS peace of MIND and comes to his father, Brihaspati.

Once Kacha, the son of Brhaspati, went to his father and asked, “Father, I am eager to attain enlightenment. It is said that to achieve the state of enlightenment my mind must be totally at peace and in a state of bliss. Please tell me how can I always have peace of mind and be free from worries?

Brihaspati said to his son, “Peace of mind can only come from total renunciation son.”

Kacha thought about his father’s words and interpreted that his father meant for him to totally renounce his material belongings. Kacha left his house, his family and went to the forest believing that he had renounced everything. He sat in the forest alone and tried to attain peace of mind.

Brihaspati knew that his son had not been able to understand his words. However, the knowledgeable Brihaspati did not resist his son’s actions, as wise men remain unaffected by separation and union.

Kacha lived for in the forest for eight years. He ate roots and fruits and practiced meditation. Once Brihaspati was passing near the forest and Kacha approached his father.

Kacha asked, “Father, I have renounced everything just as you had told me. I have left my house and severed my family ties but I still haven’t achieved peace of mind. Why?”

Brihaspati looked at the thin, wasted body of his son, and merely repeated his previous instruction, “Renounce everything for peace of mind!”

Brihaspati left after saying this. Kacha pondered on his father’s instruction, and interpreted that he had to renounce even the clothes he was wearing.  Kacha tore his clothes and became a naked ascetic. Kacha continued intense austerities for three more years in the forest. But Kacha was still restless. One day, he decided to approach his father and went to the city.

He asked his father, “Father I have renounced even the clothes I was wearing. I still haven’t attained peace of mind. Why?”

Brihaspati knew that his son was not understanding the import of his words and then explained to him, “Son, renunciation is never about the objects. You may live in a forest or in a palace. It doesnt’t matter for achieving peace of mind. All you have to do is to renounce the mind. Total renunciation is in the renunciation of the mind. You haven’t renounced the mind.”

Kacha went back to the forest determined to achieve peace of mind this time. He just had to renounce his mind. Kacha sat in the forest and made an effort to find his mind so that he could renounce it.

He contemplated and meditated for a long time but he could not find his mind! The more frantically he tried to find his mind in order to renounce it, the more clueless he became.

Finally, Kacha thought, “The body was never my identity. Why am I punishing the innocent body by these austerities if I have to renounce this mind to achieve peace? I will return home and resume my life.”

He returned home and his father welcomed him heartily.

Kacha asked Brhaspati, “Father, please tell me what is the mind so that I may renounce it. It is extremely difficult to renounce the mind.”

Brihaspati smiled and responded, “On the contrary, renouncing the mind is easier than crushing a flower in your hands; in fact it is easier than closing your eyes. I will tell you how one can renounce the mind. Some people are deluded that the mind is the ‘I’. They confuse ego as the mind and hence believe that the physical body is their entire existence. They are the ones who never find peace.”

“In truth there is no ego; what is this ego or this ‘I’ that people talk about? How did the ego arise? These are mere words. If you have to renounce the mind, you have to contemplate only on one truth. That truth is this my son, ‘In all things, in all times, in all places, in everyone there is the one pure consciousness! If you are able to realize this truth, then you are free from all self-limitations and will not be a victim to this delusion that binds you.

Kacha absorbed the meaning of these words and Brihaspati added, “Son, you are the unconditioned, liberated, cause of all things, never been conditioned by time and space, reflection of the pure consciousness. Realize this and attain peace.”

Kacha stayed at home and meditated on these words. Finally he was able to realize the truth about renunciation and attained the elusive state of peace of mind.


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