Computer Software Companies Near Me


Computer software companies near me, such as Utah-based Progress, provide tools that allow businesses to accelerate cycles of innovation, fuel momentum, and accelerate their path to success. With offices all around the globe and employing more than 13,000 people worldwide. Check out the Best info about sdit.

Kinaxis, a Canadian software development firm, has earned a place as one of the industry’s premier companies with its RapidResponse subscription-based supply chain management solution, advanced analytics, and data visualization services.


Adobe is one of the world’s premier software and technology companies, providing users with products such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom for digital photo editing; Adobe Stock, which offers access to high-quality images; and Adobe Analytics, which manages web analytics and customer service management.

Adobe was established in 1982 in California by John Warnock and Charles Geschke after they left Xerox PARC to create the PostScript page description language for printers – helping spark the desktop publishing revolution. Since then, Adobe has expanded into video, animation, and graphics design software production.


Dynatrace provides businesses with products and services designed to monitor complex enterprise cloud environments. Their software intelligence platform can reduce downtime while improving performance, quickly identify issues, and resolve them faster.

Automatic detection and analysis of dependencies across each tier, identification of actual user transactions as well as synthetic ones, analysis, and resolution of problems are key features that enable an increase in application speed while decreasing support tickets.

Dynatrace offers an intuitive user interface and a central view of essential metrics and graphs, making it the ideal solution for IT teams focused on end-to-end performance monitoring and user journey insights.


Druva provides data management as a service, helping enterprises protect and govern their critical information. Their products include enterprise backup, recovery, archiving, and DLP. These tools also protect against ransomware attacks and intellectual property theft. Obtain the Best information about sdit.

Their platform provides comprehensive data protection, security, and governance services for endpoints and cloud apps, helping to streamline backup/DR, reduce costs, and ensure data visibility for compliance purposes.

The company’s cloud-native architecture provides a central backup repository for data centers, clouds, and endpoints, eliminating hardware/software deployment, update, and maintenance requirements and shifting capital expenditures into operating expenses.


Intercom is a business messaging company that offers companies a simple, effective means of connecting with their customers. Their products and services help companies foster long-term relationships and expand customer bases.

Your customers will appreciate our fully customizable live chat module, which allows them to style it to match the user interface of their product while adding educational articles for self-serve support.

Intercom may not be ideal if you need a platform to drive user onboarding and adoption; its Product Tours add-on is more limited compared to dedicated adoption platforms. Often the Amazing fact about sdit.


Jamf’s platform simplifies IT processes by centrally managing Apple macOS, iOS, and TVOS devices. Furthermore, its self-service provisioning allows users to install applications themselves—an essential feature for higher education environments that significantly reduces IT workloads.

Jamf is an outstanding solution for companies managing Apple products. It provides organizations with an efficient device setup and enrollment process and excellent user experiences. The solution also boasts robust security capabilities and world-class support.


Kinaxis provides efficient supply chain planning solutions that enable companies to optimize business performance. Their solutions help automate processes and drive up performance levels while supporting collaboration among different departments and vendors, thus helping manage risks effectively while cutting costs.

RapidResponse Supply Chain Management, an enterprise software solution, helps mid-sized and enterprise companies improve their sales & and operations planning (S&amp OP) process by analyzing customer demand analysis. Predictive analytics capabilities enable organizations to anticipate demand accurately so that informed decisions can be made, which in turn reduces inventory costs while preventing costly mistakes.


MATLAB and Simulink, this company’s two flagship platforms, specialize in mathematical computing software used for algorithm development, data analysis, visualization, and numeric computation. They also serve as essential teaching and research tools at leading universities and educational institutions worldwide.

MATLAB offers an easy-to-use programming language designed for complex math modeling and scripts, making it a valuable asset in various situations, particularly machine learning.

Zippia provides an in-depth view of Natick, Massachusetts-based Zippia Solutions LLC’s employees – their salaries, political affiliations, and more – through Zippia’s platform.


Nutanix’s software-defined data services platform simplifies enterprise cloud solutions for organizations of any size. Organizations can select hardware, hypervisor, and cloud providers that best suit their business requirements and take advantage of flexible architecture with pay-as-you-go economics.

Nutanix is an ideal solution for large organizations utilizing extensive data center resources and small to medium-sized businesses looking to optimize their IT infrastructures.

With its unified storage features, you can scale computing, storage, and virtualization simultaneously without changing hardware, enabling faster deployments and improved scalability.


Smartsheet is an all-in-one project management software solution designed to assist teams in assigning tasks, tracking progress, and collaborating more efficiently. Its spreadsheet-like grid view makes navigation simple, and it also offers Kanban cards, Gantt charts, and calendar views for added efficiency.

The platform is flexible enough to address a range of use cases without needing project managers or analysts, while its powerful automation tools enable users to create complex workflows in minutes. It also features granular user access controls and encryption at rest and in transit for added protection against unintended access.


UiPath products help companies automate numerous business processes. Their low-code development platform and robotic process automation (RPA) tool offer various features to automate these business functions efficiently so employees can focus more effectively on important work than on mundane, repetitive tasks.

UiPath Studio makes screen scraping and data extraction a simple task, providing robust exception handling and debugging features to aid users.

Software that is scalable and can be utilized by both technical and non-technical staff alike is ideal, yet its documentation may prove confusing at times.

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